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Friday, January 05, 2018

MIB Encounter at Old Research Complex

“I knew a dude who worked the Experimental Mines - US Bureau Of Mines. It's an interesting place. 12' Double row barbed wire fence all around it, and it's pretty good size. 40°18'21.9"N 79°58'49.2"W go look for yourselves.

Anyway, There were four of us riding around aimlessly in one dude's car, we were kids, 19, or 20, all off work, driving around drinking beer and smoking joints, just having fun. We drove past the mines, and saw the one gate was open. So we turned around and decided to check it out. There was no guard in the booth, we said f**k it, lets go in and see if we can find our buddy and smoke him up. So we drove right on in, and up a hill, around a bend, and a dark blue Caprice Classic cut us off and stopped. A white Caprice Classic pulled up behind us. Two seemingly identical "men" wearing black suits with black ties, and black sunglasses approached the car. I don't remember seeing which one got out of which car. They were just there, one on either side of us. The one on the left said, "State your business here." We said we saw the gate standing open and our buddy works here, so we came in to see if we could find him. He said, "You have no business here. This is a restricted area." We repeated that the gate was standing wide open, and added that there was no guard there. He said, "You will follow me." He then walked very quickly to the car in front of us. The one on the right of us never said a word. He got in the car behind us.

We followed the blue car, with the white car behind us, around a loop road and back out thru the same, still open gate. The blue car pulled over next to the empty guard booth. We hung a right and beat feet. The white car followed us to the next intersection, maybe half a mile, and turned off. We hauled ass. Never saw that gate open again after that. It scared the crap out of us. It's a creepy looking place in the first place, with the fences it looks like a prison complex. Why would they need such intense security at a coal mine? This was long before 9/11, this was like 1983/84. Our buddy was a janitor, he didn't have access to the whole complex, just the offices he took care of. He said there was a lot of weird shit there. Mean-looking men and women with sunglasses on indoors. Guarded buildings. Army trucks. Chevy Caprice Classics, all either black, dark blue, or white.

He was particularly creeped out by one woman there, he didn't want to clean her office, another guy had to do it. This is going by what he said, I have no firsthand knowledge of it. I can tell you that the whole surrounding area has a weird vibe going on. I used to hunt, and ride dirt-bikes, and four wheel, and just joyride around in whatever vehicle I had at the moment. There are neighbourhoods bordering the complex on three sides, and woods across the road. This wasn't the first paranormal event in my life, nor was it the last, but I shared this one with three other people. I haven't spoken to any of them in years. Don't even know where they live now. But I know they saw the same thing I did.”

Source: Youtube Comments, CrazyBear65

Beyond Creepy

NOTE: As of 1999, the complex is made up of lab and office space as part of the National Energy Technology Laboratory network. It is also home to three major agencies including the Federal Energy Technology Center (U.S. Department of Energy), the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control), and the Mine Safety & Health Administration (U.S. Department of Labor). Before that time, I have no idea what was going on at the location...other than earlier CDC / NIOSH mine research. Bizarre encounter...Lon


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