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Monday, October 09, 2017

It Stalked Me From The Woods

“I had a strange experience with a large canine back in 2008 in southern Missouri. I was hunting deer in a very wild area between the Eleven Point and Little Creek rivers. I was on a large tract of hunting land that is family-owned and is a wide ridge between the two rivers. It was late in the season and everyone had gone home except me and a cousin who was hunting the better part of a mile from me.

At about 3 pm I started to get a feeling that something was wrong. It is a familiar feeling and I have learned to trust my instincts over the years. I felt I was being watched and started to feel exposed while wearing the required orange clothing. The sun sets about 5 pm at this location this time of year and I decided to get back to the cabin before then while keeping an eye on my six. Just as I got to the cabin, as it was turning dusk, I heard a howl from the direction I had just come...maybe 300 yards back. It was far too deep to be a coyote which there are many of in the area. This sort of confirmed my suspicions but I forgot about it as I was at the cabin now.

About 7 pm I stepped out onto the front porch to relieve myself and it was pitch dark. Can't see your hand in front of your face dark. Luckily, I had just finished my 'business' when I heard something coming straight for me through the tall grass that surrounds the cabin. It wasn't running fast, just steady and sure of itself. I quickly stepped back inside and closed the door. I then heard something heavy jump onto the porch and start to scratch at the base of the door for at least 30 seconds. My cousin was on his cellphone and I couldn't find a flashlight to look. By the time we had found a flashlight it had left.

Fast forward to 2 am. I woke needing to relieve myself again and went out onto the back porch but took a headlamp with me this time. Sure enough I heard it get up out of the brush about 150 feet away and start coming straight for me. I let it get about half way to me before turning on the headlamp. It very quickly skirted the light, but I saw a large canine shape. That was the last encounter. It was very persistent and it occurred to me later that it may have thought I was alone."

Source: Youtube comment, Tracy Perren

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