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Weekend 2 Cents: Stalked by Bigfoot Near Lake Tahoe -- Taking 'Halloween Decor' a Bit Too Far -- Celebrity Selling 'Psychic Vampire Repellent'

Stalked by Bigfoot Near Lake Tahoe

Deborah in Lake Tahoe called in to tell of her weird Bigfoot encounters:

“I wanted to relate an incident that happened to me. I grew up here at Lake Tahoe and in an area called Fallen Leaf Lake, Taylor Creek area. We were a group of teenagers...late teens. We were all camping out there and some of us decided to leave and come back into town. As we were coming back, it's a dirt road a couple miles out and we're coming back. The we could hear something behind us and I'm looking back. We thought it was a friend possibly playing a trick on us and it was darting from tree to tree. It wasn't very tall. It was about as big as we were. We get out to the main road and this thing is keeping some yardage back, behind pine's staying well hidden, but it's following us. We're hitchhiking and no takers at that point.

As we are crossing over Taylor Creek, kind of just hanging out there for a little bit, we hear something coming down the creek. It was running and it was two legged, not know the difference. And we're looking up there and now there's a car coming our way and just pulling over at that time to give us a ride. But we all spoke about it later and so we figured it was a parent Bigfoot coming after the young juvenile. The smaller creature that we saw, you could see it was hairy all over. We figured it was probably one of the parents coming to see what was going on with their kid. It was coming down the creek, because saw something a little bit back. We just piled into this truck and asked them to take off quickly and that was that encounter.

About 17 or 18 years later and about the same area, I was out there with some other friends. It's quite a good hiking and camping area. It was definitely somewhere between 11:00 and 1:00 AM and we heard as JC (JC Johnson was the guest) was describing, we heard something breaking through the brush and he was describing the wailing. I've thought of it as years went by, a keen sort of noise but so incredibly loud and it was far away and moving closer towards us. We could hear something coming through the brush. Anybody have any idea what that might be? And again we are just trying to get to a car because something is coming through the brush. At that point, we just kind of got out of there.”

Source: Coast to Coast Radio - July 25, 2014

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Taking 'Halloween Decor' a Bit Too Far

GREENEVILLE, TN (WJHL) – First responders rushed into what they thought was a heinous crime scene after dispatchers received a chilling 911 call Wednesday morning, but it turned out to be a Halloween joke.

News Channel 11 obtained a copy of that 911 call from the Greene County Sheriff’s Office.

The caller said: “There’s a guy laying in his driveway, with two big bloody handprints on side of the house. It looks like he was dead I don’t know I didn’t stop I just came on to work.”

Johnny Riddle made that frantic call to 911 after seeing what appeared to be a dead body in his neighbor’s driveway on Chuckey Pike in Greeneville.

“I thought it was somebody, I thought it was somebody laying up there on the driveway,” Riddle said.

It turned out to be clothing stuffed with paper. Read more at Halloween decor prompts 911 call, owner says ‘it’s all in fun’


Celebrity Selling 'Psychic Vampire Repellent'

Twenty years ago, Gwyneth Paltrow was perhaps better known for her infamous Oscars acceptance speech, and the Brad Pitt break-up that crushed our little nineties hearts.

Nowadays, she is the queen of unusual health hacks. The 44-year-old presents the world with her unique approach to wellness through her website, Goop, advocating everything from vaginal steaming to health cleanses that advise you to drink nothing but goats milk for eight days. Even Miranda Kerr is getting her Goop on by investing in the occasional leech facial.

However, Gwyneth’s most recent product push is perhaps one of the strangest yet – and all things considered, that’s saying something.

The actress-turned-health guru’s website is now selling Psychic Vampire Repellent, a ‘sprayable elixir’ that will not only ‘banish bad vibes’ but will also shield you from ‘the people who might be causing them.’

What a multi-purpose product! And all for the bargain price of $30 (£22). Read more at Gwyneth Paltrow is now selling psychic vampire repellent to ‘banish bad vibes’


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Two Skeletons Found at Haunted House

Two human skeletons possibly dating back to the 13th or 14th century have been found just inches under the ground at what is dubbed Shetland's most haunted property.

The find - at Windhouse in Yell - confirms long-held views that the dilapidated former laird's house, which dates back to the early 18th century, sits on an old graveyard.

The remains were found when surveys had to be carried out on the site after Windhouse's owner, who bought the property last year, started looking into redeveloping it back into a house.

The archeological examinations were needed before any work can be done as there is a broch beside it, as well as a longhouse and a neolithic chambered cairn below it.

The Windhouse has been left in ruins for years. Photo: Shetland News The Windhouse has been left in ruins for years. Photo: Shetland News There were previously no physical signs of a graveyard - but that has all changed after skeletons were recently discovered right next to the property in shallow graves which are as little as six inches below the ground.

Local archeologist Val Turner said it is "definitely" likely that there will be more human remains on site yet to be discovered, possibly directly under the house itself.

"The skeletons go right up to the door, and doubtless there were skeletons underneath," she said.

"The house appears to be on top of the graveyard – hence its reputation for being haunted, of course. Read more at Ancient graveyard at 'most haunted house'



Couple who unwittingly purchased 'haunted' home now says: You want to buy it?

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