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Daily 2 Cents: My Dad Was Replaced by a Reptilian -- Lost Time While Driving -- Earth's 6th Mass Extinction Has Begun

My Dad Was Replaced by a Reptilian

Virginia Beach, VA - 1991-01-04: My event happened back in 1991. Was very horrible. I witnessed two guys that may have been like CIA agents or some other "secretive-governmental-agents". Kidnapped my dad and left someone in his place that looked just like him. I later found out that the person left behind was a reptilian cloaked as a human. This person became rather rude with me as time went on. However he talked with me and he could even heal with his bare hands. He told me that us humans were looked down upon as sheep etc. And he knew I had witnessed the two agents kidnapping my dad and he said I was next. I became very scared etc. He had me taken to a place against my will and met with what looked like a Special Forces group who forced me to sign paperwork against my will and the guy who looked identical to my dad was standing there. I also was spying on him one night and saw what looked like a snake's tongue come out of his mouth. I later discovered he was a reptilian. A very short human who looked like a midget was helping him. I think he was a grey cloaked as a human. I heard them talk in English but then started talking in alien lingo which sounded kind of like "oriental". Yes I am here to tell you they can cloak and simulate into our world undercover. However I never saw a UFO. That's the weird part?

My first dad the one I saw whisked away was retired military and I often suspected him of doing something or being involved with the government or doing something "secretive" that may have lead to all this happening to myself? I took some pictures of the implant which feels like something under my skin. Like upside down triangle or diamond shape. They also stabbed me then heated me with there eyes that left a very weird scar on my leg. I never told anyone as I was so scared how these entities seem to be able to operated with impunity and like nothing could stop them. They also did very horrible and what seemed like mental brainwashing experiments on myself and did other types of experiments to me. Still scared to this day!!! That's why I don't want to come forward - MUFON


Lost Time While Driving

“A long time ago, my brother, his girlfriend (who became his wife), and I were taking a country road route to the town where my brother's girlfriend's parents lived. I remember, that my brother was driving, and that I was sitting in the back seat behind him. I remember looking out the window as we traveled along Santa Fe Avenue (named after the train tracks it parallels). It should have taken us no more than an hour to get there (with time to spare). Yet, when we got to her parents' house, and when my brother looked at the clock in the house, he saw that it had taken us several hours to get there. My brother was totally freaked out!! We could not figure out where the time went, because we had made no stops along the way. I remember that my brother did not want to talk about it afterwards, because he was that disturbed about the loss of time. (I would ask him now about it, but it already was a sensitive subject, and it would be even more so now, if I were to bring it up. The reason being, is that his wife was killed in 2012 by a head on collision with a big rig).

Source: Youtube Comments, Faye Brown

Beyond Creepy


We Are Entering Into Earth's 6th Mass Extinction

Our earth is very old. Based on the estimation of the oldest rock, it’s around 4.5 billion years of age.

Scientists from all over the world use astronomy, geology, chemistry, biology, archaeology and other sciences to investigate the Earth’s formation as well as the emergence and extinction of life on Earth.

Around 13.8 billion years ago, an enormous explosion that scientists call the Big Bang spurred the formation of our planet. The explosion produced increasingly dense, cloud-like masses of hydrogen dust; the biggest turned into our sun, while smaller ones became planets. One of those planets is our Earth.

Some scientists believe around 600 to 700 million years later, meteor showers bombarded the earth, carrying with it large volumes of water and amino acids. Life, in the form of single-cell bacteria, began.

Since then, bacteria has evolved into more complex forms, though different beings have also become extinct. Read more at 5 periods of mass extinction on Earth. Are we entering the sixth?



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