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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Lake Stevens' Cryptids

Gina Maria in Washington called in to tell of the weird cryptids she has seen while living near Lake Stevens in Washington:

Bigfoot Apple Thief

“I wanted to tell you about a Bigfoot experience I had. It was on the back side of Lake Stevens here in Washington, right next to the Granite Falls Highway. First of all, there's a lot of Bigfoot and sightings in Granite Falls, just so you know. Well, a friend and I were about to leave the house and another friend was gonna stay at my house and we went to walk out the door. She was in front of me. Then she opened the door and when she opened the door, we heard this thing. It was very tall. Maybe nine feet or so. Maybe taller! I believe it was Bigfoot. It was probably two feet away, around the corner of the house, right there, and it went, 'Uh-huh!' and we just stood there in shock and it did it a second time louder and we stood there in shock and then it did it a third time. Each time, louder. And it didn't sound like a bear and it didn't sound like a man. It sounded like a cross between a man and an animal. And then we promptly slammed the door shut. What it was after, I believe, was, there was a bucket of apples on the porch, and I've heard since, you know, that they really love apples. (George Noory asks if the apples were gone when they went back out.) No, because I think we scared it. I mean it was just about to get the apples. It didn't come back that night and then I made sure to get the apples off the porch. I have two more just short things to tell you too."


Scaley Coyote Thing

“I had spotted in Granite Falls, again, on the highway. It's kind of a kind of a lonely highway in the middle of the night and part of this creature... It was not a coyote. It was not a wolf. It was not a wolf! But it was bigger than a coyote. It was kind of bigger and broader in the shoulders and the fur kind of stood up more on the shoulders and he had spikes going up its back. Almost like spiky, like the fur was spiky looking. I was thinking some sort of cryptozoologist kind of creature. It sort of reminded me of the creatures in the 'Lady in the Water' movie. The ones that come out of the grass and they had these spikes in the back.”


Albino Lion

“And then the other one was on the land I'm on now. There was, it was white and I don't know if it's in the canine family or what it was but it was all white and it resembled more of a lion (Noory asks if it was like an albino lion) Yeah, like some sort of... and we don't have lions... some sort of strange, again, another strange creature. And my dog was in the car with me and we just stared at it and it stared at us".


Six-Foot Bunny

“There's one more but I'm not sure if I should tell you it because I don't want to be laughed at. I've heard two people calling before about this and they were literally cut off the line. Okay, my friend was driving. It's a hill going down and curves a lot so she didn't see it but her daughter who's 16 and I both saw it - a six-foot bunny! I think it's some sort of interdimensional thing, some sort of creature. I mean some sort of interdimensional something but I've heard two other people call on this and her son was asking me about it and he said, 'What did you and my sister, Lucy, see?' And I was telling him, and while I was telling him, I finished telling him and then the lady called in in the radio show about a six-foot bunny.”

Source: Coast to Coast Radio - January 12, 2018

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