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Daily 2 Cents: Did I Meet An Angel? -- Nazca Mummies DNA...Human -- Israeli Citizens Freaked by Clowns

Did I Meet An Angel?

Dawn Harten from Prescott, Wisconsin wrote in to tell of a weird encounter she had:

“My mom passed away on April 23 (2016). She had COPD. I was pretty stressed out from watching her suffer. She suffered for about 5 years with the last 13 months being the worst. On the October before she passed away, I had a decision to make and that was to put her in hospice or not. I'm an only child and my dad couldn't make that decision so he left it in my hands. I decided to put her in hospice. I wasn't comfortable with making that decision. I sat outside the nursing home asking and praying for help. Now I'm not a religious person, I do believe in god and Jesus and I am Lutheran but I don't go to church.

I had this incredible pull to go to St. Paul Cathedral (in Minnesota) so my son and I drove there from Prescott, Wisconsin. I had no idea what I was looking for. As I sat on the front of the Jesus statue for about 20 minutes crying, there was nobody around. Not a priest, no one. My son and I decided to go downstairs and look at the history of the church and that's when a priest came up to me. He didn't look like an ordinary priest. He had long dark curly red hair tied in the nape of his neck. Reddish eyes. At that moment, I hadn't noticed any of that. I asked him about my mom and my decision and he said hospice was a good thing. I also had another worry. My mother had an abortion when she was young and it weighed on her. Heaven, he said, is fair, he does judge harshly but he loves all. He told me the whole story of John the Baptist. He told it so well that I felt like I was there. He assured me everything was going to be okay. He then asked if he could give me a hug and I said okay and it felt like the weight of the world just lifted off my shoulders and then he had to go back to his flock.

I wanted to go with him. It was such a peaceful and unconditional loving feeling, it was amazing. I forgot to thank him and my son and I ran up after him on the stairs and we heard what sounded like him tripping and then what sounded like wings flapping and then he was gone. We were only seconds behind him. He was nowhere in sight. However there were people everywhere and priests all over and they were all clean cut. No long hair. I truly believe my son and I met an angel or perhaps even Jesus himself. I had no more anxiety about my mom's condition. It was really like the weight of the world just lifted off my shoulders. It was something I will never forget.”

Source: Darkness Radio - December 7, 2016

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Nazca Mummies DNA...Human

The bodies, which included a three-fingered corpse, were reportedly found in a tomb near the Nazca Lines in southern Peru, and it was thought by some researchers they could be a newly undiscovered species or even aliens.

Scientists were unable to get DNA codes from some of the samples sent for analysis, however DNA types were confirmed for a three-fingered hand, and from a brain tissue sample.

However, in a blow to people hoping for proof of alien visitations of Earth, the samples were concluded to be a 100 percent match to human DNA.

Both the hand and brain tissue were found to come from a male homo sapien, according to a report from Paleo DNA laboratory at Lakehead University, Ontario, Canada, now available online.

It said: "The evidence suggests the source of DNA from the biological material from the cranial brain and the bone extracted from the hand belongs to homo sapiens (humans)."

Conspiracy theory website ran a series of videos which claimed the bodies had been found in a tomb near the Nazca Lines in southern Peru, and it was thought they could be a newly undiscovered species or even alien. Read more at NAZCA TOMB: DNA results are in on the 'mummified aliens'... and they are REAL beings


Israeli Citizens Freaked by Clowns

Mysterious clowns have been seen lurking in the streets of the northern Israeli town of Afula and residents don’t think it’s funny.

In fact, many are terrified.

Social networks and WhatsApp groups in the town have been buzzing over recent days with parents discussing reports and rumors about mysterious clowns loitering on streets after dark.

One mother wrote, “My children are hysterical over this whole story,” according to the local Emek News site.

Many speculated that Afula’s clowns had been inspired by the horror movie “It” based on a Stephen King novel and featuring Pennywise, the dancing clown.

Police said they are looking into it, but face paint and red noses are not crime.

“A wave of rumors apparently started after people saw a video clip of a clown in fancy dress,” a police statement said,

“Even though we have not received any complaints, we made a number of inquiries and located a number of youths in clown costumes. They said they were just playing with the costumes for fun. Obviously, this is not a crime.

“Despite that, we explained to them and to their parents that this is sensitive in light of the movie and the clip that has gone round on social media. Beyond this, everything is just rumor.” - Clowns on dark streets spook residents of northern Israeli town



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