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Friday, December 15, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: Crouching Humanoid in Illinois Woods -- Car 'Apparition' Appears on Roadway -- Tall Hunchbacked Beings

Crouching Humanoid in Illinois Woods

I found this on the Humanoid Subreddit:

I live in Illinois (Fulton County, IL. near Pekin). This is a legit sighting I had October 25th. We were walking through a trail in the woods at 10 at night. While walking through we heard a weird screeching sound. Almost like a tree squeaking which is what we thought it was because we were in the woods but it was everywhere we went in the woods it was squeaking. But then we left, and came back into the woods on the same trail but it was there on the side of the trail crouched down facing us staring at us. It wasn't making the noise that we heard earlier though. I think it was about 5 feet tall but that's a prediction. Crouched down it was probably around 3 and a half feet tall. It was gray. My two friends thought it didn't have fur I thought it was had really short fur. The arms were very human like an I saw the hands were 5 fingered hands but the legs looked like frog legs. I couldn't see the feet but just the shape and direction the legs were going reminded me of a frog. I couldn't recognize what the face looked like but from what I remember it had slanted fully black eyes. The head wasn't very large compared to the body. It was around the same body proportions as a human. But the head shape was different than a human head shape. The head shape was more square like with 1 point on each side of the head. couldn't tell if they were ears or something else. The torso was covered up by the arms and legs so I cant really explain that but it looked muscular unlike the "alien" pictures you see online where they are very skinny like all bones. Its arms were very defined and a little muscular. It tilted its head and stared at us almost like it was in alarm or frozen and didn't make a sound. And we turned our back and ran (which was stupid) because we are in shock because no one knew what it was but then when we looked back we couldn't see it. I'm thinking that us running and the leaves crunching may have startled it. If there is anything else you want me to explain that I left out please let me know. I've been researching for almost 2 months. Anything could help


Then this bizarre sighting was posted on the same subreddit:

Tall Hunchbacked Beings

Central Iowa, Saylorville State Park, the nights of December 14th and 15th. So, I was with two friends and we had a strange encounter with multiple humanoids that we saw in the woods from our car at night.. We were really freaked out and were barely talking. The only reason we were there was We had an encounter the previous night with what we thought were multiple humans watching us for multiple hours and communicating with each other by tapping on trees in some code, and making noises not dissimilar to squeaks. These noises coincided with when a light turned on and at one point we stopped hearing them for almost 30 minutes so we called a friend, and while my friend that called was whispering on the phone we heard the communication again and whispered for him to hang up immediately and immediately as we said that the noise stopped before he even hung up or pulled the phone from his face. We also saw multiple silhouettes walking away through the trees. so we were checking out the area again after that encounter. What we saw chilled our spine the second we looked. We didn't discuss it, instead we individually wrote down what we saw and compared to avoid influencing eachothers thoughts on what was seen, and our descriptions were all the same, only a small discrepancy in height and different levels of detail. It was 2 v 1 that it was about 6'8"-7'1". My other friend thought it was just 5'10"-6'2". The description that follows was the most detailed, as blake actually got out of the car and went to the edge of the woods to listen closer, something none of us will ever do after seeing those eyes.

Description time!
More than one- To our right, To our left, and straight ahead. Very slender, tall, hunchbacked and they were Brown. Eyes were an orange yellow glow, Almost like cat eyes with a light put on them in the dark, but no lights around. The movements were precise and quiet despite dry leaves everywhere. They each had 2 primary locations they went back and fourth from, but had more spots on their path. When I was outside the car I could hear breathing. their footsteps mimicked mine, and only happened when I was moving or was looking back to the car. They used the trees to cover the light reflection, And when we spoke all was silent. Was not Heel to toe, they walked toe to heel! Breathing was heavy, through nostrils.


Car 'Apparition' Appears on Roadway

“I had a car pulling onto a roadway from a strip mall in Arlington, Texas the lane going the other way was crowded and my lane was almost empty, I was cruising along at almost 45 MPH the posted speed limit. This car a older Ford Station wagon with those big round tail lights came out through the crowded lane and onto mine, as it made a left turn directly next to me, it crossed my path and appeared to pass right through my vehicle, I even saw the tail lights as they passed in front of me and between me and the dash board. Kind of like a ghost image or transparent image. I also saw light from the round tail lights. I was surprised as I expected a side impact accident at the time. Maybe this was another ghost car that passed though at least two vehicles with no apparent damage. The vehicle looked like a 1957 Ford Station wagon with those round tail lights. Could also be something from the past overlaid onto current time strange...”

Source: Youtube comments, Michael Harman

Beyond Creepy



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