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Friday, December 22, 2017

Witness Confidentiality at 'Phantoms & Monsters'

Not long after I began investigating the Chicago winged humanoid sightings, there were questions as to why I did not disclose witness information. The early sightings were reported to MUFON and Manuel Navarette, and both never shared witness information with me. Manuel forwarded the witness statements to me and we worked together (along with the task force) in a mutual attempt to formulate the reasons why these flying beings were continually observed. I never asked Manuel for contact information, and vice-versa.

I have ascertained during my years of investigation that witness and source information should remain strictly confidential unless I was instructed to do otherwise.

When my recent book was released, there were renewed efforts to discredit me because I refused to provided witness identities and contact information. In my mind, these individuals have their own agendas...be it using the research for their own gain or that they feel slighted somehow. It’s my inclination to ignore people who make judgments based on conjecture and conflict. My only concern is to maintain the confidence of my witnesses and the trust of my readers. Nothing beyond those objectives really matter. Lon Strickler