Monday, November 06, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: 'Man Bat' Seen Over Sydney -- Glowing Red Oval Eyes -- I Talked to an Alien / Body Buried on Property

'Man Bat' Seen Over Sydney

I recently received the following account:

Okay, where to start.

One night about 3am, while walking home from work to our apartment in Century Towers, Pitt Street, Sydney we saw what we jokingly refer to as 'Man Bat.' We lived in the then new Century Towers on the 52nd floor when staying close to work, one of our businesses was “the Penthouse Gentlemens Club” a 24/7 day business which we normally took in turns to manage, hence we kept an apartment in the busy city. My business partner Michael was an accomplished accountant, he finished 2nd in the country at tax law and has an IQ of 185. I’m a more normal bloke who had a background in security and also owned a demolition company in Adelaide, South Australia. My point being we were both business type guys who, although drink on occasion, are not drug users and were very sober on this occasion.

Anyhow that night we were walking home casually enjoying some friendly banter about our day and work. As we crossed the side street to our building I happened to look up, and only about one level or story above us I clearly saw this humanoid creature gliding with wings fully outstretched. The wings were of membrane type appearance and the head was scoping left to right as it glided around the corner of the opposite building to our apartment. The head or face wasn’t human. It looked a little bit cone shaped maybe even slightly reptilian and I didn’t see the eye colour. Quite frankly I was in shock and scared at the same time. It seemed that Michael and I quickened our stride towards our own building and I already had my pass in hand to swipe the security device to open the doors to our foyer. Meanwhile we had both stopped talking, as we hurried into the well lit lobby. We both acknowledged the night manager/security on the way to the elevators.

Once inside the lifts, Michael turned to me and said in a higher than normal excited voice, “did you see that? What the f**k was that”? I don’t know what it was and it was many years ago now, possibly 2004/5. On occasion I’ve Google searched to see if anyone else has ever reported something similar and today is the first time I have, being your article.

I have studied various religions, their origins and Gnostic teachings for many years and have my own theories but it’s all guessing really.

Anyhow thought I’d tell you for your own reference...Cheers. Sincerely, Alex


Glowing Red Oval Eyes

“Both encounters happened when I was between the ages of 2 and 6 years of age (I'm 22 now). The first one happened when I was a little girl about 2-3 years of age when I encountered the first entity. I can't remember the time because I was too young to tell time, but do remember being taken around bedtime. I never saw the entity, just heard it and only heard. It spoke to me and I spoke back. It was quite unpleasant. My second encounter was just as scary. I was little older when I had this second encounter. It was during the night time when I met this entity. I met this creature in my room. The light was off, so I couldn't see anything, except for those red, glowing, oval or zero shaped eyes. The creatures said hello to me in a female voice and I started to screamed (which was strange because the first creature had much scarier voice. I was scared, but never screamed.) Anyway, that's when one of my parents burst in and comforted me. The oval eye shape creature had disappeared during the same time when my mom and my dad came in. That's all I could remember. I don't know what or whom those two creatures were. What would happen to me if I didn't scream when I saw the red, glowing, oval or zero-shaped eye creature? It's something that I don't want to know."

Source: Youtube comments, seaearthponies

JLB - Beyond Creepy


I Talked to an Alien / Body Buried on Property

Cloutierville, LA - 1989-03-31: As a child I was at my grandparents house in the country on a farm. I was sleeping and I'm not aware of how I was awaking but my sister who is a year younger than me was also awaken. The first thing I remember being in the window talking to a cat like object that was grey with a roundish dull purple looking nose. the window was about 5 ft off the ground. There was a big bright light hovering in the sky (about half a mile up) illuminating the object that was talking to my sister and I. I cannot recall what was said but I know we communicated. I do not remember the alien leaving and I don't remember being scared but I remember my mother waking up and making us lay back down. She said we were both staring out of the window crying. We both remember this incident to this day and my mother remembers this night. I always wanted to know what was said in this contact. For a few years after this incident (until I was 14) I had like ESP. I either dreamed of thing that were going to happen and said them before hand or if the phone would ring (back in the days before caller ID). I would know if it was bad news and who was involved. I don't know if this had anything to do with the encounter. I know that aliens and UFOs are real. I know what happened that night and I will never forget. I actually want to undergo hypnosis to see if I can remember the conversation. I know there has to be proof that this is real because my grandfather actually buried the body of a creature like this on the property where he and my grandmother stayed. This is a true story of actual events. - MUFON



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