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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Daily 2 Cents: Lost Time in Iraq -- Federal Land Officer's Alien Encounter -- Can I Attack the MIB?

Lost Time in Iraq

“There was one time I experienced some kind of time slip and it always kind of bothered me. It was in 2011 when I was deployed in Iraq. I was a M2 gunner on a MRAP and on one mission our convoy was going from FOB Merez in Mosul to JBB (Anaconda) in Balad which was about 6-12 hours away, depending on if we encountered IEDs or the enemy. About 1/2 through the mission we were passing Tirkrit and the sun was rising around 600. Then in an instant we were pulling up to the main gate at JBB and it was 1300. I was shocked and confused for a second then I asked the driver if I was awake and alert the whole time and he said that I was BSing with him and the other people on our convoy like normal. He was a little confused and asked why I asked and I just told him no reason. It was like I blacked out the whole time or something and I have no memory of the 2nd half of that mission at all. It was like I teleported from Tirkrit to Balad in an instant. I always thought it was a weird incident because it was usually quiet in Tirkrit and I just remember feeling like being jolted back to reality by all the noise from the MRAP, traffic, and people taking over the radio at JBB. I didn't think much of it at the time but it was always weird to me since I have never experienced anything like that before or since then."

Source: Youtube comments, Kelvin Wu

Beyond Creepy

NOTE: I have heard and read a lot of bizarre soldier experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan. Time slips and lost time incidents were not unusual. I suspect that many abductions occurred, along with bi-location events...involving singular soldiers or entire squadrons. I plan to write about this eventually. Lon


Federal Land Officer's Alien Encounter

Fort Lupton, CO - 1986-05-31: I was sleeping on the couch at my parents house (I was ~ 20 years old) when I noticed the light outside the window behind the couch. I looked out the window and approximately 200 ft from the window on the open grass on a concrete basketball court. I saw approximately 4 feet off the ground a bright white light which I later decided was a rip in space, the only way I can describe it. This bright light or hole which was probably only 3 or 4 ft in diameter. I saw 3-5 aliens or whatever you want to call them exit out of the hole. Somehow I knew that they were going to come over to where I was and this terrified me. I did not actually see them walk from a basketball court and over the lawn to the window, which was approximately a foot and a half from my body.

So, it's the couch between me and the window. On the outside of the window I remember 3 of the grey aliens where staring down at me. I tried to move but my entire body was not responding and I was frozen... frozen's probably the wrong word, it was like I was a quadriplegic or something. The only thing that I could move was my eyelids and my eyes so I could look over and see them staring down at me. Their faces were approximately 3 feet at the most away from mine, still looking through the window directly into my face. I was fully awake and this continued for I'm guessing somewhere between 15 minutes and 1/2 an hour. I know that seems like a big variance for one who is describing something that occurred when they were completely awake but it was a terrifying experience and I suspect a minute may have lasted in my mind forever. Subsequently I discovered that people had sleep paralysis and describe something similar to this. However, this was not sleep paralysis. I was wide awake and aware and I know what I saw so the paralysis started sometime after I saw them come out of the light or the basketball court and I was laying back on the couch. At some point they paralyzed me. They seem to enjoy it and I seemed to be either reading their thoughts or something to know that...or more correctly, they communicated that to me without speech.

Other than staring at me I don't know what else they were trying to accomplish. During this encounter I was struggling with all of my might to try to move even one little finger. I could feel my body all over. I could not move it. I tried and I tried to try and fight them to get away from them. I would have gone down the hallway to my room and picked out my .243 to blow them away if I could of, but I could not move. Then they left. I did not see how the exited but I imagine it was the same hole. I have the distinct feeling that this has happened several times and may happen again but that was the only incident that I remember. Possibly I remember them when I was ~ 5years old in Missoula, MT. but that could be just a bad dream.

I did tell some family members and a couple of friends about it, but I described it as the worst bad dream ever. I'm letting you know it was never a dream. I was wide awake and aware.

Now approximately 30 years later I have the guts to at least report this to you in hopes it may help somebody or you guys with your research. I am mentally stable I have managed millions of acres of federal land as the primary land officer. I am a GS-13 30 year federal employee with a staff of 30. I'm not some nutcase and I'm scientifically trained. I have had no mental issues no drug issues and I have a very long and responsible career, family life and I'm letting you know this actually happened. - MUFON


Can I Attack the MIB?

I was abducted and raped. Awoke in the craft, then electronically put back to sleep...then awoke in my car 7 miles away. 12 years later confronted by men in black.

If men in black confront me, can I attack them, or disable them till police come to help me? If I tell you they will find me. One of two UFOs of the 3rd kind told me not to tell anyone. After I spoke about my experience in general public (Ottawa, Ont), 2 men in black approached me and asked if I had such an encounter. I just replied "no" and went away from them. I found that as a life threatening event. If this happens again, I am tempted to attack them. Please contact me before anything else happens. Please help me. - MUFON


Interesting 'Bigfoot' Video

Remarkable Footage Shows a Huge Bigfoot Walking Through the Canadian Wilderness

The mythical creature has been the subject of debate for years as many people claim to have spotted the 10ft tall beast.

Many have tried to capture the 35 stone giant, with hundreds of images and videos appearing to show figures resembling the creature.

But now, new evidence aims to prove that the beast is not only real, but continues to lurk in the wilderness.

A bombshell clip, recorded in Canada, appears to resemble the shape of the creature.

The footage was reportedly filmed by a family who were exploring the forest. Read more w/ video at Bombshell video sparks claims giant creature LIVES


People Keep Seeing the Mothman in Chicago

I believe that other witnesses who originally contacted me will be coming forward. I warned the naysayers that these reports were from real people...and not concocted. It'll be interesting to see how those who have disparaged this investigation, called me a liar and have attempted to thwart the sale of my book spin these revelations by the witnesses. Lon

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