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Weekend 2 Cents: Tall Slender Black Beings Came Back For Me -- Great Prespa Lake Monster? -- Unsuccessful Abduction

Tall Slender Black Beings Came Back For Me

South Branch (Canada), NB - 3/21/2016: Entity seen at 5:00 am. We were awoken by our 7 month old son crying, we heard this on the baby monitor in our room.

As normal we got up to check on him, me to grab him and console him, my future wife to prep a bottle for him. I picked him up and as leaving the nursery, I looked down the stairs to my right, through the garage window, and saw a tall slender thin black entity, I know I saw it and as I looked at it it darted inhumanly quick, out of sight.

I went to the room with our son, my common-law partner had the bottle ready, I tried to get one of the 5 dogs to leave the room with me. 3 are ours. 2 German Shepherds, one chocolate Lab, plus the two that we are watching are my mother's. The dogs were too scared to leave the room which is unheard of. One of my mother's dogs also a German Shepherd left the room with me the others with any amount of coaxing would not move. As soon as we left the room, the Shepherd tucked its tail between its legs, and booked to the piano in the living room which it stayed under and trembled.

I would dismiss this as my mind playing tricks on me, however when I was 19 years of age, and I am 36 now I had an experience with a tall slender black, that has haunted me ever since. I don't talk about it as people are quick to judge and wont believe. I used to work then in Saskatoon, Canada, I worked at Wal-Mart of all places, and I worked in receiving, I also worked at a popular bar/restaurant.

Needless to say, I worked a shift in the city until midnight at Wal-Mart. The store was 4 city blocks from the residence at which I was staying. If you have ever worked there you punch your social security number into a computer at the back of the store, this starts your shift. I punched out after shift and was walking home, it was dark in the city but with the lights you could see very well.

I walked south 2 blocks down to McKercher and 8th street, where there was a Macs store, and Rogers video rental store at the time. I took a shortcut through the parking lot, directly in front of the Macs store, as I reached the sidewalk again by the Macs store, strangely I noticed an eerie absence of light, took two steps and heard a metallic sound as I walked. I looked around feeling stranger and noticed the city lights were gone. I could not see the store, there was only blackness.

I then heard a metallic cling twice from behind me coming from the ground. I spun around quickly to see an alien grey in colour with a triangular face, and black eyes. I was not panicked for some reason and said 'Hi.' The alien quickly shot out its arm and touched me with a finger on my chest. I was not scared until this point, as the finger touched me there was an electric-like charge I could feel. This charge paralyzed me and I felt forced fear. Every nerve ending in my body reverberated with this shock, and the fear I felt did not come from me but felt forced, and it was 1000 times worse than any I had ever felt. The fear was at such a level that my heart pained instantly, and I had to focus quickly and steadily at slowing my pulse as I didn't think my heart would be capable of sustaining my life otherwise.

The next thing I knew I woke up on a metallic rectangular table, with 6 seven to eight foot tall thin tall black beings standing around me, Dear God, one had its hand inside of me. It felt like it was tearing me apart. The pain I remember, and the forced fear still there, still paralyzed, trying desperately to move. The entity towering above me went through my entire body. It felt like it was tearing me apart and putting me back together again, unimaginable pain. I blacked out. The next thing I knew, I wake up, it's all black and I'm on a metallic floor. I hear clinging on the floor. I see 4 of these tall black entities. They begin kicking me, hurting me more. I try to move I'm still paralyzed, the fear so severe it runs through every nerve ending in my body. It's forced and I can't fight it, almost electrical. I feel I'm going to die here, I don't want to die here. No dear God no. I begin to grow angry as I get beat. I look in my mind and struggle with all I have trying to move to be able to do anything. I force a little bit of movement, I move an arm, my body still not cooperating. It takes everything I have but dammit I'm dying here fighting. I swing the rest of me unable to move and I hit one of the entities, then the fear even stronger the paralysis even stronger. My body goes limp, trapped in my body scared and unable to move, I black out.

The only thing I remember next is waking up in bed at home, trembling and convulsing uncontrollably, still paralyzed and still the forced fear. I try to move, I cant. My heart, the pain its unbearable. My heart feels its about to explode, my body feels like its vibrating from my heart beating so fast. I focus with all I have I don't want to die. I try to calm my heart slow it down, it work. I try to move, it feels like for 4 hours, God only knows. I'm still paralyzed, still that damned fear. Finally I break free. I go upstairs, my mom looks shocked to see me, tells me I was missing for 3 days. Thought I was at a friend's. In my mind I was missing no time at all. I thought I had a nightmare, I tell myself a dream. Not so lucky. I check the computer at work it shows I was there. No one at work remembers me being there, they tell me I missed my shifts. What has the power to do this, no one remembered me for 3 days. The only thing that tells me I wasn't insane was the computer. My memory has me missing for a day. I saw that damnable thing again tonight. I loaded the guns and I sit and wait for daylight. I last saw it when 19, am 36 now. My memories of it used to be so bad I'd remember pieces over the years. I would wake up paralyzed in a sweat, and terrified. I fought the fear in my mind until I could remember and not go into convulsions, still function still move. I would have dismissed what I saw tonight but I've seen it before. No one believes, no one cares. There is no help for me to be had just felt I needed to write this, not sure why they came back. - NUFORC


Unsuccessful Abduction

Seattle, WA - 2013-05-31: I lived in Seattle, not far from the Sound, in a somewhat quiet suburban neighborhood, the Ballard area. This was a few years ago, I was probably eleven or twelve at the time. I was playing with a few of the neighbor kids and my little brother outside. It was a warm sunny day, at some point during summer break. We were playing chase when suddenly all of us got scared, I'm not sure why. There was a whirring sound, kind of like wind. A faint shadow was cast over the yard, but I didn't see anything that seemed to be casting a shadow. We started to run, but my brother fell behind us. An invisible force suddenly pulled him across the ground 5-10 feet backwards before it left him. I don't know for sure, but I think this may have been an unsuccessful attempt to abduct my brother. - MUFON


Great Prespa Lake Monster?

Footage captured the moment what appears to be a huge sea creature in the Great Prespa Lake – a massive body of water shared by Albania, Greece and Macedonia.

The viral video shows “Nessie” poking its long neck out of the water before ducking back down.

Many viewers have been wondering whether the mythical beast has gone on holiday away from its usual home in Scotland’s Loch Ness.

And it could even be a trip it’s made before as a similar giant sea creature was spotted in the Greek section of the lake five years ago. Read more at Mystery ‘sea creature’ spotted in freezing lake


America's 'Body Harvest' Industry

Sam Kazemi stood over the old man's corpse. Nearby lay pliers, a scalpel and a motorized saw designed to cut drywall and pipe.

On a busy day, Kazemi might harvest body parts from five or six people who had donated their bodies to science. On this day in November 2013, the corpse before Kazemi typified the donors who gave their remains to his employer, Biological Resource Center.

The man was a retired factory worker with a ninth-grade education. He had lived with his wife in a mobile home in Mohave Valley, Arizona, and had died six days earlier, aged 75. His name was Conrad Patrick.

But after he died and his body was donated, Patrick became a commodity, known by the company's initials and a number: BRC13112103.

Reuters reviewed thousands of internal BRC records and confidential law enforcement documents containing profiles of Patrick and 2,280 other donors. The documents include invoices and inventories for thousands of body parts harvested from those people. They show how their bodies were dissected, which body parts were sent where, and why buyers obtained them. Read more at Inside the brutal world of America's body harvesting industry: How seedy 'brokers' buy up our recently dead for as little as $6k - then sell everything from kidneys to fingernails for research



Unknown Entity - Gas Plant - Kenedy, Texas

Call From Mrs. Hopkins

Total recall: the people who never forget

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Syrian Boy Boasts Magnetic Belly?


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The Starchild Skull -- Genetic Enigma or Human-Alien Hybrid?

Passport to Magonia: From Folklore to Flying Saucers

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Mothman Dynasty: Chicago's Winged Humanoids

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