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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Weekend 2 Cents: Strange Howls in the Sierras -- O'Hare UFO Photo? -- Brown-Cloaked Humanoid

Strange Howls in the Sierras

Jim in California called in to tell of his Bigfoot experience in the Sierras:

“I never was pro-Bigfoot or against Bigfoot. I never passed judgement on it because I knew nothing about it. About two years ago. I have a remote cabin about 4,000 foot in the Sierras. I stepped out of my cabin one night about nine o'clock. It was two years ago in January and nine o'clock at night. And I'm out there looking at the stars and a howl, a holler came out by my neighbor's cabin which is about 200 feet just up the side of the sweat sites on a slight slope above me. And this howl, it was like no animal I have ever heard before. It was a long howl and the interesting thing about it was the voice. It was so big the creature had to be, like, I would say 600 to 800 pounds because of the volume that came out of the mouth. I'll tell you this, that, the voice box was so clean, so pure with that sound. That was part of the fascination about it and it was a long big set of lungs.

I went into my cabin and I got my 38. I wasn't afraid. And a flashlight. I just had to see what that was. So I went outside. I forgot that I got a fence up the hill so I couldn't see anything in front of this guy's house. But when I was outside, this creature come down the drive closer to my house, howled a couple more times and then ran off....because I could hear it. It then ran over the mountainside. Now what's interesting is about two weeks later, I hear this same pattern of howling but it sounds like there's about three of these creatures and it sounds like... I'm estimating, it's got to be this animal's kids because the volume wasn't there. The voices didn't have that deep adult sound. They sounded smaller. What was strange, they put out something that was like a giggle intermittently between their howls. (George asks if it was a hyena) I thought of that but, no. No, this.. I don't think that's the case. I don't think it was a wolf. We supposedly don't have wolves here. I'll tell you what, my neighbor came back about a week after this and the same young ones, it sounded like they were right at his house, same place.”

Source: Coast to Coast Radio - January 12, 2018

Beyond Creepy


Brown-Cloaked Humanoid

This encounter happened many years ago. It is still a very vivid memory that has stuck with me for some time. I haven't shared
this encounter with many people, but this sub seems to be the perfect place.

I was 19 and had just moved into my first place, a basement suite in an older house. The landlord lived above with his wife and were very friendly folk. I hardly saw them other than the husband working in the back yard once in a while. The suite was completely isolated from the above house.

After a few days of settling in, I was dropping in and out of sleep one evening. I remember having terrible nightmares, possibly night terrors, but I vividly remember waking up and being alert, totally separate from the dreams. I jolted from the dream-state in a panic, and as I opened my eyes and gained my bearings, I saw to my horror a approximately 4 foot tall thing at the foot of my bed. This "creature" for lack of a better name was wearing a brown cloak, covering its entire body, except for the area where a face would be. But, Instead of a face, I saw scars. No eyes, no nose, no mouth, just scars. I remember to this day the terror I felt, how real this encounter felt. After a few seconds of trying to process this, I glanced away ever so slightly, then when I returned my gaze, the being was gone. I was soaked in sweat and sat in my bed for what felt like ages, trying to process this. I called a friend and woke them up, begging for them to come over or for me to visit them.

There was a few other weird things that happened in that basement suite, but this was the craziest experience I've had. mackraslo - Reddit - Humanoid Encounters


O'Hare UFO Photo?

This photo showed up on the Above Top Secret UFO forum this morning. Just presenting here for your interpretation. Lon


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