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Monday, September 18, 2017

Large Flying Cryptid in the Heartland

Comment posted in early August 2017 so I assume that is when the sighing occurred:

"I'm in Iowa. 4 nights ago, about 1am, I heard a very loud noise outside that I have never heard anything like. They recently put up only 2 new street lights that are "sun" bright on our street and took all the rest down. I walked out 2 ft. from my front door and was looking around, then a shriek, scream, loud it scared the crap outta me! Sounded like it was coming from the top of the pole. I went back in to get my phone and tried to film anything. I was shaking so bad, all I got was grainy. That blinding light, and something bluish that looked like a huge moth...then that shriek again!

I ran inside, shut the doors and collected myself while trying to watch out my front window. I thought I saw a shadow, and a very big one, move through the air to the left. It was so loud I was afraid to go walk under the light to try and film it. It sounded big enough to hurt someone..about 10 min or so later I heard it again, only southwest of me...I'm guessing 2 good blocks away. I cannot believe no-one woke up to this. I told my family, and even that night I told a few people online. It was 1 of 2 things..something that these towers and frequency can do, or it was something that was there. I've personally NEVER heard anything make a noise that loud..nothing alive anyhow. I believe completely in the Bible, but I've been watching things for over 4 years now, and have some footage I've still never seen on YouTube or anywhere else yet. I never have I been more rattled.

I sincerely believe that, just like the Bible says, we are in the end times. It will be worse than Noah and lots time combined. What got me is the way these people described it, and then I see it sitting atop a light pole!”

Source: Youtube Comment, Clubs2473

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