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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Remote View: A House in Surrey

There have been several readers ask me about the use of remote viewing as part of a case investigation tool. The following details are from a remote viewing session conducted before the initial on-site investigation by my colleagues at a residence in Leatherhead, Surrey, UK in November 2010. Part of my investigation and follow-up notes are also included. Lon:

My RV colleague and I conducted a remote view on this case a few days before the initial on-site investigation.

My colleague set the target coordinates for me and monitored the session. We systematically executed 5 phases in order to perceive the target and to gather as much information possible.

In Phase 1, the coordinates (a set of two - four digit numbers) were given to me...from which an ideogram (a graphic symbol that represents an idea or concept) was developed. The target was narrowed down to a subject...Anne, who had died by her own hand in the house. By probing the ideogram, 'descriptors' (a function of describing the target) were used to determine the specifics of the target. Several attempts with the same target coordinates were done in order to get a average assessment.

In Phase 2, the target vignette was narrowed by probing for sounds, textures, temperatures, colors, luminescence, contrast and smells. Through this information I was able to focus in on any verticals, horizontals, diagonals, topography, mass and energetics as well as my overall 'feeling' of the target. In this instance, Anne was a very withdrawn young woman who spent much of her time in the attic reading and just keeping to herself. I sensed that she had been tormented by a possessive entity for many years and that this malevolent spirit was originally part of the house when her family moved in. I described the entity as a middle age man of medium height that wore workman's clothes. (this entity is pictured below in a photo capture from the onsite investigation which took place a week after the remote viewing session)

In Phase 3, I made a rough sketch or drawing of what I was perceiving. At this point, the sketch included the attic area (a corner directly above the master bedroom and the suspected vortex) and Anne sitting in this corner. It seemed that Anne was intensely depressed and frustrated by the attached entity.

In Phase 4, I went into a deeper perception of the target. This included sense, magnitudes, emotions, physicals, subspace and concepts. There were other specifics used...but at this point there was no systematic procedure because the observations are starting to come together into a primary deduction.

The overall impression was that Anne committed suicide by positioning a rope or cord to a beam directly over the hatch used to enter the attic. She sat on the edge of the open hatch and dropped through. I assumed Anne's persona through her eyes just before and for some time after her death. I experienced some pain and sadness of this tragedy. As well, Anne suffered acute regret for performing this act....not only for the suffering that her mother would endure but anguish for taking another life. Anne was with child.

After I had experienced a spinning sensation it seemed that my entire body had drifted away. No pain, loss of identity, zero being...dead. I opened my eyes and saw her (Anne) screaming back at me...WHY? Why did you do that?

Not long after, I could see people below me...wandering through the front room. I was floating above them.

In Phase 5, my colleague asked me to draw a vertical line...then to retrace the line from the top to bottom. At that point I had drifted down into the front room among the people. There were police officers, Anne's mother and others who I did not recognize. Then I looked towards the stairs...there he was, Anne's tormentor. The entity that helped perpetuate her sorrow. He was never going to leave Anne regardless of what she did.

This unnamed entity was no longer attached to Anne since she had passed away but I feared it may escalate its harassment of any living resident in this house.

The third spirit in the house was that of Anne's father, Ian. He was not an earthbound spirit and was able to move in and out of the planes separating both worlds. Ian was there to protect Anne and to comfort those affected by the malevolent entity.

There are other specifics but because of client confidentiality this information must remain private...Lon


This house was built in the early 1950s a few years after WWII ended. As soon as money and workforce became available in the UK the housing boom began to allow homes for those families that had been bombed out of our cities by the enemy during the war.

Now whether this family moved into the house when it was first built or not, I am not sure. But we do know they were there in the 1970s. Thinking about it, I would say that they were the 2nd family to have lived there. The family in question consisted of the mother, the father Ian, and a daughter Anne.

We do know that the mother had a brother (Anne's uncle) who suffered with schizophrenia, which for many back in the 1970-80s was scorned and many families preferred not to talk of these things. As Anne was growing up she was often seen playing or sneaking around the neighbor's garden with this uncle picking or pinching the neighbor's flowers.

Anne was her father's daughter and the two of them doted on one another. But in the 1980s, the day before Anne was to get her exam results from her CSEs at school which would enable her to find work once she left school or go on to further education or college, her father suddenly died. This was more then likely from a heart attack.

Anne was devastated and it was from this time on that she became depressed. Her life, now without her father, was gone...and this totally shattered her. The depression did not lift but only got worse and worse. She never recovered from her father's death. Because of her uncle's mental history, her mother thought the same illness had overcome her daughter and because of the shame of it, never sought medical help or medication for her daughter.

Eight years slowly went by. While her mother was out of the house one day, Anne climbed up into the attic, threw a rope around one of the rafters and with the other end round her neck jumped back down through the hatch and hung herself.

At some point in those 8 years, during her deep depression, Anne had attracted an attachment to herself. (An earthbound male who had been a manic depressive...who may have ended his own life by suicide) This entity added to Anne's depression, having not only her own distress but also the symptoms of the earthbound and the control he had over her.

After Anne's death the earthbound no longer had a host to hold on to and was released into house, but may still have some control over the spirit of Anne. These were the first two entities I found in the house. The third was that of Ian the father who was not earthbound, but free to come and go as desired. He was most likely drawn to the house through the hold that Anne's distress held on him, not only while she was alive but after her death as well.

Anne was not the problem in this house, only being heard occasionally. The problem was the earthbound male, who I at first thought may have been the uncle until I remotely saw the uncle, who was short and dumpy. This earthbound male was of medium height and slim when he materialized to me.

I do not believe this earthbound male had ever lived in this house, but at one time during Anne's life saw the opportunity to hitch a ride onto Anne. Like I said previously, he further complicating her life. The remote view verified all this and gave off some very helpful information. This earthbound male and the events was shown to me through the eyes of Anne. The target that my colleague set was the last day in the life of Anne herself.

We started to remotely work on this case about 2 1/2 weeks beforehand by altering the atmosphere in the house in preparation for the clearing and the comfort of the family now living there. Then during the 3rd week, we went ahead with the clearing. Today we had confirmation from the home owner that it worked...although, as before with previous cases, we were still in what we call the probationary period. This is approximately 2-3 weeks after the clearing in which the location is continually observed.

We knew there was no need to clear the father as he was not earthbound, so the first entity we removed was Anne herself. While working on Anne, we saw her father come forward and take her. We had to change her view so she could see her father through the eyes of that child she once was, in order to remove all the dark emotions that was holding her back. This occurred quicker then we thought it would be and once her energy had been changed it took only 20 minutes or so to get her to go through.

The earthbound male was more difficult. If he was alive today, one would say that he was an obstinate stubborn man racked with guilt. Through his eyes the world was very grey. His depression level was at an extremely high level. This had to be altered in order to get him across.

The sadness and frustration of this entity resulted in the banging and crashing that was heard in the EVPs. This was apparently worse when the investigative team visited for a second time, as he felt threatened by them. In one way he was crying out for help and in the other he did not want anyone near him for fear of what would happen. He had lost his host body (Anne) and his comfort zone was gone. This made him more lost in himself. He had no trust in anyone who attempted to help him. This could also have been the conditions he had in life...little or no trust in anyone. It took over an hour before we finally succeeded.

Anne's mother was now quite old and frail. She had sold the house to our clients. But a few weeks after the sale, came back one more time. She asked the family, our clients, if she could go upstairs by herself. They gave her their permission. She struggled up the stairs practically crawling on her hands and knees. She stood silently on the landing, just underneath the attic access hatch. When she was ready to come down, our male client actually carried her back down the stairs. Was this her saying her last goodbye to her loved ones? We really think it was.

None of these entities were a direct threat to the client family. The energies were just wrapped up in their own sadness and desolation.

Hopefully this case is closed.

NOTE: We never received another call-back to the location. I highly recommend the 5 books listed below. Lon

Toward the Light: Rescuing Spirits, Trapped Souls, and Earthbound Ghosts

SEER: 30 Years of Remote Viewing ...and Counting

Remote Perceptions (2nd Ed.): Out-of-Body Experiences, Remote Viewing, and Other Normal Abilities

Impossible Realities: The Science Behind Energy Healing, Telepathy, Reincarnation, Precognition, and Other Black Swan Phenomena

CRV - Controlled Remote Viewing: Collected manuals & information to help you learn this intuitive art.