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Saturday, December 02, 2017

Weekend 2 Cents: Tracks Suddenly End...Body Found Kilometers Away -- Odd Activity at Area 51 -- Pterosaur Eggs Discovered

Tracks Suddenly End...Body Found Several Kilometers Away

Response to a video referencing tracks in the snow that just seemed to end...as if the person was carried away:

“20 or so years ago I brought in my elderly uncle, who had no business being in the bush at his age, to track a SAR in which none of us involved could puzzle out the tracks. Even with the tracks being a couple three days old by the time my uncle got to them they still told the same impossible story.

The missing man walked 3 quarters of the way into a clearing in the bush and then disappeared into thin air. Unless that man backtracked, and in doing so placed every backward walking footprint in exactly the correct place, there was nowhere for him to have gone. My very traditional uncle said that even if a thunderbird had swooped down on him the footprint would have shown evidence of him being dragged on his way to catching air. That dominant and trailing foot would have dragged a bit, more while the bird figured out how much weight it was actually contending with compared to the weight it thought it would be, or it would have kicked up some snow from being pulled forward and up (even his regular walking footprints up to that point had kicked some snow forward). Those last two footprints, with the dominant foot forward the length of a regular stride, were the footprints of a man intending to carry on in his journey when something stopped him from doing so.

Another thing, that could be strange or not, is that the tracks suggested that man had been comfortably chilling for 5 or 6 days in a primitive camp he had erected until the very moment he made his trek into the clearing. He still had an amount of foraged food and water when he set out (water source was a spring in the opposite direction, too). Helicopter, maybe, but there were no reports of him having been recovered in that manner, no reports of any kind of private heli-craft active in the area and he really didn't seem the type to have a friend with access to a helicopter tucked away in his back pocket. One of the stranger things I've seen, that's for damn sure. Had we not found him until the warmer months we would have had no idea about the peculiarity of the case. We would have assumed he succumbed to natural causes in the clearing while foraging or trying to make himself known to aerial searchers.”

Source: Youtube, lesterclaypool1

JLB - Beyond Creepy

Here are more details that were added later:

"This happened in Northern Ontario, Canada near a community called Kapuskasing. The man's body was found about 3 kilometers from where we found the end of his tracks on the opposite edge of the clearing and a little into the bush on that side from where we had found his camp by another search team with dogs about half a week later.'That's another strange thing, I guess; dogs that started out from his camp couldn't track him past where his trail that we found had ended. It was men coming in on foot from a road at the other end of the bush found him."

NOTE: Is there a comparison to the Todd Sees disappearance and death? Interesting...Lon


Odd Activity Observed at Area 51

A rash of unusual activity, coupled with new construction at the world-famous testing ground of Area 51, has aviation enthusiasts wondering if the base is gearing up to help with the development of a new bomber. Some evidence seems to point to the secret site’s involvement in the Air Force’s B-21 Raider program, designed to create a new stealth bomber to penetrate advanced enemy defenses.

Currently under development for the U.S. Air Force, the B-21 Raider is America’s first new heavy bomber in thirty years. Official Air Force depictions show a bat-like airplane similar to the existing B-1 Spirit stealth bomber. The B-21 will be equipped with the latest in stealth technology and is supposed to come in at $550 million apiece. The Air Force wants at least 100 of the bombers to replace the B-52H Stratofortress and B-1B Lancer bombers.

The Aviationist blog post about this neatly rounds up recent goings-on in and around Area 51. The post recounts some unusual activity recounted by eyewitnesses in Nevada, including bearded, military-age men boarding buses to nowhere, F-117A Nighthawk sightings, and F-16 fighters equipped with AN/AAS-42 infrared search and track sensor pods following the retired stealth fighters in the area. Read more at Is the Air Force’s New Bomber Testing at Area 51?


Cache of Several Hundred Fossilized Pterosaur Eggs Discovered

“Extraordinary.” “Stellar.” “Truly awesome.” “A world-class find.”

That's how paleontologists are reacting to the discovery of several hundred ridiculously well-preserved pterosaur eggs in China, some of them still containing the remains of embryos.

“My first thought was extreme jealousy,” said David Unwin, a pterosaur expert and paleobiologist at the University of Leicester. “Really.”

To understand why Unwin and others are freaking out about the discovery, published Thursday in the journal Science, you have to first appreciate how rare pterosaur eggs are.

The pterosaurs were an order of flying reptiles that went extinct some 66 million years ago. They were not actually dinosaurs, but they went extinct at the same time. Along with bats and birds, they are the only vertebrates to truly fly. And though these creatures lorded over the skies for around 162 million years, only a handful of pterosaur egg fossils have ever been unearthed. And of those, paleontologists have just six three-dimensional eggs — that is, eggs not completely flattened by millions of years of being crushed under younger sediments. Read more at Scientists just discovered the mother lode of pterosaur eggs, and they are over the moon


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