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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: Time to 'lift the veil' -- Scoop Marks and Implants -- 1st 'International Dark Sky Reserve' in US

Time to 'lift the veil'

John Podesta – chief of staff to President Bill Clinton, top adviser to Barack Obama and campaign manager to Hillary Clinton has said it is time to “lift the veil” over UFOs.

An ex-Pentagon official said there is “compelling evidence” of alien life.

Luis Elizondo used to run the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, with leaked records appearing to show it investigated reports of a unique aircraft.

John Podesta – chief of staff to President Bill Clinton and Counsellor to Barack Obama – tweeted a link to the report and wrote: “Lift the veil. #TheTruthIsOutThere.”

Senator Harry Reid also called for more details to be released on the mystery program. He said: “We don’t know the answers but we have plenty of evidence to support asking the questions. Read more at Top White House official hints at huge alien REVELATION with cryptic tweet

NOTE: You shouldn't get your hopes up. These small revelations have been predicted for a long time...spoon-feeding the public. The only way that a full disclosure will be made is if the fate of the country (or world) is at risk...and it may not even come then. Lon


Scoop Marks and Implants

Butters, NC - 2017-12-17: I have had multiple experiences building up to this. I've seen a UFO but this isn't what I'm reporting currently. I fell asleep on the couch waiting on a relative to come over. It was around 11:45, I fell asleep without realizing I had falling asleep. I woke up to a knock at the door. She said she would come by tomorrow since I had fallen asleep. I closed the door and noticed my finger was bleeding from a small circle. I didn't understand how it could of happened in my sleep. Then I realized my bay window curtains had fallen down. I then begin to try and piece together what could have happened. I thought about my past experiences and started doing research and found images of exactly what this perfect circle on my finger looks like. With a small deep circle inside where the blood was coming from. I had to apply pressure to stop the bleeding. I would really like to talk to someone seriously about the experiences I've had and I have a sighting I reported along with a witness etc. If anyone is interested in helping hearing more real experiences and helping me find understanding please contact me. I won't stop til I figure out what is going on. I still have the fresh scoop mark healing, and from another time what I believe to be an implant under my left breast plate - MUFON


Skull-Shaped Asteroid Heading Back Towards Earth

The disconcertingly-shaped space rock was last seen hurtling past our planet back in October 2015.
Just over two years ago, asteroid 2015 TB145 caused quite a stir for those celebrating the Halloween season when photographs of it during its approach revealed it to be distinctly skull-like in appearance.

Fortunately the object, which is actually believed to be a dead comet, passed us by without incident, but now astronomers have revealed that it will be returning for another visit in November 2018.

The good news is that it is likely to pass even further away from us than it did the last time, however the increased distance will also make it harder for astronomers to study it. Read more at The skull-shaped asteroid that whizzed past Earth on Halloween 2015 is coming back


1st 'International Dark Sky Reserve' in US

A giant chunk of central Idaho with a dazzling night sky has become the nation's first International Dark Sky Reserve, the AP reports. The International Dark-Sky Association designated the 1,400-square-mile Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve this week. The sparsely populated area's night skies are so pristine that interstellar dust clouds are visible in the Milky Way. "That such truly dark nighttime environments still exist in the United States is remarkable," says J. Scott Feierabend, executive director of the Arizona-based association, calling the designation a milestone for the group. Officials say getting the reserve took several decades of work and included efforts from communities on the edges of the reserve to reduce nighttime lighting.

The central Idaho reserve covers some of the most remote and rugged areas in the state and is mostly land managed by the US Forest Service. It contains wilderness areas and the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. The Forest Service has supported the designation as part of its mandate to preserve natural and scenic qualities. It has reduced light pollution from its buildings, but said mitigation by others in the recreation area would be voluntary. Opposition to dark sky measures elsewhere in the US has come from the outdoor advertising industry and those against additional government regulations. Supporters say excess artificial light causes sleeping problems for people and disrupts nocturnal wildlife. - Huge Chunk of State Designated as Dark Sky Preserve


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