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Daily 2 Cents: 8-Foot Owl-Like Cryptid Encounter -- Los Padres National Forest Bigfoot -- Timothy Renner...'The Existence of Strange Things'

8-Foot Owl-Like Cryptid Encounter

I recently received the following account:

I can’t tell you what it was that I saw that day but I can describe it. I lived in Skykomish, Wa for a couple years and had a big curiosity in Sasquatch. I’ve had a couple experiences in that field but this was different.

Out for a walk with my dog one afternoon and turned to see something watching us from behind an embankment. It looked as if it was trying to look like a tree fact it did at first. I stopped and stared at this thing for a good 30 seconds with my glasses on. It had owl type features, it was huge though. The head of it that was sticking up from behind this embankment was the size of a large old growth tree stump. I was close to this thing about 20 feet away and I could see it’s eyes were closed but squinting to see me and they almost looked sloth like. It had designs that were a cross between bark lines and owl pattern lines. I felt no fear at all. I was looking at it and said 'what the hell is that' out loud. My dog didn’t notice it. After a-bit I looked down and stepped forward to actually get a better look not feeling any threat. When I looked back up it was gone. I stood there for a minute, then got a little spooked and went back home.

I went back to that spot and would stand there every day looking for a whatever it might’ve been I saw that day. I went behind the embankment one time and sized it up to be about 6ft tall so whatever I saw was about 71/2-8ft tall I estimate. A lot of super loud deep owl calls around the area. A lot of Sasquatch. I believe there are other undocumented creatures as well. I have some photos of a few odd things but did not have my camera on me that day. Mike


Los Padres National Forest Bigfoot

The following article from Condor Call (Los Padres Sierra Club) was referred to me by Richard Bowman:

Recently I saw one of the most elusive creatures which may inhabit the Los Padres National Forest: Bigfoot.

The sighting was on the evening of Dec. 28 last year while watching a herd of deer grazing in the oak woodland immediately north of Lake Casitas (not burned by the recent Thomas Fire). The herd of eight deer abruptly stopped their grazing and looked up in alarm, the sun had just set and as darkness came in a large, upright walking furry figure appeared and was moving along
the edge of the woodland toward the herd.

The deer moved to the other end of the woodland. The creature, which has been seen in the Casitas Watershed area many times over
the years, did not appear to be in a hurry, but did disappear back into the shrub cove. The creature was about 8-9’ tall with light brown fur and walked upright. Read more at Bigfoot rumors in forest


Missing Time? What Happened?

Durham, NC - 1999-05-31: When we were about 12, my BFF and I were sitting on my grandfather's 3rd story porch, around 2am. We noticed this light floating in the sky and understood it wasn't any plane we knew of. We watched for a few minutes, and the moment was over. But as of late, I had this feeling like something happened to us. I gave him a call, the first time I've ever spoken to him about it. He said that he had the same strange sensation that "something happened to us" of which we cannot explain...missing time? I want to get down to the bottom of what happened, if anything. Help! - MUFON



Behind the scenes at 'The Existence of Strange Things'...including giveaways


Human Body Parts Commodity

PORTLAND, Oregon (Reuters) - On July 20, a Hong Kong-flagged cargo ship departed Charleston, South Carolina carrying thousands of containers. One of them held a lucrative commodity: body parts from dozens of dead Americans.

According to the manifest, the shipment bound for Europe included about 6,000 pounds of human remains valued at $67,204. To keep the merchandise from spoiling, the container’s temperature was set to 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

The body parts came from a Portland business called MedCure Inc. A so-called body broker, MedCure profits by dissecting the bodies of altruistic donors and sending the parts to medical training and research companies.

MedCure sells or leases about 10,000 body parts from U.S. donors annually, shipping about 20 percent of them overseas, internal corporate and manifest records show. In addition to bulk cargo shipments to the Netherlands, where MedCure operates a distribution hub, the Oregon company has exported body parts to at least 22 other countries by plane or truck, the records show.

Among the parts: a pelvis and legs to a university in Malaysia; feet to medical device companies in Brazil and Turkey; and heads to hospitals in Slovenia and the United Arab Emirates. Read more at U.S. body brokers supply world with torsos, limbs and heads


Paranormal Investigator Timothy Renner on 'The Existence of Strange Things'

Join our hosts Sean Forker, Lon Strickler and Butch Witkowski as they sit down with our friend and colleague paranormal investigator & author Timothy Renner. Timothy will be discussing his paranormal background, investigations and his 3 books, based on the cryptid history of Pennsylvania and the Pacific Northwest Bigfoot. Timothy lives in York County, PA and is also a member of the Chicago Phantom Task Force. Join us this Friday, February 9th at 11pm ET / 8PM PT on or chat at



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Bigfoot: West Coast Wild Men: A History of Wild Men, Gorillas, and Other Hairy Monsters in California, Oregon, and Washington state.

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