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Friday, January 12, 2018

Alternate Portland

“I had a weird experience once involving a parallel universe type thing. It was when we had the full moon and a blood moon and an eclipse. In September 2014 I believe. I went out into the yard at night when it was going on, and meditated, and some weird shit happened.

I started dreaming, but it wasn't like a dream. It was like this really weird totally different thing. Like I really was in a different reality. I remember walking down the hill from my house, where I was, and getting onto the MAX which is the railway that we have here in Portland, Oregon for public transportation. I got on, and I was heading downtown. It was really weird though because you know how when you're dreaming, if you're at your house or something you know, it's like that but it's not? Well this experience was nothing like that or like a dream. When you are somewhere familiar. It really was like I was in an alternate 'Portland'. I remember there was a red tinge to the light. The other people on the train were really quiet, withdrawn and introverted, almost zombie like. I remember even noting during the experience, that I was in 'an alternate Portland'.

So that's my personal experience with 'parallel realities' Not too sure what to say about it, just reporting what I experienced. I just remember meditating and saying to be open to whatever experience because that was a really rare celestial alignment, and that was what happened. No drugs. No alcohol. I sometimes smoke a little pot. That's it. But I've been doing it for years. So yeah, I dunno...maybe there really are alternate worlds.”

Source: Youtube comments, La Red

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