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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: Sasquatch Incidents in North Georgia -- Police Officer's UFO Moment -- Black Bigfoot in Missouri Ozarks

Sasquatch Incidents in North Georgia

I recently received the following email:

Hi Guys, been a HUGE fan of Arcane Radio for a number of years now. Love listening to Lon, Butch & Sean. I don’t like the term researcher so I would say I’m a Bigfoot enthusiast who has read a ton of books on the topic, seen every documentary, listened to many Sasquatch podcasts & have backpacked into what I consider a very active area. Haven’t seen a creature but I had 2 unbelievable experiences this year.

The first experience happened at a campground. I was awakened at around 4 a.m. by a pack of howling coyotes, about 3 seconds after the coyotes started howling all of a sudden this roaring Yahoo type of scream that sounded like it was coming from all sides completely drowned out the coyotes. It was so loud and powerful that I could feel the vibrations coming up through the ground through my sleeping bag; clearly nothing I’ve ever heard before. I’ve heard other people describe a loud roaring Yahoo sound with these creatures coupled with the fact that I have studied this mystery for so long I knew right away that had to be a Bigfoot. This Yahoo roar was so loud that the creature couldn’t have been more than a hundred yards for me which is a little strange in itself because one side of the campground is a pretty busy road, but none the less the area in general of this Campground is surrounded by forest.

The second experience happened 30 days later. Once again not far from where the first experience had occurred. This time I was staying at a second Campground that was much more secluded and deeper in the forest in North Georgia. It was around 6 p.m., I and other campers were standing around talking about some of the hiking we had done earlier that day, other people were out and about getting their campfires started. Also there was a campground host who was walking around introducing himself with a clipboard making sure people had paid and also joined in the conversations. It was at this time that all of a sudden roughly 50 yd uphill on a ridge overlooking the campground a tree comes crashing down. Moments after the tree had hit the ground I and all the others that were standing around talking heard what can only be described as a loud guttural grunt, the kind of grunt you would hear out of a silverback gorilla. All of us were startled, and were asking each other what the heck crashed that tree and then made that deep guttural grunt sound. One of the other campers even mentioned that it was probably a Bigfoot. The other campers laughed but I didn’t think it was too funny because if one of those creatures was nearby we possibly could be looking at a very dangerous situation. Thankfully nothing happened after that but here is where the story gets really weird.

At the back of this campground is a dirt road, this road can be used for hiking or travel during hunting season. One of my favorite things to do when I’m backpacking or camping is to wake up early, get a fire going and have me a nice hot cup of coffee. I got up that morning around 6am, got my fire going & fresh coffee made. As I’m sipping on my coffee out of the dirt road at the back of the campground comes this white SUV completely blacked out with a big huge sticker of a “Patty” silhouette stuck to the back window. Me being the believer in the existence of these creatures have a few similar stickers on my back window. So I took what I was seeing as a friendly visit from a fellow Bigfoot enthusiast. I took it upon myself to casually walk up and say hello and see if there was anything we could talk about regarding any creature activity in the area. As I approached the driver of the SUV rolled his window down about halfway and I immediately noticed something odd. First there were two guys in the SUV and they were both dressed in full tact gear, 2 AR-15’s on a gun rack at the back of the interior with both gentlemen having military style boots, pistols at the ankles, black beanies & sunglasses. I mean these guys were completely decked out like a law enforcement would be, but there was no badge, just complete tact dress from head to toe. I then playfully asked “are you guys looking for Bigfoot?” The driver of the SUV then said to me “why do you ask?” I replied “I see the Bigfoot sticker at the back of your vehicle, I have a couple of those on the back window of my car also.” The reply I received is very strange, the driver just looked at me without saying anything and then the passenger guy in a very stuttering kind of manner said “it’s just a practical joke sticker from my girlfriend.” After that response the driver then stepped on the gas and out of the campground they went. I just find it odd that there is a perfectly healthy tree pushed over followed by a gorilla like Grunt and then these two tact/possible military guys show up the next morning out of nowhere driving a blacked out suv with an oversized Sasquatch sticker on the back window. Very very odd in my opinion. And that’s it!! Dan M.


Police Officer's UFO Moment

“In the early 1980's I got a job as a police/fire dispatcher in a fairly large city in California. I worked with a woman who had been there for about 8 years when I was hired. She told me about an incident that happened in the 1970's. She was working night shift and late in the evening there was a sonic type boom that shook the police building. Moments later the emergency phone lines lit up with several people reporting some type of UFO that was seen in the night sky. One caller reported that it had just landed in a field in the north part of the city. Not wanting to broadcast that on the radio, she called the police unit assigned to the area and asked them to call in by phone right away. They did and she relayed the info, kind of sheepishly and asked if they would just drive by the area and make sure everything was okay. They arrived a few minutes later and reported over the radio that all was quiet and nothing was seen. They closed out the incident but a few minutes later the phone rang and it was the officer she had sent out. He told her that as he and his partner were arriving on the scene, they observed a craft lift off and fly away at an extremely high rate of speed, disappearing quickly. He also told her that if she ever repeated what he told her, he would deny it. I asked if the officer involved in this was still working for the department. She said he was but she refused to identify him to me. Apparently, she was able to keep a secret because I never found out which officers saw this craft.”

Source: Youtube comments, Greg H

Beyond Creepy


Black Bigfoot in Missouri Ozarks

Shortly after 8 p.m. on Nov. 13, Wayne was northbound on Highway 13 not far north of Clinton when he had “the experience of a lifetime.”

In his words, “I was watching for deer to run across the road because I had to replace a front fender a few years ago from hitting one. But instead of a deer, a Bigfoot walked across no more than 50 feet in front of me. He was every bit of 7 feet tall, if not a little more, so he had a long enough stride to go from shoulder to shoulder in three or four steps at the most, with a distinct arm swing that almost looked exaggerated. He was intent on where he was headed and only glanced briefly in my direction.

“He was solid black all over with thick-looking hair about 4 inches long except for the face, where it was shorter and not as thick. His face reminded me of a caveman like I have seen in books, with that ridge running across his forehead like some apes have. But it still looked a whole lot more like a human than an ape.” Read more at Was a black Bigfoot seen Nov. 13 in Henry County?


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