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Monday, February 05, 2018

3rd 'Winged Being' Encountered in Zephyrhills, Florida Area

On Saturday February 3, 2018 at 3:14 PM ET I received a telephone call from a witness in Zephyrhills, Florida (Pasco County) in reference to a recent encounter / sighting of a winged being at their residence. After listening to the information, I asked the witness to write down what they experienced and to forward to me. I soon received the following account:


I called you from Zephyrhills, Florida on Saturday. I explained to you that my sister, and son have been experiencing some strange phenomenon. I explained to you that we weren't sure whether it had a demonic origin, spiritual in some way, or what in the world could it be?

We had cleansed the house in the spiritual sense with Holy Oil and prayer. This had not worked.

It started with scratching noises in the walls, along with heavy human like steps on our roof right before or after. The steps were fast. There was fluttering noises of wings of a sort. We noticed that there was a large cement block on the bottom of the house moved out, no longer sealed tight as usual.

Around this time, in the evenings we looking up at the constellations, and saw something very different. We were in awe with a loss for words, as we were witnessing lights in the sky traveling at a speed that was not possible for a plane to travel. There were a number of them traveling in the sky at high speeds in a jagged way, darting, and then moving in a different direction.
We somehow packed this in a a file in our minds, in order to deal with ordinary life on life's terms. However, the enormous wings on this other new creature we have witnessed has really taken us new a real different chapter in life.

We had those noises of scratching on the walls, fluttering of wings, and human-like steps on our roof, and finally the eyewitnessing of this strange phenomenon. My son yelled for me while in the bathroom He said "please come now, it is right out the window!" I ran and looked out the locked window. There were noises coming from below the it came out and stretched up. I saw blackish, darkness almost covered the window. It was part of a wing....a very small part. I say this because it hovered up quickly with two enormous about 5 ft. each. I only saw the back of its head....dark blackish in color. It went ever so quickly in the air, away from the house, and gone. What the heck is this? We started researching about it, Lon. This is when we found information on you. We saved your phone contact, and called. Please notify me of anything you may find out in your other areas if it pertains to this.

Should we be fearful of our lives, or our cat? Thank you for speaking to me, and for letting me know we could call you if we need to.

NOTE: the information provided in the email is very close to what we originally discussed...but the sheer fear expressed on the telephone was evident. I have asked a seasoned investigator, who lives nearby, to contact the witness and make arrangements for an on-site interview. As you may remember, there were 2 previous sightings of a winged being (described as a Gargoyle) just north of this location. Here are the links to those encounters:

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