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Friday, January 26, 2018

Stay Away From MIB!

I recently received the following account:


I came across one of your articles where someone asked if it was OK to confront the MIB if you encounter them. I would not recommend it. I had two encounters with them and I do expect to have another.

They are very strange. I will not say they are agents from some government agency or from another "whatever". My encounter resulted from an incident that I had a few months earlier, but that is a whole different story that does not belong here.

My first encounter was at my home. They came to my front door. How they got past the security gate and cameras is beyond me, but they did it. The first thing they said to me when I opened the door was, "You did not see what you think you saw!"

It was obvious they were trying to intimidate me and this made me angry, I told them to get the "F" off my property and not come back. They said nothing, just turned slowly and walked away down my driveway.

Three weeks later I was driving down the highway in another state on a long straight section of the highway doing about 65 mph. A car came up next to me and as I looked at the car there they were. The passenger just sat there staring at me with no facial expression at all. I sped up to about 80 mph and they just pulled up next to me and stayed there. I basically slammed on my brakes, they just kept going, and to date I have not seen them again. I believe they were showing me they can find you whenever and whenever they decide to do so.

I did notice that they projected arrogance, uncaring emotions but mostly total INTIMIDATION. It was their attempt to intimidate me that made me angry because I have always refused to live under threats or perceived threats. However, I do think they are or could be dangerous. My advice to others is to just try to ignore them if possible, but be aware and be careful. HO

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