Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: Gargoyle in the Camper -- 10 Ft. Red-Eyed Bat in Northeast Pennsylvania -- Reptilians Living Under Los Angeles

Gargoyle in the Camper

I recently received the following account:

Sat. June 3, 2016: We were driving home from our vacation in Florida. Just after dinner, around 8 pm, we were passing through North Carolina. I was cruising along around 70 mph when I noticed a large camper in my rear view mirror.

I moved to the right lane and thought nothing more of the vehicle as it passed me on the left. The interior was lit up, and all the blinds were down. I saw several silhouettes of people as the camper pulled ahead of and in front of my vehicle.

As the camper began to pull away, someone stood up in the back, close to the rear door. All of a sudden, a pair of wings unfolded from the man's shoulder blade area. They were wide and membranous, with claws at a couple of points along the top edge. They reminded me of pterodactyl wings or thin bat wings. I could see enough light through them to make out the wing bones.

That's not all. At the top of the man's head were two small curved horns. My first thought was gargoyle.

I was shocked to say the least. My family was asleep at the time. The wings appeared to be real, pulsing and flexing as the man moved toward the front of the camper. As I wondered what to do next, the camper pulled off an exit and disappeared. To this day, I'd swear it was a being with real wings. TT


10 Ft. Red-Eyed Bat in Northeast Pennsylvania

“One night my grandmother was home alone with her granddaughter (my cousin) over in Sterling, Pennsylvania at my aunt's house, when she heard something scratch the kitchen window. She went into the kitchen to see what it was and she was terrified and starting freaking out. She said it was like a ten foot bat with red eyes glaring at her through the window. The family did some research and turns out she's not the only one in the area who came in contact with it. This was about ten years ago but she talks about it ALL the time.” (When asked, the writer stated she was referencing the 'Conewago Phantom' encounters...though this incident took place in Wayne County, about 170 miles away)

Source: Youtube comments, Christine Gonzalez

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Reptilians Living Under Los Angeles

A map of underground tunnels and cities has exposed reptilian 'lizard people' who have allegedly been secretly living directly under Hollywood, Los Angeles.

The tunnels are said to be equipped with 'huge chambers' that are big enough to house 1,000 families.

The Reptilians were discovered by a mining engineer named George Warren Shufelt back in 1933.

Shufelt was the inventor of what he called the radio X-ray machine, a device that enabled him to detect tunnels underground.

Shufelt was in possession of the underground map which detailed the tunnels and cities the reptilians lived under Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Of course, nobody has seen the map until now. The Reptilians are said to be technologically and intellectually superior to humans living on the surface. Theories have emerged of them using mysterious chemicals to construct a huge network of 285 tunnels under Los Angeles. Read more at Map Exposing Hollywood Reptilians Living Under Los Angeles Goes Viral


3D 'Shadow Person' Walking Down Invisible Stairs

“I was walking in my neighborhood late-night when I saw this shadow walking across the street to me almost parallel. I kept walking but also looking at this shadow. It looked like it was 3D. Once I noticed this, I stopped walking just to make sure it wasn’t my own shadow and the shadow kept walking, however, it started to sink into the floor as if there was invisible stairs underground. That’s probably what freaked me out the most. Once I saw it doing that, I ran as fast as I could.”

Source: Youtube comments, Ed Sapien

JLB - Beyond Creepy



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