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Thursday, January 04, 2018

Daily 2 Cents: Daydreaming or Lost Time? -- The Zebrina Mystery -- Two Unknown Entities Suddenly Disappear

Daydreaming or Lost Time?

“In 2013, I was driving back from a visit to my mother's house - about 60 miles - a trip I made around 3 times a month. Part of this involved driving along the A13 in Essex, UK. This evening (still daylight), I was driving westbound. I passed over the turn off for Tilbury, and 1 mile later, passed the exit for Grays, and a further mile took me to the point where the Lakeside Shopping mall traffic joined the A13. This is an area I know very well, and have often been shopping in the Lakeside mall. Another 1/2 mile took me over the M25 motorway and onto the final stretch home.

Suddenly, I realised that something was wrong. Where the traffic had been light/medium, it had now become very light and I noticed that I was crossing over the Tilbury exit/flyover. I had suddenly 'lost' 2 1/2/ miles of travel. The radio was still playing the same program and I was driving in the correct lane, at a normal speed (about 60 mph), with the nearest traffic probably about 200-300 metres both in front and behind. I have never used drugs and drink very sparingly (never before driving) Nothing out of the ordinary has ever happened to me before. I have always put it down to a 'brainfart' and have never really shared this with anyone before, take it as you will - accept - reject - call me a storyteller - this is a true experience.”

Source: Youtube comments, cosine8arctan

Beyond Creepy


The Zebrina Mystery

The following mystery-at-sea was published in the "Sydney Morning Herald" on April 12, 1941:

According to recent cables, a 200 ton ship crossed the Irish Sea without a crew, and with her engines running, berthed herself in an inlet on the West Coast of Britain,with only an inch to spare from dangerous rocks. The vessel had caught fire and had been abandoned by the crew when the flames gained control. This strange happening recalls one of the most puzzling sea mysteries of the last war--a mystery as baffling as the more famous case of the Marie Celeste.

This was the strange affair of the British schooner, Zebrina. which, on October 17, 1917, was found drifting off Cherbourg (France), undamaged in any way, with all sails set, but without a soul on board, although the tables were prepared for a meal for the crew. No trace of the ship's complement was ever found and their fate remains unsolved.

The Zebrina was of sturdy oak. built at Whitstable in 1873. Rigged as a three masted fore-and-aft schooner, the vessel was 109 feet long, with a registered tonnage of 185 tons gross, and capable of carrying about 300 tons of cargo. In 1917 she was one of the many vessels engaged in transporting coal from Falmouth to the French port of St. Brieuc, south of Cherbourg. At the time the Zebrina was under the command of Captain Archibald Martin, the other members of the crew being four British seamen,W. H. Beck, W. F. D. Bourke, M. Faus, and G. Steward.

On the afternoon of October 15. 1917, the vessel, fully loaded with coal, left Falmouth and set sail for St. Brieuc a voyage which she usually covered in about thirty hours. On this occasion, however, the Zebrina never reached her destination. Nothing was heard of her until early on the morning of October 17, when the French authorities found her derelict in the English Channel outside Cherbourg.

To the amazement of the naval party, the Zebrina was found to be in perfect condition, but every member of her crew was missing. She swung idly about with all her sails set and flapping. The sea was flat-calm, and in the cabin was a table set for a meal that had been partly prepared. The galley fire was still burning.

But no trace of the missing crew could be discovered. The men's clothing and other personal belongings were still on board; the ship's papers and log book had not been removed; and the only lifeboat that the vessel carried still swung in its davits. Completely mystified by their discovery, the French authorities had the vessel towed to Cherbourg, where, after the coal had been removed, the schooner was closely examined by marine surveyors. She bore not the slightest damage anywhere, and was not even leaky!

Although at first it was presumed that the missing men might have fallen victims to a German U-boat, there was no evidence to support this theory. If the vessel had been stopped by a U-boat she would have been blown up, as so many other ships engaged in transporting coal to France had been destroyed when stopped by enemy submarines. Other evidence against the U-boat theory was the fact that the Zebrina's papers and log book were still on board. The German submarine commanders were under strict orders to take back the papers of the ships they destroyed, so that there would be indisputable evidence as to their activities: when they boarded a vessel or signalled the captain to come off, the ship's papers were the first things they demanded.

A more logical theory is that the Zebrina was caught in the severe gale which swept through the English Channel on the night of October 16. It is believed that the five men may have been all on deck, attempting to keep the heavily-laden vessel's head to the wind, when a giant wave broke on board and swept them all overside into eternity.

After the war a memorial was erected to the crew at Trinity House, London.


Two Unknown Entities Suddenly Disappear

Port Huron, MI - 2017-06-14: Was at the park June 14th 2017 early afternoon and I saw two what I thought were people walking straight towards me. It had to be about 40 feet away when the female looked up and was arguing with the male that was riding on a bicycle on the grass. They did not notice me looking at them so they kept coming toward me for probable 10 more steps.

The male was having a hard time riding the bicycle. Their arguing was loud but I could not figure out what they were saying because it did not sound like english. I was shocked to see that their bodies did not look like a humans body. The male looked more normal to me because he was in long jeans but was in a short sleeve shirt. The only thing that was strange was that it looked like he did not know how to ride a bicycle. Granted, he was on grass but still he did not have control of the bicycle at all.

As they walked and road the bicycle past me I tried to take a picture with my phone and when I snapped the picture, she seen what i was doing and changed directions and walked away from me as the picture snapped.

I looked away for less than one second and when I looked back they were gone from sight. The thing is - that there was no way they could get out of my sight that fast and me not see them. - MUFON


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