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Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Kenneth Arnold Files: Part III - Venusian Encounters...Thinking Outside the Box

By Raymond Keller, author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising trilogy

Tahnee Welch plays an ethereal alien in Twentieth Century Fox’s 1985 hit sci-fi adventure, Cocoon. How much did this movie reflect the Venusians and other ETs’ affinity for aquatic activities and environments?

Kenneth Arnold Speculates

As a direct result of the peaceful Venusian encounters previously investigated by Kenneth and Doris Arnold, and as reported in this website, these two intrepid UFO and paranormal researchers were coming to some amazing conclusions about the Venusian presence here on Earth. In my 2017 London Book Festival award-winning book, Final Countdown: Rockets to Venus (Terra Alta, West Virginia: Headline Books), I devote eight pages to the Arnolds, and continue to dig up yet more startling revelations from their files about their own sightings, their research and the evolution of a cosmic consciousness which surely ensued.

In Timothy Green Beckley’s UFO Review, Number 14, 1982, published in New York City, Arnold detailed some of his evolving views on UFOs and their crews. Beckley, a.k.a. “Dr. UFO,” had dispatched an investigative journalist out to the Arnolds’ home in Idaho to get the skinny from Arnold himself about what he had learned as to the nature of the enigmatic flying saucers over the years following his famous encounter with nine disc-shaped objects flying in formation over Mt. Rainier in the Cascades in 1947.

The New York journalist was well received by the Arnolds. Kenneth confided to him that he and Doris had subsequently had other UFO sightings; but he was hesitant to talk about it. He explained that during the two times that he was running for governor of Idaho, the media had a field day in mocking his first and most well known flying saucers experience; and this was the cause of much consternation in his home. “I don’t want to go that route again,” affirmed Arnold. “I probably lost both times because the voters couldn’t take me seriously.”

The UFO Review writer took note that because of the strange movements of the flying saucers, Kenneth Arnold “has long contended that at least some UFOs are other than interplanetary craft.” In the article, “‘Angel’ Theory Offered by Pilot Who Coined Term ‘Flying Saucer,’” the unnamed reporter continues, informing UFO Review’s readers that Arnold “has theorized that they (the saucers themselves) may be living life forms and not nuts-and-bolts space ships.”

At the time of the interview, the Arnolds were living in Meridian, Idaho. While the civilian pilot’s ideas about the nature of the flying saucer phenomenon were changing, he still believed that they were real objects. There was nothing imaginary about them. “It was no optical illusion,” Kenneth Arnold insisted.

“So please explain this concept of UFOs as living life forms,” requested the reporter.

“Sure,” said Arnold, adding that, “What I see taking place is that UFOs are serving as a link between the world of the living and the world of spirits. There might be two worlds connecting the living and the dead. Maybe you continue living when you die. I just can’t envision myself on the steps of heaven, before God, and playing a harp with a million other souls.”

“Definitely, I agree with you, Mr. Arnold. I think an eternity like that would be boring, and pointless, really,” replied the UFO Review journalist.

“Maybe it has something to do with that,” Arnold continued. He also commented that, “At one time my home was even invaded by UFO beings. They remained invisible; but I and Doris could see the indentations they made while walking across our living room rug. And at another time, I saw a UFO which changed its density; so I concluded that these things could be something alive, rather than machines.”

Kenneth Arnold’s thoughts on UFOs were surely evolving. His speculations about the flying saucers and the beings who piloted them was beginning to find parallels in the works of the famous French ufologist and computer specialist, Jacques Vallee, in addition to those of the American Fortean researcher John A. Keel, both of whom were advancing a similar view about these type of phenomena being largely associated with inter-dimensional intrusions into our reality, our space-time continuum, as it were.

Venus as an Ethereal Realm

One of my closest friends, counted among America’s premier ufologists investigating contactee phenomena, Frank Chille of New Jersey, is himself a UFO experiencer with a particular interest in the activities of Venusians here on Earth. Frank and I will both be honored guests of Rob Potter’s Promise Revealed annual Mt. Shasta conference from 27-29 July of this year, along with the more well-known “Woman from Venus,” the one and only Omnec Onec. At a recent UFO meeting in the Trenton, New Jersey, area, Frank and I were conversing about the inter-dimensionality of all the planets in the solar system. Being a life-long Theosophist, I explained that I personally believed that a multiplicity of dimensions permeated time and space, allowing for many more planets within our solar system than we can see with our natural eyes or even detect with most of our primitive scientific instrumentation. Frank concurred, noting that, “Many contactees from Meade Layne of the Borderland Sciences Research Association and Connie Menger in the 1950s, to Omnec Onec and the Master Ching Hai of Taiwan in our times, have all described multiple Venus planets existing in other dimensions. Many contactees have also flown in orbs, scout ships, mother ships or other Venusian vessels; and they have aptly described these as living appendages of the UFOnauts themselves.”

Omnec Onec will also be one of the many experts, along with the “Cosmic Ray” Keller, talking about the advanced civilizations on Venus and what the Venusians have to teach us at this year’s Mt. Shasta summer conference. Omnec Onec, the “Woman from Venus,” brings a message of hope and love to all the inhabitants of the Earth.

Give Peace a Chance

The Venusians arriving here on Earth come in peace for all humankind. They are bringing us celestial knowledge and illumination in order that we may lift up our planet, preparing our brothers and sisters for the work ahead in building a paradise sphere worthy for acceptance into the Galactic Federation of Light. This cosmic organization currently consists of 51 planets in an enduring alliance.

All is not work for our brother and sister Venusians. Even while here on Earth, carrying out their important missions, they take time for activities of personal enrichment and recreation. They certainly believe in continuing education; and they make time to incorporate such activities conducive to this end into their busy schedules.

Photograph of contactee authority, Frank Chille, who shares information on Albert Coe’s June 1920 encounter with a Venusian fisherman up in the woods of Ontario, Canada. Frank and the “Cosmic Ray” Dr. Raymond Keller will be speakers at this summer’s Mt. Shasta conference, 27-29 July, titled “From Venus with Love,” and sponsored by Rob Potter of the Promise Revealed.

Frank Chille learned this about the Venusians from another close friend, associate and contactee, the late H. Albert Coe of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Frank noted that the humble Coe was the friend of countless Venusians. His home often served as a safe house for them while they were carrying out clandestine operations here on Earth. Of Coe, Frank tells us that while, “He wasn’t special, to be singled out for contact, in any sense of the word; but he was in the right place at the right time to help one of the Venusians who had fallen into a dire predicament....”

To make a long story short, it seems that back in June 1920, Albert and his friend Rod were on a school break. They left their homes in Hastings-On-Hudson, New York, and embarked on a canoeing adventure on the Mattawa River, branching off Lake Trout in the wilds of Ontario, Canada. When the two young men reached a certain spot of rough terrain at a point where the river had significantly narrowed, they decided to separate in order to look for a clear route through to more navigable waters. They were to meet back at the juncture point in a couple of hours and then decide on which route they would take out of the woods. As Albert was making his way through the dense foliage that lay before him, he suddenly heard a man cry out, “Oh, help, help me! Down here!”

As Coe made his way down the gorge in response to the cries of distress, he found a seemingly young man who had apparently fallen into a deep cleft in the rock, getting himself stuck in the process. After freeing him and trending to his wounds, Coe took note of the unusual silvery jumpsuit the man was wearing. He also saw that the man was equipped with an instrument panel strapped across his chest, on the exterior of the suit, and that this apparatus had been smashed in his fall.

Coe inquired as to what the man was doing in such a remote area and was told that he had flown into the area with his “plane,” that he had landed in a nearby clearing. He explained that he was looking for a good place to some fishing. That he was flying an airplane in itself would be quite remarkable for the year 1920, when such aircraft were just becoming popular attractions at barnstorming aerial performances. In any event, Coe stayed with the man to help him look for his missing fishing road and tackle box.

The Fly Fishing Venusian

Upon finding the “fishing rod” for the mysterious pilot, Coe noticed that it was highly unusual, exhibiting characteristics that he said were, “the likes of which I had never seen.” The rod was bright blue and the fishing line came directly out of the tip. Of course, the pilot was extremely grateful for Coe’s kind assistance, both in saving his life and recovering the mysterious fishing rod. The stranger asked Coe for his name and address, for he would “surely write him” at the earliest opportunity.

Coe insisted on helping the man get back to his airplane. As this was 1920, the term “flying saucer” had not yet entered into our vocabulary. But after 24 June 1947 when fire fighting-equipment salesman and private pilot Kenneth Arnold reported nine disc-shaped objects flying in formation at a speed of 1,200 miles per hour, like “saucers skipping across water,” Coe would refer to the object he observed with this new appellation. The flying saucer observed by Coe, he would later learn, was a Venusian scout craft. It was quite similar to those sighted by George Adamski and other contactees nearly three decades later.

Before Coe left the area to rendezvous with Rob, albeit late, he learned that his new friend, Zret, was a tourist on Earth from the planet Venus. Zret did write to Coe, as he promised; and they met secretly at many places throughout Coe’s life. Coe also encountered many other Venusians and came to discover much about their customs, languages and social mores. Venusians were particularly fond of water sports and activities insofar as they came from largely underground cities situated in played out lava caves in the vicinity of vast aquifers. Most of the surface of Venus was quite arid, except in the mountainous areas where his ancestors, that migrated to Venus from the planet Norca in the Tau Ceti system millions of years ago, had come to settle. They had to leave the world of Norca because of extensive desertification.

MUFON vs. Venusian Nudists

Now it seems that a nudist beach in Wales is catching the eyes of Venusian tourists, according to expert paranormal investigators from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) in the United Kingdom. Many visitors to the Morfa Dyffryn beach, situated between the Welsh towns of Harlech and Barmouth, reported a series of strange objects hovering overhead. Among the phenomena are a pure orb-like object and another spherical craft of some sort surrounded by rings. As news of these sightings spread, MUFON investigators began arriving in hoards at the beach, scaring and chasing away the regular nudist crowd, in addition to any Venusians that may have infiltrated their ranks.

MUFON is a designated non-profit research group in the United States. The organization’s investigators have taken it upon themselves, however, to mark off the beach as a “place of interest for extraterrestrial activity.” The regular nudists at the beach, however, do not appreciate the spotlight that this has placed on their once secluded and comfortable beach. MUFON field investigators have badgered visitors at the Morfa Dyffryn beach to report any sightings even strange sounds to their local chapter, and especially to “take photographs,” even if they include Welsh men and women frolicking in the buff. The MUFON notice declares that, “A number of unexplainable sightings have been reported in this area, day and night. Strange lights, plasma balls and other apparitions have been reported. These occurrences have been noted in areas out to sea, the beaches and within the sand dunes.” While MUFON says the photographs and other evidence collected will only be “used in the scientific study of these events,” the beach goers have their doubts.

Already UFO reports have appeared on MUFON’s website, detailing encounters. One incident involved a man and his son walking their dog along the beach. “My son took some photos; and after uploading them to the computer, I noticed this orb-like object on several of them. I put it down to glare from the Sun. However, a few weeks ago a friend posted some pictures on Facebook of an identical orb-like phenomenon, stating they had witnessed the object visually.”

Yet another claimed to have sighted a UFO at the beach. “It had five to six glowing rings and was slowly moving in a circle. From the side, it had some lights,” noted the observer.

He also added that, “It was standing in mid air for between 5 to 10 seconds. I thought at the moment that it was probably some kind of plane or helicopter. Then it moved really fast and disappeared west and upwards.”

A MUFON spokesperson told the reporter Zara Whalen of the Mirror, the largest tabloid paper in the British Isles, that, “We are fully committed to the expert and quality analysis of UFOs, as their knowledge is useful to our advancement as a human species. We are a non-profit organization with a focus on enlightening the public about the reality of other intelligent life out there, something the scientific world is growing to realize through their discoveries.”

“We live in interesting times.”

“We live in interesting times,” the MUFON spokesperson continued, “and our knowledge of the planet is advancing every year.”

Andy Sayle, the chief executive officer of LIS Aerial Photography, isn’t convinced. He first spotted the MUFON sign while flying kites with his children on the beach, just a short distance away from the cordoned-off nudist area. He thought that there might be a more reasonable explanation for the sightings than alien intervention.

“I think the UFOs could be drones operating from a nearby airfield,” he opined to the Mirror’s reporter. “I would love to believe there really are UFOs, at least until someone comes up with an unequivocal explanation. That said, however, it could quite easily be drones or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) being operated from the nearby airfield at Llanbedr, especially since it reopened a couple of weeks ago.”

The MUFON spokesperson was quick to reply. “Well, that would make the members of the Royal Air Force running that airfield guilty as peeping toms.”

George Adamski took many excursions to various locales in outer space. Where did you spend your summer vacation? Photo source: www.toptene.com

Venusian Tourism on Earth – George Adamski Speaks

Despite the alarmist attitude of the MUFON field investigators, there is nothing to fear of the Venusians presence here on Earth. They come in peace and mean us no harm. Because Venus is the closest planet to the Earth, just 26,000,000 miles at its closest approach, our world, with its great biodiversity and oceanic environments, is the prime location for Venusian tourism.

George Adamski, the first “Ambassador to Outer Space,” and the author of several UFO books, wrote in Flying Saucers Farewell (London, United Kingdom: Abelard-Schuman, 1960), page 74, that, “One studies to learn that he might more fully live according to the will of the Infinite and thereby progress along the pathway to eternal life. Little ones are taught in their homes, as well as in such public institutions. One never grows so old as to stop attending classes of instruction. Periodic travel on their planet and elsewhere through the Cosmos in their gigantic luxury space liners is enjoyed by every individual on Venus, regardless of age. They have learned well that, although one can learn many things through study of records and miniature replicas, travel is a source of unending practical education which gives not only pleasure but lessons of lasting pleasure, never forgotten.”

Anyone who remembers a teacher who took care to organize her or his students on a field trip can readily appreciate this sentiment from the great teacher of the mystic arts from the Royal Order of Tibet, George Adamski.

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