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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: Large Winged 'Shadow' Snatches Doberman -- Saskatchewan Bigfoot -- Mystery Sea Creature Washes Ashore During Hurricane

Large Winged 'Shadow' Snatches Doberman

Bronx, New York on Andrews Ave: "I had recently come back from a motorcycle ride at night when I heard a loud dog yelp. I was walking from the driveway from locking up my Suzuki. I saw a dark shadow with large wings human in the air and a Doberman Pinscher running from it. I first thought the dog was going for me I jumped in the garden where it was gated 4 feet then I scratched up my motorcycle helmet and hurt my left leg from doing that. The Doberman wasn't going for me it was running for its life. I then heard a flapping wind noise over and over. It grabbed the dog near the tree. I could see it had long nails. The dog was fully grown. I prayed to God quickly & closed my eyes while still in the garden. It was gone I heard more flapping of wings. I got out from the garden to see blood by the tree. I am almost 50 years old now. I thought it to go away. I carry now multiple tactical knives from cold steel. Whatever it was it was hungry.”

Source: Youtube Comments, OptimusBob119

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Saskatchewan Bigfoot

A family out for a drive in Craven, Saskatchewan, were shocked to see a hair-covered biped walking on a hill beside the road. They quickly took out their camera and filmed the creature as it walked into the bushes. This is their footage. It is clear, showing a biped, brown all over, with a conical head and long arm.

The Craven Bigfoot Footage


Unexplained Bright Light

“I've lived in Indiana for 56 years, and 10 years in MA. I've never seen a giant crab. Hope I never do. The only thing strange that I've seen is a possible UFO in the early '80's. This was in the country road. A friend and I were returning from a play I had performed in. Driving home we saw a very bright light and thought it was a helicopter. It was steady in the air. The closer we got we realized it didn't make a sound. When we started down a steep winding hill we were very close to it and no engine or props could be heard. It was about fifty yards above the tall trees that sided the road. We came closer to it and all at once it flew of very fast and disappeared extremely fast. We still couldn't hear it and the trees didn't sway at all. We never called the authorities as we figured we were nuts or drunk. We hadn't had any thing to drink or smoke before this incident. We only saw the bright light, no shape of the craft. This was about 45 miles S. W. of Indpls."

Source: Youtube comments, willowraine725

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Mystery Sea Creature Washes Ashore During Hurricane

The freakish creature was spotted decaying on a US beach in Texas City, Texas, once the superstorm had cleared.

The monster – similar to something from horror movie It – can be seen in photos with its fangs and tail trailing across the sand.

Preeti Desai, from the National Audubon Society, found the monster lying on the empty beach.

She said: “We were on a beach in Texas City and saw this thing from afar, so I got closer to figure out what it was.

“I’ve already got a huge interest in wildlife, especially birds and ocean creatures, but it was so unexpected to see it there on the beach. On first glance it looked like something from the deep sea to me."

She added: “My initial thought was it might be a sea lamprey, but when I got close I realised there was no way that was what it was, particularly based on the mouth. Read more at Mystery as monster sea creature washes up on beach after Hurricane Harvey



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