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Thursday, September 07, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: Giant Octopus Encounter -- Peachy-Pink 'Jelly' Textured Alien -- Rare Albino Lobster Caught

Giant Octopus Encounter

Howard in Vancouver, Washington called in to tell his giant octopus story:

“I have a kind of strange and creepy experience I wanted to tell you about. It was about 45 years ago. I had just gotten my scuba diving certification and I knew several friends of mine that were quite a bit older than I was at the time. They must have been in their 30s or older. I went with them on a trip up to Hood Canal. It's a branch off of Puget Sound, you know, in Washington State here. It's salt water, but they they claimed that they knew a place where there was supposed to be giant octopus living.

I went with them and we went up there and we got out into the canal. If I remember right, we had to line ourselves up on a spot about 50 yards offshore. There was supposed to be a sunken fishing boat down there where this thing lived and, of course, in that area, , you got some of the largest octopus in the world. It's not unusual to find big ones there but we lined up with this house that was on shore and I descended down. I got down to about 75 feet and, sure enough, we came out, right there it was, there was a boat, an old rusty fishing boat down there and there was nothing in sight. We went all around it and the one that was kind of a self-proclaimed expert of the expedition, you know, he was down underneath the stern with a flashlight looking underneath the stern and suddenly this huge tentacled covered arm just zipped out. It smacked him right into his face-mask straight with the tip of its arm and yanked it off, pulled it back down underneath and he was struggling.

We had to help him back up to the surface and it was the strangest thing I've ever seen. That creature knew exactly how to disable the diver instantly. (Geroge Noory asks if it could have killed the diver) It could have easily. But it just reached out and with the tip of, you know that tentacle right on the tip of its arm, just right on the end, right onto his face-mask and just ripped it off and pulled it right back under. I imagine he probably could have got to the surface by himself but he was blind, you know, temporarily and because he, at least lost most of his vision, we were there to just help him up. But we weren't about to go back down. It was amazing how intelligent those creatures really are but I just thought that was a pretty strange experience. I thought it was strange."

Source: Coast to Coast – September 1, 2017

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Peachy-Pink 'Jelly' Textured Alien

Denton, TX - 2014-09-01: What I saw was very real. When this thing noticed me staring at it, it started to get upset. It moved side to side in a vibrating movement and even moved towards me. The eyes were black and not human. I was awed, not scared. I regret not getting out of my car and touching it. The arms were way to thin but the skin looked almost like jelly texture and a peachy pink color and she was very tall. I'm not supposed to talk about this but I don't care. I just wish everyone could have seen what I did. Wish I could see a UFO. I feel fortunate to have seen it. I was hurt when people made fun of me but I don't care anymore. They just don't know. Thanks. I need an artist. I can't draw. - MUFON


Rare Albino Lobster Caught

Mother Nature loves to throw curve balls, and humans have gotten pretty good at expecting the unexpected when it comes to the wonders of the animal kingdom, but every once in a while we’re still caught off guard. That is most certainly the case with this incredibly odd “ghost” lobster that was just hauled in off the coast of Maine.

Like most animals, lobsters are normally pretty consistent in their appearance, typically appearing a dark, brownish red when alive (read: not boiled). There have been several examples of off-color lobsters, which can appear bright blue or orange, and even albino lobsters which are perfectly white. The ghostly crustacean from Maine doesn’t really fall into any of those categories, making it a particularly rare treat. Read more at Fisherman snags ‘ghost’ lobster, proving nature still has a few tricks up its sleeve


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