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Daily 2 Cents: A 'Blip' in Time -- 'Yeenaadlooshiis'...Skinwalkers -- Siberian Police Call Priest For Poltergeist Help

A 'Blip' in Time

“When I was around 14 maybe 15, I had come home from school and went up to the second floor were we lived. After school I was planning to go to my friend's house up the street. I put my things down in my bedroom and I glanced at my watch, 3:42 PM. After looking at the time I immediately left the apartment and went downstairs. As I was closing the door of the building entrance I glanced at my watch again, 3:43 PM. My road formed an “s” - the building was right in front of where the “s” begins. It’s a very small and tight “s”. The inside corner is pretty much a two way street’s length. So about 10-15 feet.

After closing the door to the building I stepped onto the sidewalk and within two steps, the street... I kept walking looking towards the ground and trees. I was alone and it was a sunny day. As I kept walking past the corner in front of the building which again is about 15 feet away from the front door, I glanced at my watch again. Stunned, I stopped in the middle of the street and kept looking at my watch. I turned around and looked at my building. I looked back and forth at the building and my watch. I looked around to see if I could ask anyone what time it was. The time read 3:58 PM. I don’t understand how I lost so much time walking 15 feet. I must have only taken about 20 steps since the last time I checked the time.

From then on I remembered what time it was and checked my watch once I got to my friends house. Only 5 minutes had past since the last time I checked my watch. That was normal. It takes me 8 minutes to get to my friends house from my building. From the end “s” to my friends house is 5 minutes away."

Source: Youtube Comments, TheRobinshark

Beyond Creepy


PLEASE NOTE: this will be the only post for today. Sean, Butch and I have been busy recording radio shows for most of the day. Thanks. Lon



Navajos growing up all their lives on the reservation hear about skinwalkers from time to time. For this reason, nearly everyone is cautious about who they trust, or what kinds of things they talk about, because yeenaadlooshiis are dangerous people that have the abilities of animals, yet retain their cunning human minds. My mother has many tales to tell of yeenaadlooshiis (skinwalkers). She tells us because she wants us to be aware that there are people out there that may want to hurt us, or play with our minds. She sometimes tells it to assure me that there is a God, and He watches over everyone, even little Navajo children.

This true story, which happened around the 1960s, is one of them. One night, she and her four sisters (my aunts) were at home after a long day of shepherding and doing chores. My mom and her sister needed to use the bathroom before going to bed, and so they decided to go to the outhouse together. (They didn't have plumbing back then, or running water, as they were living in a traditional hogan.) The outhouse was far away, and they didn't want to walk there alone in the darkness, so they decided to go together.

It was relatively late. The sole light source was moonlight. As the two finally neared the outhouse, they thought they heard some faint sounds like that of whistling. It was birdlike, but whoever was whistling was following them and was circling the area. They clung to each other, chilled by the sound, and continued on. Oddly enough, the outhouse door was open. Usually when people use the outhouse, they always latch or wire the door shut.

As they came close enough to the outhouse, they saw a large black "thing" sitting inside. Though they couldn't see its features, they could make out that it was human in nature. Terrified, they screamed in horror, and ran back to the hogan as fast as their legs could carry them. They could hear someone chasing them from behind, and that it was gaining on them. As soon as they reached the hogan, they dashed in and slammed the door. They hurriedly told their other sisters what happened, and they sat in silence, waiting for something to happen.

The hogan door wasn't secure. It was only an old, worn-down door with no knob; it had a rickety latch nailed to the inside of the door to keep it closed. Nothing was barring the smoke hole where the chimney rose out; it was open to the air and you could see the night sky. The person outside began banging on the walls, making all five of them huddle in the middle of the room near the stove. There were heavy objects being thrown now, and a lot of noise. Soon, they heard it climb onto the roof. Whoever it was, was walking back and forth, and every now and then, it would peer through the smoke hole at them, its face hidden by darkness. There were adults present, but being a rather rude foster family with kids of their own, they lived in another hogan some distance away. Though they tried calling out to them, they became angry and didn't answer.

Finally, in pure desperation, my mom's three older sisters, being raised Catholic in boarding school, told her and her younger sister to get down on their knees. They began praying to God for protection. One of them had acquired holy water from the church, and she sprinkled it near the door.

All night, the skinwalker would circle the hogan, pound on the door, and make that whistling noise, but even though the hogan was improperly secured, that skinwalker never got to break in and hurt them.

My mom never found out who tried to hurt them that night. Medicine men can hold a chant for you, to see who tried to hurt you, but this was never carried out. Looking back on it now, my mom says that nobody was protecting them that night. Nobody but Heavenly Father, and that he kept them safe from harm's way. The yeenaadlooshiis would bother them on and off, but not once were they harmed. - Disi


Mysterious Radioactive Substance Detected in Alaska

Scientists from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have discovered what they claim is an atmospheric aerosol particle enriched with the uranium which is used in nuclear fuel and bombs.

A "highly unusual aerosol particle containing a very small amount of enriched uranium" was tracked at an altitude of seven kilometers above Alaska's Aleutian Islands, according to a US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) study published by the Journal of Environmental Radioactivity.

The scientists underscored that the particle with the enriched uranium-235 was spotted for the first time in twenty years of observations. The uranium-235 is specifically used for making nuclear fuel and bombs. Read more at An aerosol particle containing enriched uranium encountered in the remote upper troposphere


Siberian Police Call Priest For Poltergeist Help

Priest had to be called to a private house in a small village some 331 kilometers north-west from regional capital Tomsk.

Earlier this week police officers inspected the house, following a call about ‘weird things like flying knives’ from the property owners.

A married couple and their 15 years old adopted son claimed pieces of furniture were collapsing inside the house, chairs were reportedly ‘flying’.

When the law-enforcement team arrived, they found the house in a mess with belonging thrown all around it, and a knife stuck in a wall.

Police officers claimed to have felt the power of ‘something that they could not explain rationally’ while they’ve been inside the house, because apparently a cupboard fell next to one of them, a stick flew out of an empty room and books fell off a shelf.

The officers filed a report, describing what happened, and went to local church to ask for help. - Police seeks help from church on a ‘poltergeist’ case in remote corner of Tomsk region



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