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Friday, September 22, 2017

'Skinny Gargoyle' Confronted By Florida Truck Driver

I received the following account early this morning and talked to 'AP' this afternoon. It seems that sightings & encounters, similar to those in the Chicago area, are beginning to surface nationwide. I've talked to a few trusted investigators the past couple of weeks, who state that they are also receiving scattered reports:

Hello. I had read about these encounters of bat-like humanoids and obviously thought it was pretty fascinating. I just recently started a new job in Clearwater, Florida where I'm delivering donuts for a major company. I deliver along a route which consists of four different stops. I drive from Clearwater to Port Richey, then to Brooksville and Zephyrhills.

Two weeks ago I had the night off, so another guy I worked my route. And in case you don't know Brooksville, Fl and Zephyrhills, Fl. are both riddled with dark roads with no street lights, and just trees to the left and right side of the road. Apparently when he was driving between his third and fourth stop near Zephyrhills, (on Rt 98 / US 301 at about 3:30PM) he said he saw this "thing" floating stationary about 15 feet off the ground next to a tree. As he got closer he realized it looked like a dark-colored humanoid in a cannonball position just floating in the air. Like frozen. He said by the time he asked himself "WTF is that?" The creature unraveled itself and it spread out its legs and giant bat-like wings. He didn't know what color the creature was but he said it was definitely a dark color and it had human-like legs. And he said at the same moment it spread its wings and legs it flew toward his truck at an unrealistic speed like a fighter jet. He said he almost crashed the truck in the ditch because it basically paralyzed him with fear. He said it happened so fast he didn't get a look at the face but he said it was probably between 5 and 6 feet tall and dark colored and it had human legs with bat wings. He also said that about a 1/2 mile before he saw the creature he saw a bunch of dead deer on the side of the road. Like piles of deer, 2 separate piles of at least four deer. He assumes it was eating them. The witness is a pretty soft-spoken dude and intelligent. The way he tells the story, I can tell it really freaked him out. AP

NOTE: I called AP, who recounted the incident that the witness described to him. He told me that the witness told him that the being looked like a 'skinny gargoyle.' He was unable to get a good look at the face, so there was no mention of red eyes or other facial features. The legs were definitely human-like and the wings span was at least 12 or more feet in width. AP also stated that while explaining the encounter, the witness started to look pale and distressed. This is the 3rd sighting I've received form Florida recently. AP told me that he has his camera ready with him at all times...and plans to keep his eyes open while driving along that route. Lon

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