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Stranger Things in Kenosha

The following account was reported to MUFON:

I grew up on a small rural farm in Paris Township near Kenosha, Wisconsin. I remember several things occurring from 1987 when we moved to the farm until the summer of 1994 when I left for college. These incidents cover that time period, however, I can’t recall exact dates. Much of this I thought of as a dream until Facebook came along and an old friend contacted me saying something like, “hey, do you remember...?”

Face in the window:

It was around New Years and my parents were away from the house at a party. My brother was at a friend's and I had a friend over to work on a 10-page Government report due when we got back from winter break later that week. I’d guess the incident occurred at around 9:00 pm and probably between December 30 and January 1. I was likely a sophomore or junior in high school so it would have been either 1991-1993. There was a large front porch on the front of our house and due to it being winter we never used the front door because the front of the house faced fields and the wind would sweep snow drifts onto the porch. So we always used the side-door which led to the driveway. However, if you stand on the porch near the front door there was a picture window looking into our dining room and at the end of the dining room was a large desk with a computer.

My friend had just finished the paper. We both stood up at the same time and turned toward the window. Staring at us from the window was a face. I recall it being whitish/grey, and it seemed as if the skin was smooth like warm candle wax. It’s head was longer than a human, and slightly more bulbous, but not in an exaggerated way. Its eyes were dark and maybe three or four times the size of a typical human. While the description sounds like a stereotypical “grey” alien, it also seemed different. In fact, different enough for me to think it was something else other than an ET until recently. Anyway, it was staring and in the few seconds I saw it I remember feeling as if it wanted to hurt me, was upset with me, or needed to get to me and was upset it couldn’t. I didn’t hear anything, and I remember thinking that those were feelings I felt deliberately from this creature. It wasn’t fear, although I was terrified. About the same time that my friend and I dove to the floor I saw the creature turn it’s head and run toward the driveway. From my position he ran to the left.

After about five minutes my friend and I had convinced ourselves that what we’d just seen was a neighbor messing around with some kind of a mask. However, when I walked my friend out to his car we realized that there were no footprints in the snow – and there was snow everywhere from the porch to the driveway. I don’t recall ever seeing the creature again.

In my early thirties Facebook came around. By this time, even though I vividly remembered that night, I started to think it might have been a dream. One day I received a message from my friend after connecting on Facebook. One of the first things he said to me was “hey do you remember that night at your house when we saw that thing?”

Lights at night:

I think this incident occurred before I was in high school, so it was probably between 1987-1990. Our closest neighbors with kids lived 1/4 mile down the road and one of the kids was camping with me and maybe my brother in our side yard which was about a half-acre piece of land behind our 3-car detached garage and then bordered on the side by two large grain bins at least twenty feet tall and an old barn.

I woke up in the middle of the night because I saw a really bright light shining into our tent. At first, I thought maybe a farmer had pulled up near the barn to turn around and had their bright lights shining on the tent. I wanted to see who it was so I crawled out of the tent and as soon as I was out of the tent the light was gone. It wasn’t like someone pulled away or even flipped the lights off. It just wasn’t there. So, I got outside and walked onto the road and didn’t see any cars. It was really dark outside and I was heading back to the tent. But, before I got to the tent I saw several bright spherical lights. If I had to estimate, I’d say they were between a softball and bowling ball in size. There were several colors, although right now I only recollect red and yellow. Initially they were hovering above me and the tent, about as high as the grain bins. Then they began to move. Sometimes they were in a circular pattern and then sometimes three would form a triangle maybe five to six feet long. I don’t recall how many lights there were, but I want to say it was around five. So, they would be in the triangle or circle formation and then suddenly break from each other and just move randomly all over the place, always above me, but in a lot of directions, before going back to their pattern together.

That’s all I remember and always thought it was a dream. It never occurred to me that the incident wasn’t a dream until, again Facebook, when this kid contacted me and asked if I remember the night we were camping in my yard and saw those strange lights by the old barn and bins. I knew he’d had been camping with us, but I don’t recall him seeing the lights with me which was especially haunting for me.

Time loss:

My friend and I were hanging out at my house. It was about noon and we were talking about something and decided to go for a walk down the street. We would have said “up the hill and back.” There was a dip in the road and then the road went up a hill. We would often walk it when we were bored or talking about something. This was probably the same time period as the lights, between 1987 and 1990 and it was in the summer because I remember wearing a t-shirt.

My dad asked us where we were going, and I told him just up the hill and back. He said not to be gone for too long, although I don’t remember why. He and I walked up the hill and back. It was at most 15 minutes. But, when we got back my dad was furious and said he was about to call the police since we’d been gone so long. Had he not looked so mad I would have thought he was joking. Then he said my friend had to get home because either his grandma or mom was freaking out and kept calling. I used to wear a watch back then and looked at it. Only about fifteen minutes passed so I was even more confused, but, when I got inside the house all the clocks were almost four hours later than my watch.

I remember going up and down the hill countless times that summer with my friend trying to figure out what happened and neither of us could. Thinking about it that was probably the summer of 1989 or 1990, because my friend and I stopped hanging out shortly after that.

Flashing lights:

It was nighttime, probably around 9:00 pm in the summer. I can’t recall which year, but probably 1989-1993. I was with friends, but I can’t recall who. What I do remember is looking off toward the north probably about 85 degrees off the horizon to directly above us and we could see flashing in the sky. They looked like exploding fireworks without noise and without the streaming. The lights were all white and only looked like a quick explosion.

My friends and I ruled out fireworks because, except for the visual explosion there was nothing similar. Plus, they were so high in the sky and they were about the size of the stars before the exploded and moved. We could actually see what looked like a star, then it would explode, but also seem to move to another area of the sky and explode again, move to another area of the sky and explode again. they continued in these strange moving patterns for what seemed like forever, but was probably only ten minutes.

The next day I described it to my dad who said it must have been the Aurora Borealis, which was sometimes viewable, but nothing like this. Since then I have searched online and haven’t been able to find anything like it. I only recall seeing this once.


Along with these incidents, I also had a series of dreams, which unto themselves I wouldn’t think were anything more than dreams. In fact, until I started thinking about the old farm recently I still just thought they were dreams. However, after listening to an audio book on an alien abduction I thought I would at least mention them. For transparency, I should say that as a kid I did believe in UFOs and ETs. I wasn’t obsessed, but if I saw something on TV i’d watch it and occasionally look at the sky hoping to see something.

I only remember fragments of the dreams. The thing that made these dreams different from other dreams is I always woke up somewhere outside my bed and often outside of our house.

One example is a dream I had about a UFO that was on the ground in our driveway. It was more of a “pod” of some sort, and saucer-shaped. It might have been only ten feet wide and I remember thinking that it was way too small for me or anything else to fit inside. It was probably only three to four feet at it longest from top to bottom.

I remember a typical grey alien of some kind, but I don’t remember our contact as much as I remember it being irritated with me for doing something. But, I don’t know what. It wasn’t mad, but more like a parent is irritated with a toddler. At some point the saucer was flying around and I was with it, but then it was on the ground again and I was left on the ground. When the dream was over I woke up alone on our driveway in the middle of the night.

Another dream I recall was something about these hooded creatures and a tall uncloaked figure in my bedroom at night. I woke up because I was floating, but unable to control anything. I could only see and hear. The sound I heard was a light droning or humming. My legs began moving through the bedroom wall that led to the back of our house and toward the farm fields.

The next thing I recall is walking by myself in the middle of the night along a trail. Our farm had our house, behind that was a field and then a large garden, the animals (pigs, cows, goats) the bee hives and then a large soybean field we rented to other farmers. I was toward the back end between the bee hives and the pigs. I only remember this because the pigs’ grunting seemed to wake me up while I was walking.

I remember dreams of a figure in my bedroom doorway multiple times, as well as the feeling of moving without seeing anything. other places I woke up were at the bottom of the stairs alongside the book case, our front porch and several times outside – often behind the garage and near the grain bins where I had seen the colored orbs.

NOTE: Quite an interesting account by any standard. I wish I could contact this experiencer, since I'm sure they have more to tell. Lon

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