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Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Daily 2 Cents: 'Bat-Winged Man' Hit By Delivery Truck -- Frankenstein 200th Anniversary -- Another Brit Mysteriously Bursts Into Flames

'Bat-Winged Man' Hit By Delivery Truck

Summer 2016 - Chesterland, Ohio, USA: “I had a very similar encounter with the winged creature myself and even posted the story of what happened to a group on Facebook that talks about things. I’m 32 years old and had never seen anything supernatural or alien in my life until last summer. I had always been and still am very much a skeptic, and to this day I try to convince myself that what I saw was actually a really big hawk or something...but I know I'm lying to myself.

It was around 3:45 AM, I'm driving west on 322 towards Chesterland, Ohio. I'm driving a Freight-liner box truck with a load of newspapers. In the summer time at night, there's always a layer of fog hanging down around the ground, and the moon was bright and the stars were out. Going about 50 mph through the hills I see this dark figure in the moonlight that was coming right at me. It looked HUGE so I slammed the brakes and actually ducked down instinctively because I was driving right towards it at windshield level. I heard a big THUD as the figure had gone over the cab and smacked right into the flat aluminium box right behind the cab at probably 40 mph. I kept my foot on the brake and came to a stop on the side of the road probably about 75 yards from where the impact happened. Wondering if it had smashed in the top of the box and thinking maybe I could see what it was I hit, I got out looked around. The box wasn't smashed in so I walked around to the back of the truck and that's when I saw it in the moonlight almost as clear as day.

This things was HUGE. I thought for sure it was dead, but all of a sudden it rolled over and that's when I saw it's "bat-like" wings, not bird shaped. It rolled over and stood up on 2 legs and was at least 6 feet tall. The thing looked right at me with it's red/orange eyes and I was literally frozen in fear. I could not move at all. Then it spread it's huge wings out, jumped up and flew off. I ran back to the truck and took off towards Chesterland as fast as I could and spent the rest of the night on edge and trying to rationalize what I had just saw. The closest thing I could describe it to is the Jeepers Creepers monster, but I wasn't that close to it that I could see facial features and much detail. Just the 6 foot tall bat winged man with orange-red eyes. I do that route for work every week and every time I go through that stretch on 322 I get uneasy. It freaks me out almost 6 months later.”

Source: Youtube Comments, Ryan Winkelman

Beyond Creepy

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Mothman Dynasty: Chicago's Winged Humanoids


Frankenstein 200th Anniversary

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley's classic novel Frankenstein - first printed on 1 January 1818.

Shelley came up with the idea at the age of 18 after being challenged by romantic poet Lord Byron, while in Switzerland, to construct a ghost story. The results were to have a monumental impact. This was the kernel from which the story of Frankenstein would emerge.

The novel - originally published without Shelley's name - received mixed reviews, but came into prominence after being picked up and re-versioned by theatre companies a few years later. However, it was cinema that really took the ball and ran with it.

The first adaptation for the silver screen was made in 1910. Since then, there have been about 150 further versions on different mediums. But why is the story still such a success and how close are modern adaptations to Shelley's original novel? Read more at Frankenstein: Behind the monster smash


Another Brit Mysteriously Bursts Into Flames

A man died after he burst into flames on a street in Hull, England, on Wednesday, two weeks after London police issued a plea for witnesses of another similar incident.

Daniel Lingwood, a resident of Hull, looked out of his window to see flames across the road, according to a local newspaper. He immediately rushed outside to help the victim, who has not been named.

“There were some women going round to get buckets of water to chuck over him, but I have done first aid before and I knew that would be bad for his skin, so me and another bloke tried to roll him on the ground to put the fire out,” reported The Hull Daily Mail.

Detective Superintendent Dave Wood, a local policeman, said emergency services were called just after 8 p.m. following reports of a man on fire. According to The Hull Daily Mail, the man was unable to be saved and died at the scene.

Police are currently appealing for witnesses. The circumstances around why the man was set alight remains unknown, but Wood has said the police are not currently looking for anyone in connection with the incident. Read more at A SECOND MAN MYSTERIOUSLY BURST INTO FLAMES IN ENGLAND, AND POLICE ARE STUMPED—AGAIN


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