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Saturday, September 09, 2017

Weekend 2 Cents: Headless Workman at Asheville, NC Sanatorium -- CIA Knew Hitler Survived WWII -- Arcane Radio Welcomes 'The Singular Fortean Society'

Headless Workman at Asheville, NC Sanatorium

Mike in Shelby, North Carolina called in to tell of something strange he saw as a kid:

“When I was younger, we moved to Asheville, North Carolina right across from the old tuberculosis sanatorium which had been retired. The doctor had married his charge nurse and they bought the place and they lived in it until they passed on. A big, monstrosity of a hospital and if I'd known then what I know now. Anyway, I used to go in there with my father. It was pretty scary. We found a lot of things but my neighbor and I went out to the stables out back because, this is before automobiles, when they were in operation, they had stables. They had a major operation. They put the TB patients onto the wagons and stick them down to the sulphur spring which is the only way back then in the early turn of the century to treat tuberculosis.

We were walking down through there. It's a windy night and I hear something like wood cutting or sawing - the old zooz zooz. We go through the clearing and hit the stables. We see a guy standing there on the old sawhorse bent over sawing a log and I looked at my friend, and he looked at me and we said 'What in the world?' We said, 'Hey!' He turned around. It was an intact full body except he didn't have a face. He didn't have a face! It was an apparition. He turned around and looked at us. It was funny because he had like a toupee on where the head would have been. No head. Shoulders. He stopped sawing but turned around and disappeared. Uh oh, we know what that was. I mean that place is haunted. I think that there was also demonic activity. There was a lot of trash coming out of that place before they tore it down. It was utterly horrible and I'm glad it was torn down. They built a church, thank goodness, over the site, so I think that cleansed the impurities in the area."

Source: Coast to Coast – September 1, 2017

JLB - Beyond Creepy


CIA Knew Hitler Survived WWII

Declassified CIA files show that in 1955, an informant boasted about meeting with Adolf Hitler in Colombia, and provided pictures of himself with the Fuhrer - over 10 years after the Fuhrer's suicide.

Declassified files show that in 1955, the CIA's Western Hemisphere Division (WHD) chief received a secret memo, boasting a subject line that no doubt caused him to jump up from his chair, and spew any liquid in his mouth across the room — "Operational: Adolf Hitler."

As the shocking title implies, the acting station chief in Venezuela claimed to have received a once in a lifetime tip from one of his contacts — a decade after his apparent death by suicide in the Fuhrerbunker, Hitler was in fact very much alive, and living in Argentina. Read more at Declassified CIA Docs Say Hitler Was Alive and Well in Argentina in the 1950s


Largest Solar Flare in Nearly a Decade

NASA captured images of two massive sun solar flares this week, one was the biggest since at least 2008.

The first flare was seen at 6:15 a.m. EDT and the second, larger flare, peaked at 10:36 a.m. EDT Sept. 7, NASA reported. This makes five large flares spotted in the same region since Sept. 4.

When electromagnetic radiation from the sun erupts, lasting minutes to hours, solar flares become visible, according to the Space Weather Prediction Center. Flares give off radiation that cannot pass through Earth's atmosphere, but can affect radio and GPS signals, which is why some might have noticed a radio station go silent this week.

The effects of the flare could still be visible in the northern skies over the weekend. Those in high-latitude regions might be able to see auroras. - NASA just recorded the biggest sun solar flare in nearly a decade


This week we welcome Singular Fortean Society investigators Tobias Wayland & Emily Bartos to Arcane Radio. Tobias Wayland is a passionate fortean and outspoken paranormal agnostic who graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He’s spent the last nine years actively investigating the unusual. Emily Bartos is an ardent craftsperson and devoted monster enthusiast who graduated from the Universities of Wisconsin-Green Bay and Madison. She is also an accomplished artist, designer, and photographer. Tobias and Emily are also Chicago Phantom Task Force members. The website can be found at www.singularfortean.com. Please join us on Thursday, September 14th - 10PM ET / 7PM PT - go to www.WCJVRadio.com/Live - scroll down and listen live & chat. Call in live at 716-745-4266 and join the conversation.

Let us know that you're going to listen to the show!



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