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Daily 2 Cents: Healed By Alien Visitor -- Flying Disc Photo in Slovakia? -- 'Did you see my mom?'

Healed By Alien Visitor

Knightsville, SC - 2017-11-30: I went to sleep Friday night with a bad migraine. I woke up from a dream that night (early Saturday morning) and felt like there was something in my room. My daughter was sleeping in my bed with me and I hid us both under the blanket. She stayed asleep the whole night, including during this visitation. I was under the blanket when I suddenly felt a finger press down on my forehead between my eyes. It wasn't a small finger, it was as if my dad (a large man) was pressing his finger between my eyes. I started to panic and reluctantly came out of the blanket to grab my cell phone beside my bed and call my mom (when there's something scary in your room at night and you're half asleep, what's your first reaction? "mom!").

When I peeked out of my blanket, I saw something in front of me. I could tell that there was something in front of me, but it looked like a mirage. I could see through it, but I could tell there was something there. I started panicking even more. I told myself that I was seeing things and reached my hand out to prove that there was nothing there. I was wrong, and I grabbed onto what felt like a thin arm. That really freaked me out, so I started frantically grabbing for my phone but it was dead and wouldn't turn back on. It was on the charger so this made no sense at all. Suddenly I was back into a dream state and a character from a TV show that I enjoy was standing in front of my trying to calm me down, but I felt like it was a being just appearing as something I am comfortable with. Then I was back asleep and having a dream that my daughter and I were on a beach and I looked down into a tide-pool on the beach and saw some red and blue tigers eye stones, so I picked them up and put them in my pocket. When I woke up again, I checked my phone and it was turned on and the time was 4am. My migraine was completely gone. The next day, I felt a bit off. Maybe a little traumatized, but the truth is that it was not scary. I didn't feel threatened or hurt, it just frightened me to wake up from a dream to that happening. I'm not sure how to explain it but as soon as the finger touched my forehead, I saw in my mind's eye that it was a long grey finger. So, I believe it was a grey that visited me. - MUFON


Flying Disc Photo in Slovakia?

BRATISLAVA - Miroslav chose one day out on a trip with his son. They had a spot in Banská Štiavnica. When they crossed the Kľakovská valley, they enjoyed magnificent views and the beauty of nature embraced as seen in the photo. When they looked at the pictures at home, they did not believe in their own eyes. The mystery of father and son managed to capture this year was magnificent. "It was beautiful weather, we went to Banska Stiavnica, the photo was created for the rides between the villages of Pila and Veľká Hámre towards Žarnovice," Miroslav from Nový Mest nad Váhom described his experience. He was in the car with his son. They did not know what they were able to capture during the shooting. When they looked at the photograph, a strange object resembling a flying saucer in the right corner.


'Did you see my mom?'

Laura in Cincinnati called in to tell of her son's strange experiences:

“I was going to tell you a quick story about my son. He works at a nursing home and he was, you know, doing his rounds and he noticed that there was a light coming from this one room. When he got closer, the light was getting dim but he heard the patient talking. He walked in and he said, 'How are you doing, Geneva?' and she said, 'Did you see my mom?' and he said, 'No, she must have left when she saw me coming.' There was one other time where he called me just the other night. He could hear a woman softly yelling for help not yelling but in the door with closed and him and the other nurse went to check it out and it was an empty.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - December 1, 2017


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