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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: The Quiet Guy at Work -- He Wanted to Say Goodbye -- 'Chicago Phantom' Sighting Location Videos

The Quiet Guy at Work

I recently received the following account:

Hello. This is Alex. I’d like to tell you a true story that happened to me at the workplace. Back in 1985, I briefly worked at a furniture manufacturing warehouse for about 6 months that mass produced wall units that held your TV, VCR, and stereo all in one unit. Me and about 10 other people were hired to work the 4 to 12:30 shift to cut, drill and package the particle board. The customer would then assemble the entertainment center at home.

The person that was in charge of the shift, (I forget his name) was a co-worker in his mid-20’s, that had shoulder length light brown hair, about 5 foot 8 inches tall, looked like he worked out with weights, was quiet, did his job and basically a nice guy. He kinda looked like Heath Ledger, the actor.

About three months in, of working there, I came into work like any other day. At lunchtime, I was at the work-station by myself, just finishing my lunch when the person in charge of the shift came up to me and asked me if he could talk to me.

Well, I tell you, for the next 15 minutes of him talking to me, was the most profound experience I ever had in my life. This individual that doesn’t know me from anywhere, except from work, started telling me things about myself with pinpoint accuracy. Things that nobody else, but me, could know. How could he know things about me that I have experienced in the past, that only I could know? He was not cold-reading me, like a palm reader would. He was saying exact occurrences. It was a very strange situation.

Lunch time was over by then and we all went back to work. For the next three months, he was there everyday, working as usual like nothing ever happened and then after 3 months, there was a work shortage from the company and everybody from the evening shift got laid off. Never seen him again.


He Wanted to Say Goodbye

From Forrest in Louisiana:

“This occurred during WWII. My great grandma woke up out of a sleep one night to a knock on the door and it was her husband. He was in the war and she asked him, 'What are you doing here?' She was a little frightened by it and they made a cup of coffee and he said, 'Look, sit down, I need to talk to you' and he had explained to her that he had jumped on a grenade and saved all his friends in a little platoon that they were in. She was crying and he said, 'Let me lay you back down. I'll stay with you until you fall asleep.' Well she fell asleep. Then that morning two military officers comes knocking on a door to tell her that her husband passed away. He was killed in an action. It's something I'll never forget, you know, my grandma told me that story many years ago and it stuck with me.”

Source: Coast to Coast – October 27, 2017

JLB - Beyond Creepy


200 North Koreans Die at Nuclear Test Site

Japanese media reports 200 North Koreans died in a tunnel collapse at their nuclear test site.

In September, North Korea tested a powerful nuclear weapon that experts say rocked the mountain and made it unstable.

If the test site is totally compromised, the hazardous radioactive material could spread across the region.

After North Korea's most powerful ever nuclear test underground at Punggye-ri in the country's northeast, Japan's TV Asahi reports that up to 200 have been killed in a tunnel collapse.

In early September, North Korea detonated a nuclear device under a mountain that experts assess to have been a hydrogen bomb about ten times more powerful than the first atomic bombs dropped on Japan at the close of World War II. Read more at A tunnel collapsed at a North Korean nuclear test site, reportedly killing 200 people


'Chicago Phantom' Sighting Location Videos

Hey folks...Chicago Phantom Task Force member Allison Jornlin has painstakingly documented ALL of the sighting locations at Haunted Road Trip - Allison Jornlin. The links are also available in the incident descriptions on the Chicago Phantom Interactive Map



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