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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: Native Youth Attacked Near Skinwalker Ranch -- Unseen Encounter at Plimoth Plantation -- Music From Great Grandpa's Picture

Native Youth Attacked Near Skinwalker Ranch

John in Salt Lake City, Utah called in to tell of a bizarre encounter he heard about:

“I got a very unbelievable story to tell you. I don't know if you're familiar with the Skinwalker Ranch over here in Utah. I have a close relative that is pretty much the UFO guy in that area. He's been telling me these stories ever since I was a little kid so I've been out to that ranch several times and I was out there last spring (2013) and nothing happened. We went around the ranch areas and nothing happened. We went home and, that was a Friday night, on a Saturday night something did happen, what I later found out through my UFO relative.

There was some youth Indians, kids, they were driving in a tall truck about 8 feet high and they went up to the gate of this UFO Ranch. They said that they saw an orb of light appearing in the window off or above the gate and I guess they turned on their lights or they turned on their engine because they got scared. Then it had even a brighter light and it went over their truck and these kids...well, something hit their truck. These kids got scared so they went down the road to the main road and they got out which is, I'm guessing, about three quarters of a mile. They got out to look at the damage done to this truck and for some reason, the driver decided to be the passenger and then the passenger was the driver. Apparently there are some girls with them in this truck. Well, once they got back in the truck, this is where it gets very unbelievable. A creature grabbed this kid, who was the driver and now the passenger, and pulled him out of the truck. It threw him around like a rag doll, bit him on the butt several times, and clawed him.

Long story short, somehow this kid got back in the truck and one of the kids took a picture of this creature. They got scared. They were able to get back in their truck, I mean drove down the road, talked to the youth Indian police because it's a youth territory over there. The youth Indian police say there's nothing we can do about it because they're very well aware of the Skinwalker Ranch.

So the next day, which would be Sunday, they contacted my UFO relative and he went down there to investigate. Meanwhile there was a shaman's wife and the shaman was there blessing the kids that were involved in this. My UFO relative, said that he saw the picture on the cell phone of this creature. He also saw the damage done to the truck. There was also scratched into the truck – DIE - and he also saw the damage done to this kid and the bite marks.

Now that was very unbelievable for me to hear. The crazy thing about it is, a few months ago, I work at a hospital, and one of my patients was actually the shaman's wife and she was the one that was also there at that time that my relative was there to investigate. She told me exactly what my relative said, but in greater detail. The creature that she described, and also my relative said, had to be a tall creature because he would hold this kid out of this window. That's the 8-foot tall truck and this creature had horns. It had red hair. It had a human-like face but the mouth was distorted and it came out kind of like a wolf. It had claws and it had bat wings. So my question is to you, and I asked my UFO relative, is this the skinwalker? And he goes, "No, this is something totally different." And I asked also the shaman's wife and she agreed that it was something totally different.”

Source: Coast to Coast Radio - July 25, 2014

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Unseen Encounter at Plimoth Plantation

Hi Lon, greetings. Been trying to find any personal experiences online from Plimoth Plantation and have come up short for 13 years.

Hallowee'n 2004, Boston had won the pennant; my friend and I drove from Halifax Nova Scotia to enjoy Salem for Hallowe'en.

A few days later we toured Plimoth Plantation. Both of us are keen on early American history. We stayed that evening for a thanksgiving dinner; a chance to enjoy the foods and music the Pilgrims would have enjoyed. The players were in costume. I was humming along with some Olde English tunes I recognized, very much in my bliss. I was digging into my pewter plate of cheesecake, turkey, and and squash, when a server tapped firmly on my left shoulder three times. I turned to see what s/he needed - NO one was there! Nor was there anyone nearby. My friend was in deep discussion with his neighbour to the left. My neighbours to the right were well down the table, which was about three feet from the cement wall (a modern building design). I was astounded to see no one; these taps were very firm, and, to be honest, I was briefly surprised that my server would tap me so hard. I have never experienced this phenomena again. I am convinced I was visited by a ghost. IS the Plantation haunted? Or, was this a ghost that attached itself from our Salem travels? A curiosity, and an initiation into the paranormal.

Thanks for letting me tell the tale! If you know of any other Plimoth Plantation stories, please let me know.

Carolyne Abbey, Halifax, Nova Scotia


Music From Great Grandpa's Picture

Austin wrote in to tell of something him and his family experienced:

“Me and my dad were sitting on the sofa and we heard music. Old time music. My great grandpa died and he had a picture of him on the wall and we walk over to the wall and we put our ears on it. That's where we heard the music, but nowhere else. My mom heard it earlier in the day and then went home, that's because it's music he listened to but it was three days after he died.”

Source: Darkness Radio - December 7, 2016

JLB - Beyond Creepy



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