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Daily 2 Cents: Navy Seaman Recalls Huge UFO Near USS Canberra -- Frozen Bigfoot Head? -- Oldest Living Vertebrate

Navy Seaman Recalls Huge UFO Near USS Canberra

Back in or about 1958 I was 18 years old and on the guided missile cruiser the USS Canberra. We were doing naval exercises in the English Channel about 300 miles off the coast of France. 80 to 150 various naval craft from many different countries were participating in the exercise.

I was on watch as a seaman and saw this large gray metallic cigar shaped craft come towards the ship through my binoculars. It was described as a fast moving target, according to radar, traveling 5,000 mph. As the craft neared us it slowed down and stopped over us. It was hovering at 35,000 feet, about 15 miles from us. It was as big as a football field. It stayed hovering over us, when we turned it turned. This went on until my shift ended, for about an hour. The craft was metallic gray with no lights and no features on the skin of the craft. When I was relieved of duty I got some refreshment and came back topside to watch it further. It had just left going east towards Europe. When it first appeared it seemed to have come from the tip of Scotland by way of Norway over the sea.

Afterwards I went to the bridge to look at the log book to see what had been recorded about this incident. Nothing was mentioned about the UFO and the handwriting and ink was identical to both separate listings in the log book. Very unlikely since the same person and pen would not have made both entries. The next day we pulled into port in England and nothing was ever said about the incident. I was in the Navy from 1956 to 1976. - MUFON


Oldest Living Vertebrate

Marine biologists have identified what could potentially be the world's oldest living vertebrate.

One of the world's largest extant shark species, the Greenland shark, which as its name suggests can be found in the waters of the North Atlantic, recently earned itself a place in the record books after researchers discovered that it is actually one of the world's longest-lived animals.

Now a team of researchers who have been studying these sharks have identified an individual that is believed to be as much as 512 years old, making it a contender for the world's oldest vertebrate.

If accurate, this means that it was born in the year 1505, making it even older than Shakespeare.

"It definitely tells us that this creature is extraordinary and it should be considered among the absolute oldest animals in the world," said marine biologist Julius Nielsen. - Greenland shark thought to be 512 years old


Mysterious Ice Balls Wash Ashore

Thousands of perfectly formed ice balls have washed up on Russian shores - but how they got there remains a mystery.

The eerie scene was filmed by a passer-by Netizen Yuryi Shahov which shows the spheres - looking like giant "whale" eggs - rolling in from the sea.

The ice balls were discovered in the Gulf of Finland in north-western Russia.

And while no one knows how they got there local ecological expert, Ilya Leukhin, said they may have been caused by oil pollution.

He said the ice balls - which were up to 17cm in diameter - could have been created from oil spills in the water. Read more at Mystery of the thousands of perfectly formed ice balls washed up on Russian coast


Frozen Bigfoot Head?

A man who claims that his father killed and subsequently froze a Bigfoot back in 1953 has unveiled what he says is the head of the famed cryptid.

Dog trainer Peter Caine made waves at the beginning of 2017 when he showed the world a massive foot that allegedly came from the aforementioned Sasquatch.

And now, as the year comes to a close, he has revealed yet another purported piece of the creature: its frozen head.

The large, hairy, frost-covered object sports a pair of teeth which almost appear to be smiling in a video created by Caine this week.

At times quite gruesome, the footage features Caine zooming in on the possible Bigfoot head and poking at it with his fingers, perhaps to 'prove' that it is not some kind of fake.

To that end, he declared to viewers "not everything's a joke. Yeah, I do joke around, but this is not a joke. This is real." Read more at Frozen Bigfoot Head Unveiled?

NOTE: Honestly, it looks like a modified American Bison head. Lon



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