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Daily 2 Cents: Unknown Being in the Backyard -- RV Report on Chicago's Wing Humanoids Received -- Possible Craft Landing

Unknown Being in the Backyard

Newport News, VA - 1982-04-29: I was working second shift as a field engineer at the shipyard and would get home between 11:30 and midnight. I would listen to the Richmond rock station at 102.1 mhz to relax (better music than the local stations) and sometimes a challenge to receive, since it was 80 miles away. This night reception was excellent and it was 1:30 am before I knew it. I told myself I would listen to one more song before going to bed. About a minute later, I heard some static that is characteristic of weak signal fading on FM. Ok, so I would go to bed now. I turned the stereo off and went down the hall to the master bedroom.

Before I could turn on the room light, I noticed an orange glow, like a sodium vapor light, and some blue-green flashing lights out my back window. I had window shades on all windows, since I needed near-dark to sleep during the day when I was on 3rd shift. I approached the window to open the shade and get a better look. My backyard adjoined a soybean field operated by the Baptist retirement home that was on the next street over. I knew they weren't out harvesting soybeans at 1:30 am. A voice in the back of my head warned me not to open the shade. I started to anyway, but was warned again. The shades I bought had the edges curled in the 2 years since I had bought them, so I was able to see out a narrow slit. In the orange glow, I saw a figure about 4 feet high. It turned back towards the lights and disappeared out of my field of view. I tried to move the shade, but my fingers and arm wouldn't respond.

The lights got much fainter and disappeared, all within a few seconds. Then, I was able to open the shade. I saw nothing. Suddenly I remembered the previous events of my life (Enfield, CT 1966 and 1974). Again I asked them what was happening. I asked if it really was them. The answer I got was 'you will know soon'.

The following morning I immediately went to my backyard and looked for any indication of the previous evening's activity. I saw nothing. I was very disappointed, for at last I thought I had real evidence.

A few days later, I looked out the window and saw 3 rings touching each other. They appeared to be perfect circles about 12 feet in diameter and from 4-6 inches in thickness and made of a grey-black powder.

My next door neighbor, a retired Air Force officer was gardening out back. I brought him a grass blade from the area. He immediately identified the material as a fungus common to the area due to the high humidity. He said the fungus typically starts as a small patch, then grows in random shapes outward, sometimes forming rings up to 2-3 feet over a period of several weeks. I showed him the 3 perfect 12 foot circles that appeared overnight. He had never seen anything like that.

He then showed me several places where some of his azaleas were missing. The dirt was still fresh, like they were pulled out by the roots. There was a footprint about 5 or 6 inches long near the plants. It looked like someone was wearing swimming fins with no obvious toe or heel marks. He thought some kids stole the flowers at night. He had several variety of azaleas, and it appeared that at least one of each color was missing.

I figured it would be little point in telling him what I saw a couple of days earlier, but I gave him a condensed version. I said "maybe aliens came from space, spread fungus spores in perfect rings in my backyard, then stole some of your azaleas, just for fun." A look of shock came over his face, like I just revealed a state secret. He was not amused by my whimsical explanation. Instead, he asked me to tell him if I ever saw any little kids messing around his backyard. "Sure" i said, "I'll let you know."

The rings remained for weeks through several mowings. This was my last encounter with the aliens. - MUFON


Material Discovery May Change War Forever

Scientists have figured out a way to combined graphene layers to create an ultra-thin yet ultra-strong material that is bulletproof.

In an extraordinary new development that could change the future of the military and law enforcement, scientists have just figured out a way to create a lightweight material that is bulletproof. Scientists combined two graphene layers and created a new material that is both soft and light, and also can become as hard as a diamond if a bullet or some other object makes contact with it.

This material, known as diamene, was developed by scientists at City University of New York’s Advanced Science Research Center. They combined two pieces of graphene at room temperature, and the result is a material that is as thin as aluminum foil. However, once scientists put it under pressure, it became hard and rigid.

The findings, published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology, began as a computer simulation but later transitioned to the real world, as they combined the layers and then subjected them to pressure from an atomic force microscope. The result was a material with “diamond-like properties.” Read more at Huge discovery could change wars forever


Possible Craft Landing

“In Mendocino about 1986 I woke up one night because the blankets over my feet were vibrating. Outside was an intensely bright light like a welding arc that cast sharp shadows on the walls and the trees outdoors 100 ft away but unlike a welding arc, it was silent and steady. There was a gravel road beside the house lined w/ bushes that cast the shadows. The gravel betrayed anyone that walked on it, even deer, but especially a car which might have had its headlights on. The light was too intense for headlights and there was no sound, so I got up and started to go down to see what it was, thinking that it looked like some kind of UFO. As I made it to the stairs, I visualized some course of events; I could check it out and go back to bed w/ my girlfriend and baby daughter, or I could check it out and disappear forever. Not a hard choice, but the decision seemed to affect it, I then felt fearful and the bright light went out.

A few days later my neighbor said that on that night her door was rattling (vibrating) like someone was trying to get in. A month or 2 later I heard that traffic had been roadblocked for about an hour on Comptche Rd at 'about' that time (time dilation) by military people w/ rifles, and that a saucer had been seen traveling up one of the higher ridges between Orr Springs and Ukiah."

Source: Youtube comments, Bill Cornelius

Beyond Creepy


Remote Viewing Report on Chicago's Wing Humanoids Received

I recently received an independent RV report from a colleague, who had no prior knowledge pertaining to the incidents. The task force is currently reviewing the information...but I can state that new leads may have come to light from the content of the report.

My recent book Mothman Dynasty: Chicago's Winged Humanoids details the individual sightings and the process the task force employed during the investigation. Many more questions need to be answered, as we continue to explore and scrutinize these unexplained sightings.

Despite the conjecture and criticism others have contrived and stated online, the team and I remain vigilant. Thanks for your support. Lon



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Mothman Dynasty: Chicago's Winged Humanoids

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