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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Daily 2 Cents: Reptilian Abduction Attempts in Ocala, FL -- Prove Cryptids Exist...Collect £50,000 -- UFO 'Landing Lights'

Reptilian Abduction Attempts in Ocala, FL

Ocala, FL - 2017-12-31: Reptilian aliens repeatedly descend in a cloaked spaceship resembling an alien head or dragon head. (no images were attached to report) They project light sources that resemble fireballs, cartoon characters, snakes, rabbits, dogs, bears, etc., with faint images that mutate/change. This appears to be one of their cloaking devices. The actual reptilian aliens (multiple) can be seen behind the glowing bright lights and images as they are on foot. The lights are able to travel into the home. Some fireballs manifestations are unseen with the naked eye, but seen through the lens of a cell phone camera and photographed well. The activity is increasing and the activity is becoming aggressive (after approximately 2 months of activity). Focus appears to be my brother, male 38 years old, high testosterone, and fearless. I've attached 2 pictures, but there are endless photos and videos. - MUFON

NOTE: Ocala, FL and Marion County, Fl are well-known for anomalous activity...cryptid, UFOs, alien, ghosts, unknown flying beings, etc. Lon


UFO 'Landing Lights'

Cabo Frio, Brazil - 2015-01-09: Well, I'm an aero-modelist and I was practicing on the beach, towards the sea. That's when I saw two lights that looked like the landing lights for landing an airplane. These lights approached a certain port and as we were near an airport, we lowered our model airplanes as a measure of security that we always adopted. It turns out that after some time and proximity, the lights "returned" and "returned", uniting in only one light that soon disappeared, as if they had returned at high speed, to a place a little below where they came. I wish someone could draw a picture of what I have in mind. We realized that it was not an aircraft known, because it never arrived or passed through us. - MUFON


'Jack the Ripper' Writing Analysis

A forensic linguist from The University of Manchester who analysed letters supposedly signed by Jack the Ripper has concluded that two of the most famous examples were written by the same person.

The Whitechapel murders that terrorised London in 1888 are still remembered thanks to the legend of Jack the Ripper, who was never caught.

In addition to the gruesomeness of the murders, Jack the Ripper’s name and persona were popularised by more than 200 letters which were received following the murders. These letters are essentially what made him famous, and it has often been suggested that they were written by journalists to sell more newspapers.

Most of the letters signed ‘Jack the Ripper’ were – and still are - regarded as hoaxes. After the first four were received, the police decided to publish them, after which hoaxers began to send copycat letters claiming to be written by him. Therefore, forensic linguist Dr Andrea Nini decided to focus on two of the earliest letters - the ‘Dear Boss’ letter, in which the Jack the Ripper name was first written, and the ‘Saucy Jacky’ postcard. Read more at Jack the Ripper letter mystery solved by Manchester researcher


Prove Cryptids Exist...Collect £50,000

The Loch Ness Monster, Yeti and Bigfoot are creations of legend and myth but a real-life monster hunter has partnered with Capcom to uncover concrete evidence of their existence.

Hopeful monster hunters all across the globe have until June 30, 2018, to collect a staggering £50,000 bounty for genuine evidence of the world’s most talked about beasts.

The bounty was put up by veteran games developer Capcom to celebrate the release of its latest title Monster Hunter: World.

The Japanese company behind Mega Man, Street Fighter and Resident Evil is certain that renewed interest in real-world monsters could lead to exciting new discoveries.

This is why Capcom partnered with Jon Downes, director of the world’s leading research centre and authority on cryptozoology – The Centre for Fortean Zoology in North Devon. Read more at Yeti? Loch Ness Monster? This monster hunter will pay you £50,000 to prove they are REAL



nside the bizarre world of human-chimp hybrids known as HUMANZEES – as a renowned scientist claims one was born in a Florida lab before being killed by panicked doctors

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10 Suspected Cases Of Real Political Cannibalism

What a Relief Our Doctors Aren’t Bodysnatchers Anymore

Forget Ebola, Sars and Zika: ticks are the next global health threat


Alien World Order: The Reptilian Plan to Divide and Conquer the Human Race

Ancient Serpent Gods: The Alien Connection to Reptilian Dinosaurs

The Secret History of the Reptilians: The Pervasive Presence of the Serpent in Human History, Religion and Alien Mythos

The Djinn Connection: The Hidden Links Between Djinn, Shadow People, ETs, Nephilim, Archons, Reptilians and Other Entities

Flying Serpents and Dragons: The Story of Mankind's Reptilian Past

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Mothman Dynasty: Chicago's Winged Humanoids

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