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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: Rosemary Ellen Guiley to Present 'Chicago Phantom' Sightings at Mothman Festival -- 'Shadow People' at the Front Door

Rosemary Ellen Guiley to Present 'Chicago Phantom' Sightings at Mothman Festival

Rosemary Ellen Guiley - Author & Leading Paranormal Expert
Topic of Discussion: "The 2017 Chicago Flying Humanoids Wave"
2PM - Saturday Sept.16th at the Historic State Theater

Mothman Festival website

Rosemary's website - Visionary Living


'Shadow People' at the Front Door

I recently received the following account:

I have a very dependable video camera/light at my front door. It operates 24/7 in color.

The only times it has gone offline, the last images it has caught each time is 1-2 shadow people. They are different heights etc each time but each time the images are black and white and in "human" outlines. Attached. This was around 2 pm.

The images I have to catch by screen photo as it won't be saved as the video - it is offline. My husband turns the video off and on each time and then it is fine, no need to do anything else. Nothing else in the house is affected. I think it is likely EMF interference caused by these images.

We live on land where there was one of the named civil war battles (it is not known as such, no historical markers), likely Revolutionary War battles. During construction they found unmarked graves, coffins etc from civil war and slave cemetery from nearby plantation when they were building per archived newspaper articles. In order to keep from delaying the project, they continued on and re buried everything in place.

We didn't know any of this when we moved here. We have had bizarre things happen since we moved in 12 years ago. Flute/pipe sounds in out home multiple times, cherry pipe aroma multiple times, low conversations, doors and such closing loudly, things knocked over, loud unknown noises, on and on. We had a gas fireplace turn itself on numerous times until we cut it off with the key. One night I woke up and I was awake, but I was being held down with my face down. My husband was asleep. I have awakened three times and had what appeared to be a triangle solid brand on my left foot. I have photos of two times. My doctors were mystified, one biopsy found nothing.

We hear a lot of people walking around in our home, and my husband and I have both seen images of people. My husband totally did not believe at all until then.

We aren't the only ones, others report things. LT


Woman Says Her Bug Spray Concoction Attracts Bigfoot

The nation’s endless search for proof of Bigfoot’s existence may soon come to an end.

A North Carolina-based wife and mother has home brewed a spray that she says can attract any Bigfoot within a mile and a half.

Sold at $7 a bottle, the “environmentally friendly” Bigfoot Juice also doubles as a bug spray, said creator Allie Megan Webb, who runs Happy Body Care out of Marion. She created it sitting at her kitchen table.

“How do you know it works?” Webb asked, laughing. “That’s a tough question. I guess I could ask how do you know it doesn’t work?” Read more at NC mom invents a spray she says will attract any Bigfoot within a mile and a half


Unknown Being Told Me I Would Contract Cancer

Texas: At about 3am I woke up with a strange feeling, as if I was just put into bed as if I'd been touched or naked or been looked at. Something was wrong. Before I went to bed I felt as it. I was being watched. After waking at 3 I tried going to sleep. Not quite asleep I felt something trying to pick me up out of bed. With a struggle, It left me alone. The first glimpse, it was invisible. Then when it pulled away, it turned into a man. Tall, thin, dark hair, dark eyes. And kind. When I saw his face I wasn't afraid of a man in my room or locked house!! I felt like I knew him, he felt very familiar to me. He laid down on the bed next to me then we started talking. He told me very strange things about my body! I feel like we spoke a long time but only remember a few things. I remember that he was very attentive to me, caring and loving. He told me that in about 5 days and 3 something, or 5 months and 3 days that I will find out I have ovarian cancer!! I'm so confused!! I tried telling my husband about it all. He swears it was a dream but it wasn't. It was very real. The weird thing is though, I had thought before I had ovarian cancer and the doctor checked and swore that I was fine!! - MUFON



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Columbia Falls Woman Tracks Bigfoot For 24 Years

'Extinct' giant tortoise to be bred in captivity

DC socialite worries the hexes she put on people might have killed them

The Road to Strange: Travel Tales of the Paranormal and Beyond

Wood Knocks Volume 2: A Journal of Sasquatch Research

The Encyclopedia of Saints

Dreamwork for the Soul: A Spiritual Guide to Dream Interpretation

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