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Monday, January 29, 2018

Unexplained 'Glitch' While Driving Home

“My husband was in a rehabilitation center for physical therapy, following triple bypass heart surgery. The rehab was 2 towns away from my house. One night when I was leaving the rehab, I took the longer route home because it was more brightly lit. The shorter route was dark with no street lights, and I didn't like travelling that route after dark. So, I was driving the longer, brightly lit route, when a car in front of me pulled to the side of the road and let me pass by. But strangely, as soon as I passed the car, it immediately pulled out and began following me – closely! - with high beams. Just then, I crossed the border into the next town. There are many stores, restaurants and a hotel in that area so the lights are even brighter there. But suddenly... everything on the road went black, and I heard a sound like an overhead garage door closing. BANG... I found myself driving on a pitch black narrow road with no lights and no car following me. I was not on the same road that I had been travelling. I began talking out loud to myself. “What the hell? Where the hell am I? What the hell has happened?”

It was then that I realized that my headlights were shining on a street sign up ahead. It said Gale Rd. Gale Rd. was the dark, short-cut route that I absolutely did not take when I left the rehab center. I found myself almost all the way back to the rehab, though I had already reached the next town while driving home. Now, I had to repeat the drive. But this time, I had to take the other pitch black route home, the route that I didn't want to drive at night in the first place. My husband always called me when I got home. He knew the trip back home took me about 40 mins. But, I began thinking that this time he was going to wonder what was taking me so long to get home. I never looked at the time, but I assumed that whatever happened to put me almost all the way back where I started, would have added at least a half hour to my trip home... maybe longer.

When I finally got home, the phone rang. It was my husband, and before I told him what had happened, I apologized for taking so long to get home. I asked him how many times he had tried to call me. First, silence on the other end... and then my husband said, "This is my first time calling. It's only been about a half hour; you're not late." It was then that I explained to him what had happened to me. But, in reality, I have no clue what actually happened. A vortex in the road? Did the car that pulled over in front of me, and then proceeded to follow me have something to do with what happened to me? Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this?”

Source: Youtube comments, Sandra Pause

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