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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: Yellow Craft Discharging Wedge-Shaped Objects -- Stardust 'Alien' Ranch For Sale -- Arcane Radio...'Chicago Phantom' Update

Yellow Craft Discharging Wedge-Shaped Objects

Kevin in Kansas City, Kansas called in to tell of his UFO sighting:

“The weirdest thing I've seen, it was a back in September 24th of 2015. I was on vacation. I decided to take a little road trip to Northwest Nevada and go to a campground. I've been to it a few times before. I got there well after dark. I set up a campfire, so I had some light. Put up a little one-man tent, pulled out my chair, but, maybe been sitting there 10 to 15 minutes, watching the fire, watching the stars. Nothing better than the stars out there in Nevada. I was only sitting there maybe 10 to 15, maybe 20, minutes and off to the west, out the corner of my eye, I seen something flash bright. I looked in that direction off to the west and as I was looking that way, something flew, there's a kind of small mountain range over there, a tall hill, something bright yellow flew up above the mountain and it was flying so fast, it left like a... it looked like a giant 'M'. It left a trail and I've never seen anything like it but I went to my truck, grabbed my phone, hit record on the video, I was gonna go back over to my chair to sit down in it, kind of brace my arms. Get a good steady hold on my camera. While I was was moving the chair the video was already going. I was trying to watch that direction to see if it flew out from behind the mountain.

While I was looking over there, I noticed an orange orb, you know, there have been lots of reports of those. I've actually seen one of those up-close-and-personal a few years before that. That's another story, but I held up the camera started filming that orange orb and in the video it looks white for some reason. It was hovering. When I started filming, it shot down towards the ground came to a quick stop. It zig zagged and then shot more towards the ground and then it kind of got out of sight, then they got they got close to the ground before I lost sight of it. Then that bright yellow object behind the mountain kind of flew off to the southwest, kind of towards where the orange orb was. They moved way too fast and it jumped from point to point. A bright yellow craft.

When it was about halfway about the middle of my sighting, something flew out of the back of the bright yellow object. It was wedge-shaped and the yellow object zigzagged...much smaller. I can only see with my eye for a fraction of a second but in the video, the bright yellow one headed to the southwest direction. Then it turned off towards space and jumped back and forth and it was out of sight. Because of what I'd seen, I kept filming for like two and a half minutes total, just holding the camera still.

Later on, when I got back, I've watched the video, I don't know how many hundreds of times, but you could see that wedge-shaped craft come in and out of the frames in different areas at different times. There was at least three, if not four or five, things out there flying around and they were kind of zig zagging across this valley area. I reported it to MUFON and I actually sent in the video. There's some pictures I got posted that I sent in and they put that on my MUFON case. My case number was 75146. I sent in the video. A couple times I actually went to a local MUFON group. They took the video off of my phone put it on a couple DVDs, so I had a couple copies.”

Source: Coast to Coast – September 1, 2017

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Malawi Vampire Scare Triggers Mob Violence

The United Nations has pulled staff out of two districts in southern Malawi where a vampire scare has triggered mob violence in which at least five people have been killed.

Belief in witchcraft is widespread in rural Malawi, one of the world’s poorest countries, where many aid agencies and NGOs work. A spate of vigilante violence linked to vampire rumours also erupted in Malawi in 2002.

“These districts have severely been affected by the ongoing stories of blood sucking and possible existence of vampires,” the UN Department on Safety and Security (UNDSS) said in a security report on the Phalombe and Mulanje districts that was seen by Reuters.

The acting UN resident coordinator, Florence Rolle, said in an emailed response to questions that based on the report “some UN staff have relocated while others are still in the districts depending on locations of their operations”.

“UNDSS is continuing to monitor the situation closely to ensure all affected UN staff are back in the field as soon as possible,” Rolle said.

Rolle did not say how many workers had been relocated.

The UNDSS report said at least five people had been killed in the area since mid-September by lynch mobs accusing them of vampirism. It said mobs searching for vampires have been mounting roadblocks in the district, raising security concerns. Read more at UN moves staff after mobs kill five in Malawi vampire scare


Stardust 'Alien' Ranch For Sale

When John Edmonds moved to the Stardust Ranch in Buckeye, AZ, 20 years ago, the neighbors didn’t exactly bring pie. Instead, a man wielding a machete showed up on the doorstep to inform John and his wife, Joyce, that he was the one who kept the monsters away.

Things only got stranger from there and now, after decades of paranormal encounters, the Edmondses are ready to sell the Rainbow Valley property. This working ranch, currently in use as a horse rescue, is available for $5 million. The 10-acre property includes a 3,500-square-foot home with five bedrooms and four baths.

The home has a pool, RV hookups, and a private well, all behind a gated entrance. There are four horse corrals, a pole barn, arena, tack room, kennel, and commercial-size hay barn. Read more at Close Encounters? AZ Ranch Said to Be Visited by Aliens Flies on the Market


The Chicago Mothman/ Phantom Sightings continue. Join the team to discuss recent sightings and reports, and more controversy surrounding this reported mysterious entity. Thursday October 12th - 10PM ET - Arcane Radio



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