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Monday, December 11, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: The Thing On My Bed -- Another Dismembered Foot Found on BC Shore -- The Christmas Gift

The Thing On My Bed

Newbury, Berkshire, UK - 2017-04-01:I remember the date because at first I thought it was an April fool's. I was on the second floor of my house and was getting ready to go to bed.

I had just moved towards my curtains which had been open until this point. I saw an odd light outside. I originally thought it had been because I had my bedroom light on, but I turned the light off and it was still there. My room looked out onto a building site of a nursing home. The light was slightly covered by the corner of the building site which is when the light came round the corner.

At first I thought it was a pixie or mythical character because I didn't recognise it. It looked rather small from the tall window I was looking through.

The thing was looking around as if it had lost something, and I thought I was dreaming so I knocked on the window, ever so quietly, yet it looked up at me. We stood looking at each other for many moments, with these huge eyes.

I then stepped back from the window, to see if I walked back if it was still there.

I must have stepped back from the window for about a minute, to refresh my mind set when I looked back outside, it wasn't there anymore. So relieved I shut my curtains and turned back to my room and it was on my bed.

My bed was positioned in the middle of the room and my door was shut. I didn't see how it had got into my room but it was standing on my bed. It didn't meet my hips in height but had a very large head and skinny body.

It was whilst I was staring at it, that it pointed at me and then back to himself/herself. That was when it came over to me but it was walking weirdly as if it had injured itself.

I was sitting down at this point as I was feeling faint, I don't know whether it was the alien's doing or the fact I was seeing something that shouldn't have been real.

It touched me over my heart. It was so cold I couldn't physically feel the being but I could feel the energy, the coldness and then It walked up the wall and through the open window, which had been closed before.

I ran to the window to see two beings walking in the opposite direction than I saw it before, walk through the short hedge and disappear just before crossing the road. Completely disappear into thin area. - MUFON


Another Dismembered Foot Found on BC Shore

A man walking his dog on a British Columbia beach this week made a grisly discovery: A foot in a shoe, along with part of a lower leg. Adding to the mystery is that it is the 13th foot to wash up on the Canadian province's coastline over the past decade.

"Our early analysis suggests these are human remains and we will do further investigation and testing ... in the coming weeks," said Andy Watson, a spokesman for the BC Coroners Service, about the Thursday discovery. The remains included a tibia and fibula.

The Coroners Service said all previous 12 feet were human. The service identified eight of them and determined they belonged to six individuals.

No foul play was involved in those cases, according to the Coroners Service, though it did not say how it arrived at that conclusion. Read more at 13th dismembered foot found on British Columbia shore


The following is an account I received several years ago:

Hello - I have a weird story I'd like to present for your consideration. There is no explanation as to what occurred, though I personally believe the supernatural was at play.

It was the Christmas season in 1958. My parents and I lived in a small home in eastern Tennessee. We survived on what little money my Mother could make doing odd jobs for other people in the area. My Father was wounded during the Korean War and he received a monthly pension from the government. I was 8 years old at the time. After school, I would work around the house and help care for my Father. I knew that money was tight and figured there wouldn't be any gift-giving that year, but we made the best with what we had.

A few day before Christmas Day, I was lying in bed and started hearing noises coming from outside my window. It sounded like children playing and laughing. I got out of bed and looked out the window. I noticed several blue lights bobbing about in my Mother's garden. I went and woke my Mother. She got up and we walked out onto the porch. We both clearly witnessed the blue lights moving up & down above the garden. It was very cold, so we went back into the house and watched from my bedroom window. The lights were there for over an hour and continued moving about. We were very tired, so we both went back to sleep.

In the morning, we were sitting at the table eating breakfast. My parent were discussing the blue lights. My Father said that he heard of a similar occurance when he was a boy. The deacon at his church commented to several of his congregation that he noticed blue lights outside the rectory one evening. His explanation was that these were angels watching over the church. The next few nights I watched for the lights but they never returned.

On Christmas Eve a few family friends stopped by the house during the day to wish us happy holidays. My friend Larry came over also. We listened to the radio for most of the afternoon. Neither one of us had ever had a television in our homes. I mentioned that it would be nice to have one but I knew that we could never afford it. I told Larry about the blue lights and the story that my Father had told me. Larry said that his Uncle Joe told him the same story about the blue lights outside the church rectory, so I figured that must have actually happened. Larry also said that his Uncle Joe mentioned that there were 'little people' with big heads and large eyes who lived in the mountains. I asked Larry if his Uncle Joe had ever seen these 'little people.' Larry said that he didn't think so.

That evening my parents and I were sitting in the front room when we heard what sounded like footsteps on the porch. My father went to investigate, but he didn't see anything unusual. I then told them what Larry's Uncle Joe had told him. My Father just smiled and said that old Joe told a lot of 'good' stories though most were just not true. My Father then said that he remembered a story that old Joe told him one day.

My Father said that old Joe told him that the 'little people' of the mountain would bring gifts to folks they liked. He said that old Joe thought that the 'little people' were really aliens because he had seen lights fly off the mountain at night. I prodded my Father to tell me more but he said old Joe told too many stories that were flat out lies. It was about 10 PM so I was sent off to bed since we were going to church on Christmas morning.

I woke in the middle of the night to get a drink of water. I did't notice the time but I believe it was around 1 AM or so. I walked out of my room and into the hallway. I noticed that same giggling and laughing I had heard the night I witnessed the blue lights. The sound was coming from the front room. I slowly walked down the hallway and peered around the corner. There was nothing there, but I did see a square shape on the floor by the bookshelf. I turned on the room light. It was a brand new television set - a Motorola. I remember letting out a scream and hearing my mother running down the hallway. She saw me standing in front of the bookshelf, not knowing what was going on. Then she noticed the television. I can still remember the strange look on her face. She turned and ran back into her bedroom yelling all the way. I could hear her asking about the television, while my Father answered 'what television?'

We sat in the front room just staring at the television, occasionally looking at each other. We never did figure out how it got there. I'd like to think it was the 'little people' in the mountain. In fact, that's what old Joe told everybody who'd listen. MM


My Favorite Santa Photo!

Demonstrates the spirit of the Holidays in so many ways....



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