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Daily 2 Cents: 'Light Beings' in White Robes -- 'Pole-Throwing' Humanoid -- Witch Doctor Reveals 'Mysterious Creature'

'Light Beings' in White Robes

Sandy Springs, GA - 1996-06-29: I had to have been around 6 or 7 years of age when this incident occurred. Me and my family were living in an apartment complex at the time near Sandy Springs/Dunwoody, GA. I was walking with my mother to the bus stop to go to school, holding her left hand with my right, as she was on my right side. Suddenly, about 5 to 10 ft away (there was an apartment building about 15 to 20 ft being them) to the right side of my mother and I, there were what seemed to be 2 or 3 of these humanoid beings which were covered in what seemed to be white robes and emitting bright light around their bodies. This bright light is what probably caught my attention in the first place. I pointed to them and asked my mother what those people were, something a long those lines. My mother remembered me asking her this but she did not see anything. She told me she just felt a very strong presence. The fact that she was there with me and remembers me asking her these questions is proof to me that it was not a hallucination or dream. One of these beings was standing in front of the other 1 or 2 beings behind it.

I cannot remember the appearance of the beings in the back but I could clearly see the face of the one standing in front. It seemed very human-like, youthful. It had curly hair and a blank stare until it noticed that I was looking at it and then its eyes widened as if it was surprised that I had noticed it observing us. Like I was not suppose to be able to see them once me and the being in front made eye contact. Everything on their upper torso was white with a grey tone kind of mixture, including their faces. They were almost transparent like one would imagine a typical ghostly figure to be. I mentioned only 'upper torso' because I don't recall them having any hands or legs, including feet. They also seemed to be floating because of this. I turned my head for one second and then quickly back but as I did, I remember seeing them sort of float or hover away back down some stairs that were in the vicinity. I lost site after that.

These beings seemed to be conscience of some sort, aware of their surroundings and did not want to be seen by me or anyone else but they did seem to be there for a reason. I do not remember anything before or after this event but my mother told me it started off as a normal day and after I got back from school she told me I asked her again about the beings. I have sketches that I have drawn but can't find them at the moment. When I do, I will be sure to send them if needed. In the meantime if you have any useful information that I could use about what on Earth I saw that day please send me anything as this has been on my mind ever since my early teens. I am now in my mid 20s and although I have had a few unexplained occurrences throughout my life, none of which were as vivid as this was. I have not seen anything, on that level, like that since. Thanks for your time and hope to be hearing back from someone soon. Have a great day. - MUFON


'Pole-Throwing' Humanoid

From Sevilla, Spain - 2017-04-05 - posted original report...not revised:

1. i was in a landing track for seeing plane models flying.

2. i took my binoculars for seeing better a model plane. when it landed i looked at the distance. nobody ever parks there. very strange, i thought.

3. there was a black car. at its side there was a man, naked torso throwing a large pole.

4. about the fellow: athletic man, naked torso, tight long trousers, black boots, throwing a large pole out of human capabilities (1150 feet), no parabole, no taking a career, efortless like throwing a small dart. repetitive movements, all day. i believe that pole/pertiga created a passive antigravity shield without visible external devices, as if it were a coating or a painting.
note: his appearance is identical to the "long man from wilmington" (england), an ancient hill figure

about the car: black color, tinted windows, stopped near the man, closed doors, high-end car, very important: without license plate. parked in an unusual place. the man didnt visit the car.

5.I surprised myself at the first moment. i looked at him, i could see him about an hour, doing the same routine. throwing, walking, and picking up his pole. i thought of that large distance was totally explainable. so i walked towards him, but he approached i dont know how, but he materialized in front of me (i did not see the moment) and he caused me a mental conmotion like a grogi state. then i backed up, i circled twice around me and returned to my car. i lost my memory of all this for three days, then i remembered it.

6. i dont know how i lost sight of the object . when i returned to my car i did not remember anything and i left the landing field about 9 pm with the lights car on. the man and the car remained at the same place, i suppose.

final consideration: i would have preferred not to have lived this experience that has marked my life forever. - MUFON


Witch Doctor Reveals 'Mysterious Creature'

- A witchdoctor retrieved strange creatures from the Kamukuywa Bridge where at least 12 family members died in an accident

- The medicine man said the creature was the cause of the accidents on the notorious bridge

- He conducted prayers at the Kamukuywa market, a few kilometres from the blackspot

- Hundreds of residents flocked the market to witness the alleged cause of the accidents

Hundreds of residents of Kamukuywa area in Bungoma county were on Wednesday, January 10, left stunned when a medicine-man retrieved from the notorious Kamukuywa Bridge, strange objects which he said were the cause of many accidents on the area. The medicine-man pulled a crowd at the Kamukuywa market, a few kilometres from the bridge, when he displayed the strange creature. - Medicine-man retrieves strange creature under Kamukuywa bridge where accident claimed 12 family members


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