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Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Black-Eyed Girl Mutates Into An Insectoid

Anthony in Riverside, California called in to tell of a weird experience he had in 1988:

“My story is from 1988. I was just moving out of the house for the first time. I moved to Crestline with a couple buddies. This story involves my buddy Nate and myself. He was helping me move into my room and, by then, we moved most of my things and it was the end of the night, probably round 10 PM. My room was facing the back of a slope of the hill. And right above the hill, was another house and there's no fences, so neighbors and the kids, I noticed, throughout the day, were playing and just going through the yard. You know, no big deal.

When my buddy and I were in the room, we looked out the window and we saw a couple kids. And it was pretty late at that time and very dark. The kids were just playing around, having a good time. I go and get another beer for Nate and when I come back, he says, "The kids went away." And there was just one girl left and it's kind of weird. We're looking, trying to see if she was okay because she was just standing there, kind of just facing, I guess, east. When she started moving, she started moving slowly, and we noticed that, I don't know if it was the moonlight or what, but her skin started becoming more pale. Yeah, it was really weird. She was dressed in normal clothes. Just at that time, she started to put her head up and started looking around. We didn't say anything because we were already freaked out, but then when she looked at us, her eyes were all black. Then maybe a couple seconds later, it was almost a reddish-black. Really weird. That right there freaked us out and we slammed the window shut and put the blinds over it. And as we just peeked through the window, just to see what was there, it was almost like it was a, I don't want to say skinwalker, but it was almost like a creature, something out of Men In Black (the movie). It was all quiet... but it wasn't a girl anymore. It was almost like a man-like body but the arms and the legs were almost double jointed and it was walking and, very, almost crab-like. It was very weird, you know. At that point, it was just screaming like crazy. So, at that point, we just ran down the stairs and we were trying to contemplate whether, if we should just get in the car.

We stayed inside for about an hour and my buddy Nate and I were having anxiety through the roof. And, at one point, Nate decided to just say screw it and let's just get out of here. We ran down through the deck, got in the car and luckily the car was an automatic, you know, the button, you can just press it and it opens. Well, when we were backing up you have to go slow on the very tip where it gets on to the main street from your driveway or else it'll scratch the back of the car. But, at that point, we were going too fast. He went backwards too fast and when it hit the bottom of the tow hitch, it was so fast that the truck went back on it, that the front end went up and we were vertical basically for, maybe, 30 seconds, freaking out. I kid you not. At that point, I was able to use my body weight to push the car forward, and when it went down forward, we looked down and there was the creature right in front of us. We were just cold. It was human with, it was almost a man's body, no hair, but it was just a pale creature but it almost like an insect, but its arms and legs were both disjointed. It was the craziest thing. It was exactly what a praying mantis looks like, the arms and legs.”

Source: Coast to Coast – October 31, 2017

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