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Friday, January 26, 2018

Daily 2 Cents: Strange Encounter / Lost Time -- Mysterious Being in Texas -- A Look Back at the Sykesville Monster

Strange Encounter / Lost Time

“One night while driving to work on an interstate (about 3 years ago) I watched a bright light come down from the sky almost like a helicopter and shined a light right into the cab of my truck. I was very scared, the smell of urine was so strong. At the same time a car came speeding past me erratically it was late so I couldn't see the car. Instantly I called a friend to tell her what happened as I was really scared. She told me to pull over and so I did into a gas station. It was about 10 pm. I parked and tried to regain myself. Then I saw this man pull up right in front of me. He looked like he stepped right out of the 50s black everything...car wheels windows, everything he had on was black but like a greaser. Hair quaffed sunglasses on I saw him and felt really odd he took my breath away as he looked right at me. I could feel very intimidated, and it was almost like no one else saw him. He went in the store and I never got out of my truck. I was too scared.

On his way back to his vintage all black car he never stopped glaring at me. I could feel it through his glasses. He gets in his car and I wait for him to leave. As I didn't want to chance him following me. He disappeared behind the gas station and never came out from the other side. I waited about 30 min, nothing. So I left. When I finally got to work, I sat in my truck terrified. It wasn't over. What I'm going to say next is very odd but I am telling you all what I saw.

It was about 11.30 pm by then, I noticed clouds over me about 200 feet away floating over and landing in the tops of trees parked right in front of me. A literal stones throw in front of me. I sat and watched, confused to say the least. I didn't notice anyone coming or going while I watched. By the time I got out of my truck over 5 hours had past, I had missed work but was in the parking lot. I'll never know but my face and shirt where soaking wet as if I was in tears the entire time. I felt a lot of things that night but sadness was not one. I haven't really told anyone this in fear it at happen again, or I would be ridiculed.”

Source: Youtube comments, Ashley Low

Beyond Creepy


Mysterious Being in Texas

Hearne, Texas (AP) A tall, mysterious creature appears appears to have begun trick-or-treating a week early, say police who have been getting reports about something leaping from rooftop to rooftop and gnawing on front porches. The creature also has reportedly reportedly torn screen windows and scared a dog, police Chief James Bundren said Wednesday.

"It's Halloween time and there might be a lot of creatures out there. Every now and then someone calls and says they they think they heard the creature." One resident told authorities last week that something about six feet tall chewed up his porch, screen and railing, Bundren said. The resident beard a noise at the front door during the night and went to investigate. When be opened the door, Bundren said, he saw the "image of a man, but it had a head that was chewing and slapping at the door."

The resident told police he quickly slammed the door. He looked out the window and saw his frightened dog running down the street. Bundren said the pet still has not returned.

Another resident told police she heard something large land on one side of her roof, walk to the other side and leap off the carport, be said. But police found no tracks around the house.

"It raised all kinds of commotion around here after that happened," he said, adding that calls are still coming in from people saying they have heard the creature. Bundren said police have no suspects, but that the first homeowner may have seen a man holding a large dog in front of him. - Index-Journal," October 24, 1985


A Look Back at the Sykesville Monster

Video - Monsters and Mysteries in America -
Sykesville Monster, Lechuza, and The Rake (2014)

IMDB - Monsters and Mysteries in America -
Sykesville Monster, Lechuza, and The Rake (2014)

The Sykesville Monster Encounter



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