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Monday, September 18, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: Harbinger Spirit -- Decapitated Livestock on Lake Ontario Shore -- Arcane Radio...Paranormal Investigator & Author Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Harbinger Spirit

Jerry in Billings, Montana called in to tell of weird experience his brother had:

"Back in about 1973, my brother was about 16 or 17 and they were out partying. This is on the Fort Peck Reservation in Poplar, Montana and the train bridge they used to go drink at. Anyway, they could hear a woman crying. My brother got out of the car. There was also two girls with them. Anyway, he went out to check out the woman crying and all of a sudden he came back and he attacked the car which relates directly to a banshee. He was kicking on the windshield and pounding on the roof and everything and the friend, David, he broke a whiskey bottle on the steering wheel to protect himself and my brother just snapped out of it. He came to. Okay, so David's dad is Bluebird and he was an old medicine man he had them buy some four colors of cloth and said don't go down there until I say it's okay. He went down there and prayed for that area and whatever that spirit was. He said it was okay to go back there. Flash forward to 2013, David gets hit by a train on that very bridge and I mean this is a small town and the train tracks are about a quarter mile out of town. But this is a really weird story and I related it to a banshee spirit.”

Source: Coast to Coast Radio - July 25, 2014

JLB - Beyond Creepy

NOTE: A banshee is normally associated as an Irish harbinger spirit...but many of the tribes of the northern plains refer to a banshee spirit as well. Lon


Decapitated Livestock on Lake Ontario Shore

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada - 2017-07-31: After seeing multiple anomalies in the sky we (myself and a friend P.M.)
MUFON# 84617 and #86744 we went to same location nightly for a couple of weeks and seen multiple anomalies.

I've done my house and what I found online was a eerily similar pics of Reptilian entities which I will post w/ my pics.

No need to reach out to me as I was already in contact w/ MUFON (Dave P.) and he advised me not to report as it would go into one large file, But again I feel the need to report so people can see what is happening around here.

Keep in mind that I'm within 10 miles of 2 nuclear power plants to the east and west of me, which was the direction some of the craft were photographed from.

At the same time on the news there were decapitated livestock found on the shore of Lake Ontario just steps from Pickering nuclear plant - MUFON



Lost Time on the Highway

Tulsa, OK - 2011-04-08: I had a 2PM doctor appt. Got on the highway as I always did. The last thing I remember is going under the bridge. I never came out the other side. The next thing I know there's a lady tapping on my window asking if i'm ok (disoriented). I get out of the truck and look around not sure where I was. I looked at the truck there was no damage that I could see. I saw the highway and headed for it...finding my way home. Once home I'd realized I missed my appt. and hours were lost. I was exhausted and went to bed / slept for hours. My family thought I was at my appt. - MUFON


This week we welcome paranormal investigator & author Rosemary Ellen Guiley to Arcane Radio. Rosemary is a leading expert and best-selling author in the metaphysical and paranormal fields, with more than 65 books published on a wide range of paranormal, spiritual, and metaphysical topics, including nine single-volume encyclopedias and reference works. Her current work focuses on inter-dimensional entity contact experiences, problem hauntings, spirit and entity attachments, the afterlife and spirit communications, psychic skills, dreamwork for well-being, spiritual growth and development, angels, past and parallel lives, and investigation of unusual paranormal activity. She has worked full-time in the field since 1983. Rosemary is president and owner of Visionary Living, Inc., a publishing and media productions company, and is Executive Editor of FATE Magazine. She is host of Strange Dimensions Radio, a weekly talk show on the KGRA digital broadcast network. Rosemary is also a Chicago Phantom Task Force member and recently lectured on the Chicago sightings at the 2017 Mothman Festival. Please join us on Thursday, September 21st - 10PM ET / 7PM PT - go to - scroll down and listen live & chat. Call in live at 716-745-4266 and join the conversation.

Arcane Radio Event - Rosemary Ellen Guiley - Paranormal Investigator & Author

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