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Monday, January 22, 2018

Daily 2 Cents: Doppelgangers / Time Slips -- 'Cube of Butter' Shaped UFO -- Meteor or Other Objects Over Chicago?

Doppelgangers / Time Slips

“I once took a taxi with my mom and my brother and my mom told me in my ear the driver looks like my grandpa (from my dad's side that died 20 years ago). When I got out of the cab and I looked him straight to the face, I was f**king shocked, he looked exactly like him! Same kind of clothing he used to wear, same moustache, even the same freaking glasses. I don't know if its a glitch or something but I was shocked.”

Source: Youtube comments, LorkZ


“I remember back in the 80's seeing myself drive in front of my own car, in an identical car. I had a good look at the driver and it was me. Same hair, clothes and vehicle with a scratched panel on the side. I remember at the time, friends saying how they waved to a guy and beeped the horn thinking it was me. I even had a conversation with a guy saying how I'd been talking to him a day earlier. It, for sure, wasn't me. I knew at the time something wasn't right. Doppelganger? Maybe... or time slip. Really weird, either way. I still think about it a lot.”

Source: Youtube comments, Mark Houston


“About five years ago, my uncles were driving on a small highway headed west in Northern Montana. After a small stop in this little town, they got back on the road driving west. In the blink of an eye, they were suddenly driving north on the interstate toward Canada. He said to this day, they can't comprehend how that happened.”

Source: Youtube comments, Daciana Van Price

Beyond Creepy


'Cube of Butter' Shaped UFO

Hi Lon,

This sighting occurred in the San Francisco east bay area in the city of Walnut Creek. This was in broad daylight, around 1:00pm, as I recall. There were some large, high reaching cumulus clouds present and bright sunshine. The bottoms of these clouds seemed to all be at approximately 3000 feet. I was lying on a chaise lounge and reading a book in my backyard, and was taking a break from reading and was just looking at the sky, when a construct of some kind flew out of one of the clouds, and performed an immediate 90 degree right turn without slowing down, and flew directly into a neighboring cloud, from which I did not see it emerge. Even if I had a camera on hand, I wouldn't have had the time to take a picture. The entire event transpired in about 1 1/2 seconds.

It looked like a "cube of butter" with the exception of the front, which slanted in an aerodynamic fashion from front to back. It had no wings, made no sound that I could hear, and was as reflective as a mirror. It had no wings, or any thing else hanging from it that I could see. If I hadn't been looking in that general direction, I would have never seen it. It was as though it were intentionally using the clouds for cover. When I saw it make it's brief appearance, the thought I had was; ok, what was that? What in the HELL was that?? Obviously, it was not an aircraft, in that it did not employ any visible airfoil surfaces, or propellers, jets, or anything that provides lift as currently known. And the 90 degree turn without slowing down, we can't do that. There is a military center nearby, called the Concord Naval Weapons facility. I will never forget seeing that thing, and I'll always wonder what it was.

I am not given to hallucinations, and was as sober as a judge. Please do not use my name in association with this.
Thanks, PH


Meteor or Other Objects Over Chicago?

Chicago, IL - 2018-01-17: I was watching TV in my dorm next to the window with a clear view across the street. It was dark outside and out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of light. I looked and saw the falling light clearly for a solid five seconds and then it fell out of view behind a dorm building across the street or possibly onto the roof of it. I immediately told my roommate who was sitting on the far side of the room and saw nothing.

It was circular, green in the middle and glowing white, with a short white tail. It fell slowly enough for me to get a look, probably falling twenty feet over 5 seconds. It didn't produce any specific emotions/technical problems. - MUFON


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