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Monday, January 01, 2018

Snowy Highway Strangeness...and Loud Plaid Pants

I recently received the following account:

Hi Lon, I really enjoy your Phantom and Monsters website. Especially, lycan/dogmen encounters and BEK reports. I just wanted to relate a strange tale that happened to me and my brother-in-law. If you decide to print this story please do not use my real name. Thanks.

I would like to preface this story by saying that I have also sent this letter to David Paulides in case it ties into his 'Missing 411' research. Your recent article on Unexplained Disappearances has prompted me to send this to you also.

It is also worth mentioning that I have experienced an unusual amount of paranormal events in my life, some of these events very frightening. I am now 52 years old, and these events happen much less frequently, which I consider a blessing. Usually just small things happen now, like the occasional street light turning off as I approach.

For the purpose of this story I am not using my brother-in-law’s real name. I will call him Jack.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, although, this event occurred over 20 years ago and the details are fuzzy.

This event took place in November, sometime in the early 1990’s. I had spent a few days alone, hunting deer out at the family cabin located just south of Springville, New York. At the time I did not own a vehicle capable of traversing the snow covered dirt road which led to the cabin. My brother-in-law Jack owned a large 4X4 pick up. He and my sister lived in the area so he was going to swing by the cabin and pick me up. He worked in Buffalo as a diesel mechanic, and was going to drop me off at my parents house nearby.

It was about 5am we were driving north on US Route 219. The road was dark and we seemed to be the only vehicle in sight. After a while we could see a the faint light of another vehicle in front of us. As we approached we realized the the vehicle was pulled of on the side of the road. I can’t remember if the cars lights were off, but there was a strange orange glow flickering from within the vehicle. At first I thought the car was on fire. We slowed down to see if we could be of help. I remember slowing down to a crawl, but Jack says we actually pulled over and stopped. We remained in our vehicle. We could not see anyone in or near the car. This was the early 90’s and neither of us had a cell phone, or else we would have called 911. We were not sure what to do. We discussed approaching the car, but I hesitated. After a few seconds I got a bad feeling about this. The orange light did not have the random flicker of a flame, nor did the light have a regular blinking of an emergency lantern/flashlight. This light seemed to have a weird pulsating to it.

I convinced Jack to pull away and keep driving. We would pay attention to the news and see if there was any mention of this vehicle or any crime associated with the vehicle. It never made the news, and we went on with our lives.

This tale starts to get strange, as two or three months later Jack tells me that he was on his regular early morning commute, when his truck was stopped by a road block on the 219. An officer who was dressed like a detective asked him if he witnessed a car pulled over a couple months back. The officer described the vehicle we had seen, and Jack quickly related to the officer our encounter with this vehicle. The officer then told him to drive on. It seems odd that the officer did not ask him to pull over and try to get further details? Isn’t that the whole point of a road-block, you finally get a witness and then you let them drive away?

This story should end there, but an even stranger detail has recently emerged. Not long ago I was talking to Jack, and our encounter with this vehicle came up. We were trying to remember the details, and our accounts differ slightly. I remember the vehicle's driver door being open, he remembers it closed. Then he talked about him being stopped by the road block and wondering why the detective was wearing crazy plaid pants? Now this is a detail he left out the first time he told me that part of the tale. Apparently the officer/detective was wearing loud plaid pants! I know in the 1950’s and 60’s golfers and hunters wore plaid pants. Like I said earlier, the road-block occurred a couple months after we encountered the strange vehicle and hunting season was over. I just can’t imagine why this officer would be wearing plaid pants? Is it an interrogation technique meant to distract the person you are questioning?

Now I would not even bother relating this tale, but I think the plaid pants aspect truly brings this encounter into the realm of the high-strange. What was happening inside that car? Did we just miss, or interrupt some sort of abduction event? For the record, Jack is a skeptic, he considers this even to be very odd, but not paranormal in nature. He has never had any interest in the paranormal. I however, have had many brushes with the paranormal and have become quite sensitive to these matters. I hope there is something here you find of value in your own research. DB

NOTE: An oddity that creeps into an already strange event...seems like a story made for an episode of 'The X-Files' or another fringe TV program. I don't have an explanation to offer the witness, but I would be interested in receiving your personal bizarre stories so the readers can present their thoughts. Lon


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