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Monday, January 08, 2018

Contronting Our Doppelgangers

Boogie Board Twin

“When I was a young child during the late 90’s my family went to the beach in Huntington Beach CA. We were there for a couple of hours. My brothers and I would build caves with our boogie boards by digging a small ditch and putting sand on top of the boards using the boards as the roof. While in the cave someone stepped on the top of our cave imploding it and leaving my brothers and I covered in sand. On my way to the water to clean the sand off I saw a boy who looked like my identical twin on a boogie board in the water. Stunned I walked into the water thinking I was seeing things. On the way out of the water about 10ft away the boy was staring at me. Neither of us said a thing. I know by his facial expression he must have been thinking I was his twin. Freaked out I went to my mom and told her what had happened and told her to see the kid for herself. By the time I got her to come with me the boy was gone. For the rest of our time there I looked for him but never saw him again. I thought maybe I was seeing things or just imagined seeing myself. This is one of the few memories that I vividly remember as a child. After viewing this video I truly believe that what I saw was true maybe it was me in an alternate universe or just my one twin on this earth.”

Source: Youtube comments, bryan chaides


I Saw Myself

“When I was 23 years old, I was waiting at my normal bus stop to go to work in the morning. Across the street, a man was walking and he looked like me! He was my height and build. He had my jacket, my pants, my shirt, had a walk-man in his jacked with the cord protruding from the inside pocket and the head phones on just like mine. He was wearing my Dr. Martin Combat Boots, he had the same hair as me! Now it'd be one thing if I dressed like every other average man. But I was a Punk Rock kid and all my clothes were original and it was rare to see people who were dressed like me, particularly in the early morning on their way to work! I couldn't believe it when he turned slightly and had my sunglasses on and his face was MY FACE! I yelled out to him, 'Hey dude! Hold up a sec!' He immediately began to double time it away from me and as I ran across the street he bolted fast! I'm not convinced I saw myself, but I looked exactly the same! Nothing else strange happened to me that day, the rest of the day was like any other. I will never forget it and I so regret that I couldn't talk to him and find out what this life was like for him. 'Cause for me it's been pretty f--ked up! Happy New year to all.”

Source: Youtube comments, eric blood


'Hey Lee!'

“I was working in a big box store about 13 years ago. My name is Martin, but my family and close friends know me by Lee. One day I was walking to the back of the store down a main aisle. I glanced up and this older person is walking towards me. He looks familiar, but couldn't place his face (only now I know it was his eyes). I grew up in a different state and had just recently moved with my wife to a new city. As we got closer, I smiled and nodded. He returned the smile and then the strangest thing happened. He said "Hey Lee, you doin ok?" Not thinking, I said "yup" and kept walking. I got about 10 or so more feet when it hit me. Nobody...and I mean nobody knew my nickname here. I turned around and he was gone. I backtracked and looked all over... gone. I've only told a few people this weird point in my life. At the time, I brushed it off thinking maybe I heard him wrong and it being a big store, he just made a couple quick turns down another aisle, but I know different now... I believe it was ME. Just checking in somehow because my life would soon change. A week later my wife told me we were pregnant with our daughter. I am almost 50 now. I hope to meet myself again someday.”

Source: Youtube Comments, Martin Yarman

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