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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Daily 2 Cents: Bizarre Audio Anomaly -- UFO Activity Near Alaska AFB -- Japanese Astronaut 'Growing' in Space

Bizarre Audio Anomaly

My wife and I used to visit Prescott, Arizona often as a get-away; we enjoyed the antique shops, bars, restaurants and western atmosphere, plus it’s much cooler weather than what we know at home closer to Phoenix. I’ve been going to Prescott since summer church camp as a boy and during my career spent months working up in the area, I like the place. On one of our trips, the wife and I were having dinner at one of the more popular spots that features a scrumptious prime rib that is so good people actually drive from Phoenix only to eat and return back to the Valley of the Sun. During peak tourist times, reservations are suggested, which we had and were glad of it because the place was packed. We ordered cocktails and chatted before ordering, looking at the various antiques and pieces of art that lined the walls, many that had actually been supplied by a friend of ours. Because of the crowd, there was the expected high level of noise and clatter, what you’ll find in any busy dining establishment, which was perfectly normal and we were enjoying our visit. Our dinner arrived and we dug in, both enjoying the prime rib; my wife with the petite cut, me with the King Kong cut, things were ingesting along perfectly when suddenly the sound changed.

It changed in that I no longer heard the muffled roar of the crowd, but crystal clear and loud conversations between peoples from all over the restaurant, at the same time, but individually as well! I stopped chewing in mid-bite, looked at my wife, whose eyes were wide as saucers and she said; “Do you hear that, all those people just talking?” Dang, she could hear it too! I nodded yes, but as I looked around, no one else seemed to be reacting to the change. The wife and I quickly confirmed by description what we were hearing; conversations from people obviously outside our line-of-sight sounded as if they were alone with us at our table in an otherwise empty room. The odd thing was, the group of men just next to us, who we’d only nodded to and couldn’t understand a word they were saying due to the crowd noise, were now perfectly clear to us as well. That proved to be disturbing as these well-coiffed gents were discussing a crime they had committed or were planning to commit and it didn’t sound pretty.

We could hear the servers and bussing staff, the cooks, the host and hostess, everybody individually and simultaneously together, PERFECTLY! The wife and I simply sat wide-eyed, mouths open, prime-rib suspended in mid-bite for nearly a minute when it all stopped just as suddenly as it started and the normal intermingled crowd ‘white noise’ returned. We could no longer hear what anyone in the place was saying except each other directly, not even the ‘gentlemen’ next to us, who we smiled at and now avoided eye contact with! We finished our dinner, but honestly didn’t enjoy it as we were frankly too stunned by what had happened. Later we agreed that neither of us had previously experienced such a thing and so far it’s not ever happened since. To this day we both wonder what happened. I have never personally heard anyone relate a similar experience, but I'm sure that if it happened to us, we can't be alone. I've been back to that restaurant several times over the years and never experienced anything other than a busy, but normal place with great food. SW

NOTE: Not sure what to make of this. Was it simply an audio anomaly, or something much stranger? Lon


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Beasts of Britain


UFO Activity Near Alaska AFB

It's been a long time but I distinctly remember. When you live in Alaska being cooped up all winter restricts you going out to the woods. So I packed up my two and a half year old to take a drive in the spring as the snow was starting to melt. It is very hilly there, so you never know where the road will take you. It just so happens this road went up a foothill, very narrow road if you missed the road sliding on ice you would go right off the cliff. So we pulled off to the right safe side, parked and let my son get out in the snow. It was around 10 am to 12 pm, during the week. I was looking at the next foot hill looking for moose or anything moving. Then something glinted from the sun and headed straight to that foothill, then I saw two more within that 30 minutes. The ship resembled the stealth bomber but on a smaller scale. Silver, sleek and smooth, not bulky like the stealth. And I know how that one is built because I saw the blueprints at Lockeed Martin years ago on a tour for a job interview as microfiche position. The Air Force base if I remember correctly is on Cheney Hwy, or Alaskan Hwy. You head towards the front gates but don't go in, turn right at the first road you see. Then the road starts to climb. I drove for about 15 minutes and the road just kept going up and I did not want to be on this cliff when the weather was going to set in and that's why I stopped there, I was not even halfway up. I have moved to and back home where I am now 5 times, lived in Fairbanks, and Anchorage. When I was there that time I saw this in 1983. I moved back home in 1985. Did not stay any longer because the trucks going up and down were military only. And I did not tell anyone. There is an Air Force base in Anchorage and one in Fairbanks I think. I worked at the Army base in Fairbanks for a summer when station 13 exploded from the pipeline, I saw it because I was at a baseball game between the MPs and Crash Crew Fire Department and we had to stop the game so they could get into the helicopters to take care of it. CE


Japanese Astronaut 'Growing' in Space

An astronaut on the International Space Station has grown so much he's worried he won't get back down.

Lieutenant Norishige Kanai said that he has stretched out during his time on the International Space Station. The extra 9cm he has gained since he arrived on December has left him worried he won't squeeze into the small space of the Soyuz capsule, which is set to carry him back down to Earth.

"Good morning, everybody," he posted on social media. "I have a major announcement today. We had our bodies measured after reaching space, and wow, wow, wow, I had actually grown by as much as 9cm! Read more at Japanese astronaut grows in space and now worries he won't fit in capsule that will bring him back


Malaysian Police Overwhelmed by Occult Complaints

This is the 21st century. Yet, Malaysian police have to deal with complaints of the supernatural type.

Besides fighting crime and dealing with traffic and commercial cases, the police are bogged down with reports about bomoh (mediums) and spells.

Sources told The Star that a raft of reports were received nationwide last year relating to supposedly paranormal cases including witchcraft spells being sent through social media.

These bomoh-related cases include being fleeced for seeking services to cure illness and seeking to purge jinxes.

There were also reports made by those who accused their workmates of casting spells on them. Read more at Malaysian police haunted by complaints about the occult


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