Monday, January 15, 2018

Daily 2 Cents: 'The guy had no eyes' -- Bizarre Highway Experience -- Aggressive Bigfoot on the Alaskan Pipeline

'The guy had no eyes'

“I was with my mom one night, I was maybe 7-8 yrs old, waiting on my dad to come out of an Army surplus store. Well, sitting there in the parking lot next to us was another car with someone sitting in the passenger side. My mom had been telling me something when she stopped talking and seemed to stare at this passenger in the car. Once I finally turned and looked, I then seen why she was suddenly distracted. The passenger, a man was staring back at my mom. We both were about to 'crap the pants' because this guy had no eyes. It was just skin where his eyes should have been. My dad came out shortly after and as he got in the car, my mom told him to look at the guy. Well, he didn't seem to be too shocked but a few weeks later I overheard him telling my uncle about it saying it creeped the hell out of him. We've all recalled that night many times over the years wondering if the guy was simply born without eyes since that does happen, but no one knows or will ever know. I know the guy clearly appeared to see us. That I think is what did it. No eyes but yet staring right at us so intently.. like WTF was that!”

Source: Youtube comments, Tony Montana

Beyond Creepy


Bizarre Highway Experience

Toronto, Ontario, Canada - 1979-06-14: I do not know if this was a UFO - but something incredible took place. There was no object that we saw. A friend was driving me back from Toronto to Guelph on the 401 and we weren't talking for a change. I felt the car was lifted off the ground, maybe 2 inches, or was floating on air. Also, my mind completely opened up and I could read my friend's thoughts-the only time in my life I have been clairvoyant. My friend was starting to panic (no words were spoken, I read his thoughts). He was thinking about steering the car out of the issue, then a message, not voice, comforted me saying he / we will be fine. The experience ended and neither of us said anything for 10 or 20 minutes. Finally I said, 'I need to talk with you about something.' He immediately said 'did you feel it too?' He experienced the same thing I did except he had no idea I was viewing his thoughts. Nothing like that has ever happened before or since to either of us. I have no dreams about it, no flashbacks. But since we both experienced it, it could not be a hallucination. Was this a vortex or a possible UFO experience? Something exceptional happened. Note I put "abduction" under one of your heading as there was no option for unknown and I could not submit without chosing one box. We were not abducted, at least not to our knowledge. - MUFON


Aggressive Bigfoot on the Alaskan Pipeline

Debra in Albuquerque, New Mexico called in to tell of her cousin's Bigfoot encounter:

“I had a cousin up on the Alaskan pipeline in 1970 and the men were sitting out around 10:00 PM. He said he was a young man and one of these things appeared by a large piece of the machinery they were using on that pipeline. It screamed at them to get out and picked up a big combine-sized tire and threw it into the fire causing, of course, that bonfire to, you know, burn the men. It hurt some of them and they scrambled and it took off into the woods. They said from the light, they could see that it had climbed a tree and was transferring trees and then it disappeared into the woods.”

Source: Coast to Coast Radio - January 12, 2018

Beyond Creepy


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